Don’t let Jacinda come to Auckland


Jacinda Ardern unfazed by protesters, vows to ‘continue on’

Ardern today cancelled a 12.45pm press conference from Whanganui after about 250 protesters gathered outside the vaccination centre she was planning to visit, blocking the entrance, and the stand-up was subsequently rescheduled elsewhere.

The moron Wellington media handlers have allowed the genie out of the bottle with their cluster fuck up north.

They should never have allowed Jacinda into a media space where she could be attacked the way she was by a far right lunatic connected to Steve Bannon’s hate network!

The unhinged antiVaxx lunatic fringe live for this shit online and are organizing faster than the moronic Wellington media advisers can think.

Wellington is utterly out of touch with how radicalized the country has become and the 90% vaxx rate is a threat multiplier.

For the ‘Jesus-is-my-vaccine’ crowd they see Jacinda as the antiChrist.

For Qanon lunatics they see Nazi Germany.

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For Crystal Karens (Liz Gunn) Jacinda is raping Gaia.

For double vaxxed they are furious Jacinda won’t re-open.

For small Business on the verge of collapse they blame Jacinda.

For the woke Jacinda is enacting a ‘modern genocide’.

After 12weeks de facto home arrest everyone has gone loopy.

I appreciate Labour feel like they have lost ground in Auckland, and that’s true, but we are so close to breaking the back of this bloody lockdown it would be madness to visit now at the zenith of friction.

Come the week of freedom and Aucklanders will quickly forgive and be grateful, but bringing Jacinda to Auckland with this level of crazy will be like sending Kennedy to Dallas.


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    • Nonsense. Even blind Freddy can see their “questions” are light years away from being an actual questions. They are bullshit statements that the person is not seeking or wanting an answer. Try debating with an expert-novice anti-vaxer and then with a tree stump. After just a few moments I’d wager you’ll find it more productive communicating with the tree stump

    • jonesie
      “Anyone who asks Jacinda a question that is not pre-authorized is now classified as Far Right.”
      Is that so? Can I read your proof of your allegation?
      We’re not writing about a conflict of values, political or otherwise, here. We’re writing about a virus that might kill you, might give you lingering and extremely serious side effects and spreads more easily the common cold.
      This novel virus calls for novel defence tactics. Not unintelligent morons brain farting their theories on rocket surgery.
      If you’re too stupid to read the facts and instead allow your almost flat, AA battery powered brain to invent hysteria to use to attract attention to your otherwise bleak and lack lustre lives then you will get covid and you just might die from it.
      5 million people world wide have died from c-19 and its variant. That’s the entire population of AO/NZ killed off in just under two years and it’s mutating and spreading and yet flat footed dopes stand on street corners bleating about ‘freedoms’. Why can’t someone in a laboratory somewhere create a virus that only sterilises fuckwits?

      • Correction – Died ‘with’ Covid.

        If you believe all those deaths are 100% due to Covid then I have bridge to sell you.

      • Listening to Nestalk ZB a 49 yr old female caller told her story of getting the Delta version alongside her 23 year old son. She had recieved her first vaccination her son unvaccinated. Both were very fit and active in sports. 3 months on the women struggles to work and her son, in an even worse situation. He has had 3 seizures resulting in his doctor certifying him unable to drive for 12 months. The fact the PM is the face behind spreading the message is completely lost on those who are tribal right wing. And it’s easy to spot them on this site.

        • So what? On the other side if the coin we hear of people who get tested positive for Covid, all whilst having no symptoms at all, and go through the “illness” completely oblivious to being actually…how do I say it…ill

          Actually I retract that, the media will NEVER mention those circumstances because it does not fill the narrative that once you get Covid you are on deaths bed.

      • to the point as always mate,

        maybe the out come of covid will be a self culling of the selfish and the stupid

    • American Shane Chafin, an anti-vaxxer with links to a far-right talk show, was the the man “asking questions”.
      So you are quite right actually.

  1. The thing is we are no closer to allow Aucklanders to leave freely. The PM’s office is telling we need to keep Auckland sealed up tight to keep the rest of the country safe! We remain a giant MIQ And Jacinda is being Jacinda, fudging it.

    Hipkins is talking time slot allocation for New Zealanders wanting to leave Auckland to see the rest of New Zealand. His efforts on MIQ allocation or anyone overseas has been an unmitigated fuck up. Now he wants another ho but on Aucklanders!

    These idiots in government IN Wellington running this insane experiment best believe they are losing ground in Auckland. There’s a very good reason. Its Them!

    • Most people are of the realization that the Govt sat on its hands, the passport should have been in development months ago and already rolled out instead its a rush to get it ready. Meanwhile Auckland gets punished further.

      Then mandates for the hairdresser and the waitress… but not the civil service or the police… we’re all in this together and team of 5000000 disappeared pretty fast.

      Reap what you sow…

      • Be careful what you wish for. The overwhelmingly vast majority of New Zealanders seem to be on side with the Government response to Covid. It has not been perfect, because that only comes with the benefit of hindsight. Dynamic situations call for responsive and adaptable reactions. Dreaming up some arbitrary date for “freedom” as promoted by the politically dead woman walking Judith Collins is beyond moronic, it is positively Hoskingesque. The behaviour of many of these anti-vaxer protesters pretty much sums up their level of intelligence. Nobody is forcing anyone to get the jab, but there are consequences for not doing so, and benefits for compliance.

  2. I’m sure the anti-vaxxers have been receiving organisational help from the Trumpites in USA, as their language and tactics are becoming more and more like we witnessed after Trump was defeated.
    If only they realized how they were being manipulated.

  3. Keep drinking that Jacinda Kool Aid you loser.
    People are not going to forgive this incompetent cow for all the damage she has done to our country both economically and socially.
    This is what happens when someone with a single digit IQ that has never had a real job manages to bluff her way to the big boys and girls table.

  4. Any classroom teacher can tell you there is a difference about asking questions and disruption by the kid who cannot get attention any other way.
    The solution is a withdrawal room where disrupters have to write statements explaining their actions.

  5. Yes , the anti-vaxxers when challenged on one thing quickly move it onto the next luny reason. We are now faced with the vexing question with a super nationwide spreading event where Auckland’s are demanding the freedom to travel to 4 corners of NZ over Xmas. I am waiting for the backlash from the rest of NZ of the thought of super spreaders from Akld in their pubs, restaurants, etc. over Xmas. Yes, Bishop and Collins have a lot to answer for, maybe their cohorts will try to storm the beehive.

    • well bannon was ultimately paying the wages of the ‘health correspondant’ pharmacist who had a go at jacinda… nuff said on the anti-democratic overseas sources of other funding

  6. She should front because Auckland is where the largest group of voters reside. Otherwise, she will look weak.

    • No DP
      We don’t need her here. She’s not coming to fix Auckland is she? She’s coming for the PR. Stay in Wellington please.

  7. You don’t comment on these comments, Martyn. I see Trotter supports you. And you live in Akld, you have special, specific, recent insight. From my over-view, from long ago, maybe, this is NZ. I find your case ridiculous.

  8. Yea, I’m still not seeing threats. Just a ton of pissed off people now that there rights have been breached, and the actual facts around transmission ignored, and communication is one way – at them as if they were misbehaving children.

    The harm these vaccines cause + the fact they don’t do anything they claimed including protect from death are sufficient to pause the rollout. At least that’s what would happen if these were the type of people that took feedback.

    Good luck with the vaccines. Hope you all are safe and well out there.

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