90% Double Vax: Political Winners & Losers

For Liz Gunn and the Maori Party, this is what Labour are literally doing this week

I’m excited that we have collectively gone from being experts on pandemics and virus to gun handling protocols on film sets in just one weekend but before we start legal defenses for Alec Baldwin, there’s the small matter of Jacinda staring down the camera and telling Auckland without telling Auckland that we are likely to be locked down until December.

For a city that has been under home detention for 3 months, this has gone down as well as Donald Trump dating Liz Gunn.

Suddenly everyone from primary school in your social media feed are calling Labour Nazis  and that this is the death of democracy which suggests those people have no working definition of the words ‘Nazi’, ‘democracy’, ‘death’, or ‘Labour’.

Meanwhile the Maori Party & ultra woke claim Labour have built a Homicide Disneyland to commit a genocide against Maori which makes Liz Gunn seem rational.

The true losers of course are the double vaxxed who have done all they have been asked and yet are still being deprived their liberty and are being told they can’t get out of home detention because of people like Liz Gunn.

Oh and any impatience is racist.


This is shaping up to be as rational a chat amongst citizens as a your average Trans book club reviewing Harry Potter.

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There are many, many, many, many losers from 90% double vaxxed and only 3 winners.



The Woke – for them, one single death by Covid of a Maori, Pacifica or disabled person is a State sanctioned genocide. Their fury at Jacinda giving a stressed out Auckland picnics has been met by the perpetually outraged woke online as an atrocity on par with Dave Chappelle hosting a Pride parade. Those who had piously embraced every restrictive standard as if it were holy writ snarlingly turned on Jacinda once she pivoted with Wellington Twitteratti claiming her speech amounted to nothing more than a long rambling suicide note.

Death Cult Capitalists – They demanded Freedom Day while ignoring the collateral death that would cost. 1000 deaths has been divined as enough of a sacrifice at the altar of Milton Friedman and their continued frustration at Jacinda’s refusal to kill for capitalism will drive their criticism. They will endlessly scream for open borders no matter how large the mass graves.

Angry Double vaxxed Good Citizens in Auckland & Good Buggers in South Island –  They have done what they were asked, they have sacrificed and now they want their lives back. Being told they can’t because morons don’t want to be vaccinated is going down about as well as a cup of cold sick. These people are not bad people, they’ve done what they were asked and they want their lives back. You can’t get angry at these people and painting their frustration out as racist will hurt the Left at the election.

Qanon Anti-vaxx lunatics – Will see the vaccination passports as a vast erosion of their civil rights and that measure will dangerously radicalize this fringe. Expect some type of political violence from this cult.

Crystal Karens – These are the middle class new age conspiracy clique who will become culturally ostracised by the vaccine passports. Let’s see if the witchy spirituality magic of fatherless daughters from the first wave of feminism divorce in the 1970s is more powerful a value than their ability to fly to Thailand for a chakra cleanse next year.

Liz Gunn – Just needs a big hug from Dad.

Principled Objectors – They will quit jobs on principle and quickly find out there is no where else to go. They will become radicalized.

Jesus is my vaccine fanatics – They will see Bishop Brian Tamaki’s prosecution as persecution and see end of days symbolism at every turn. The passport will be framed as the number of the beast. Expect religious radicalization.

ZB Troll Farm – They won’t believe their luck. They will hold up the claims of Maori vaccine hesitancy as the reason the rest of us can’t get our lives back. They will manipulate the frustrations of the double vaxxed and weaponize it. Expect radicalization.

National – So self mutilated at this stage they have chewed off their nose, one eyeball and half a cheek to spite their face. Wants to open at levels that would see thousands more dead than 90% double vaxxed. So they are like Labour but with much bigger graves implemented with grotesque incompetence.

Maori Party – So this is a modern genocide on par with a purpose built murder Disneyland? Did Rawiri think Squid Games was a documentary? The hyperbole they are terrifying their supporters with seems like a cross between Liz Gunn & Bishop Brian Tamaki but with more violence.

Small Business – These are people who for the first time in their lives feel economically vulnerable. They have haemorrhaged cash because of the lockdown and are on the verge of collapse. They are ripe for radicalization.

The Unvaccinated – About to get very very very sick. The wider community will not give a fuck about their feelings and they will feel persecuted. Will radicalize out of desperation.

Children – They will become the new hosts of Covid as adult vaccination rates leave the virus with few options. They will pay the price in sickness so adults can go back to work. Isn’t capitalism fun?

The Poor – Food banks have spiked 500%, the horror of poverty in lockdown has been hidden to date, but the truly dispossessed will always turn that anger and fury upon themselves and their Whānau. Their radicalization will be a never ending self harm event that implodes communities that the middle classes drive by on their way to the airport.

Dave Dobbyn – David, David, David! It’s fashionable WOKE neo-Marxism! Come on mate, get it right!

“Are we fighting Covid or Humanity”?

Comrades I’m fighting both!



ACT – About to be flooded by the radicalized and desperate. ACT are mutating into the paramilitary death squad they were always destined to be once Seymour can be replaced as leader.

Labour Māori Caucus – Have been under immense fire from Maori Party, Academics and the woke for a Squid Game mass death event by not vaccinating all Maori first. Could you imagine what would happen if the Maori Caucus demanded all Maori get vaccinated first? Can you imagine the nuclear explosion from pakeha being told their family members dying from Covid is acceptable because we have to vaccinate Maori first? The NZ Herald would print maps of Labour MPs homes with recipes for Molotov Cocktails alongside while Mike Hosking would actually orgasm live on air.

If the Maori Labour Caucus had implemented the demands of the Maori Party, the Academics and the woke, they would have sparked an insurrection from the Right that would have triggered race riots.

The Maori Labour Caucus saved NZ.

Jacinda – I think she has done an incredible job navigating us through this nightmare and the lack of gratitude and hate and crazy conspiracy madness vomited on her is an indictment on us as a fractured social media crazed culture of resentment, not on her.

Covid deaths per population:

US 1 in 451
Italy 1 in 457
UK 1 in 479
Spain 1 in 540
France 1 in 566
Austria 1 in 789
Germany 1 in 874
Turkey 1 in 1, 211
Canada 1 in 1, 305
India 1 in 3, 008
Australia 1 in 15, 494
New Zealand 1 in 175, 607

But sure let’s shit on Jacinda’s response!



This is the most important moment in Jacinda’s leadership and I don’t envy the position she must take now.

The next few months are going to be frightening and many people will get sick. Get off Facebook and spend time with friends and family.

Every which way she will have highly partisan emotionally manipulative criticism thrown at her as a frightened and desperate team of 6 million starts to turn on itself.

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  1. Martyn
    Looking at those vax numbers plummeting, Jacinda better get tough and make herself unpopular as we are now held back by the vaccine stragglers. We’ll will be asking for the first booster soon…just saying…hint hint.

  2. We need to protect the already protected by forcing the unprotected to take the same thing that didn’t protect the protected.

    • Maybe you should expand your information sources, Covid is widely referred to as the disease of the unvaccinated worldwide since the overwhelming majority of new cases are in unvaccinated people. Obviously, with a 90% or so efficiency there will be some vaccinated people who get sick but they don’t get as sick & require less care so it is still a better option.

    • feel free to murder yourself just don’t breath your pestilence on those who prefer the ‘personal freedom’ of living, y’know something with a bit more gravitas than…this guy on twatter wearing a white jacket, so he must be a doctor, right, says…..

  3. Being dependant on single countries is also showing to be a folly! Even without a pandemic, natural disasters, political spats etc, can easily destroy western economies. Greed can be dangerous! Shortages of PPE and now magnesium can have big side effects when over 90% come from one location and the manufacturing supply chains died in the western world under neoliberalism.

    “The report warned that the current crisis was a “clear example of the risk the EU is taking by making its domestic economy dependent on Chinese imports”.

    Europe has grown almost entirely dependent on China for magnesium since Chinese dumping forced the closure of Europe’s remaining magnesium production plant in 2001.

    “Between 2000 and 2021, China’s magnesium production increased from 12 per cent of the global supply to 87 per cent, creating an effective international monopoly on a 1.2 million tonnes per annum market demand,” European Aluminium’s report said.”


    In NZ is spite of growing large amounts of trees, we sold off the forests and sold and shut down much of our wood processing plants, and now can’t get cheap wood, or any wood back into NZ in a product form to build houses and supply farms!

    Considering how much goes towards security and intelligence in the west, it seems that rather glaring element was overlooked in the gold rush of donations and lazy money to politicians to overlook these strategic risk as a disaster in one location (natural or otherwise), seems to be able to render significant harm to the west, as too many eggs in basket.

    • We have had some real dummies in NZ Government with regards to selling off our State Forests, we used to hear about the Wall of Wood and how we were going to handle it ? Easy just sell the land and forests for a pittance. A Forestry Contractor in Northland told me years ago the Government of the day sold forests in Northland for $1.00 per mature tree to Asian Interests, this would be less than the planting and crop maintenance cost ? He may have been feeding me Bull Shit ?

      • Clearly Chinese government understand that land is also very strategic, as China doesn’t allow the sale of Chinese land, in fact their own people can’t own it.

        I’m not against small amounts of foreign ownership but clearly this will eventually lead to complete inequality when other nationals and overseas business can literally buy up everything in NZ, (for a song) and our government’s answer is more taxes on the middle class living in NZ and earning peanuts while giving green lights to billionaires and overseas private (and state aka PRC) companies who can easily purchase NZ citizenship, land and assets here.

        It becomes an even bigger problem when individuals and entities don’t have to pay their worldwide taxes in NZ. In fact there seems to be plenty of foreign entities receiving NZ subsidies while paying little tax here.

        However asset ownership is not just about money, but about the inability to control NZ from within NZ for the benefit of local communities. Instead NZ, under neoliberalism encouraged loopholes such as the ease of gaining NZ residency and citizenship that masks massive inequality developing in NZ. No taxes will stop it as there is literally billions sloshing about in the world to be spent and NZ government have had their hands out for more than a decade now and turns a blind eye to people of poor character, money laundering and so forth. Anything is fine, as long as you have money to splash around for a few years (the generally disappears into a McMansion “the family home”) or another NZ favourite, is attracting criminals ok with terrorism, fraud, drug and ciggy smuggling, violence, labour exploitation and rape for the woke, virtue signalling)!

        Funny enough, less and less people are now ok with that vision of NZ!

    • China could collapse our Dairy Industry over night if it strategically wanted to. The NZ Housing Market is just another example of our Government allowing Auckland housing stock to be sold off to Asian House Farmers ?

  4. Baldwin needs to be charged for the death on screen the other day, ultimately he was responsible for pulling the trigger and not checking the gun was loaded with live ammunition, quite simple really. Same rules apply to you and me when we are handling weapons IMHO. Same rules for Movie Stars and Joe Bloggs I would have thought.

    • I dont know what their laws are there, but here we would “treat every firearm as loaded”, and “always point firearm in a safe direction” “check your firing zone” -hard when on a movie set when you are required to point it at camera or other people (I think they normally aim off slightly even with blanks as a safety precaution).
      Not sure this is his fault, Baldwin has been a vocal critic of the NRA, who knows , maybe more training and familiarization might have actually helped him.

      • THERE SHOULD NEVER BE LIVE ROUNDS ON A FILM SET….hot and cold gun refers to weather it’s loaded with blanks or not, you can’t rely on actors being gun experts that’s why armourers are employed..for that precise purpose now if you employ scab and/or inexperienced crew that’s another matter

    • have you ever been on a film set? well if not you don’t know what your talking about…. re- Armourers, ADs etc….

      Baldwin has responsability for employing scab non union labour working unskilled and dangerous crewmembers for extended hours whilst paying bargin basement rates….and he’s supposed to be a liberal…THAT’S THE STORY HERE.

      and before anyone crows about the NZ ‘INDUSTRY’ the only reason we have one is our labour standards in TV and movies have been appalling for years and years…our selling points are cheap/good quality crews….


      • Yes there is certainly irony in Baldwins SJW leanings, let alone the anti gun stuff yet also being a producer on a set with what sounds like multiple employment issues.
        I see team Trump have sunk to a new low making tee shirts mocking the killing.

        Hard to know how common some of those employment issues are on set, I certainly don’t assume what is filtered back to us through the media is the whole truth.

        I still feel sorry for the guy, how would you deal with accidentally killing someone?

    • hong you clearly know nowt about how film sets work….untarained cheap non union crew was the issue but hey don’t let the facts get in the way of ‘owning the libtard’

  5. I have decided to take an another approach to anti-vaxxers, and there are 5 of them in my whanau.
    There has been a shit load of fight back from anti-vaxxers and it’s going to get a lot worse when AV restrictions start looming into the immediate future, and step up again when they start to take effect. A shit show is on the way and I doubt very much the AV will back down.

    The Vaccine Passport is a step to far. The AV will be locked out of society for not getting the jab, and that is wrong IMHO. We 2 jabbers have the protection we craved for, let them be. It is not the AV fault that Jacinda has caved to business pressure and we now have to “open up”. Or more correctly “let it rip”. We are heading to the bottom of the best response list when we open up.

    So, I now have a new respect for AV and anybody else who are Slow/No jab. Take your sweet time, no hurry! With a bit of luck the 90% will never be reached, that’s definitely a possibility, and there will be NO opening up. Elimination was and still is the best option.

    • I disagree with a lot of what you say here, although I agree Vaccine Passports is a step way too far. However…

      You’re completely wrong this is just about anti-vaxxers. I’m double vaxxed and I’ve just about had enough of the shit rammed down our throats and the rampant disproportionately displayed. I’m one of those boring “if you don’t stick up for human rights for those you don’t like, you don’t deserve them yourself”. But I’m also just horrified at the level of acquiescence to what is essentially a Soviet Union playbook, however we’ll intentioned it may be.

      So I’m probably not gonna get a Vaccine Passport despite being double vaxxed. I’ll boycott businesses that use them and encourage others to do so. It’ll make life harder but I realise clearly which is the right side when the pitchfork mob come along. There are many others like me.

      • Gordon you may have missed my point that Elimination can hopefully be restored with the help of AV by stopping the 90% threshold being achieved by unintended consequence obviously. Dreaming , I know but one can but hope. Fuck the capitalists.

      • The blade of dogmatic libertarianism cuts both ways, and it sounds as if you’d like to have your cake and eat it too. Discrimination is a choice as well, is it not? Why is your employer’s right to not employ you for reasonable health and safety reasons (or any other…) any less valid than your choice to not be vaccinated?

        You and the antivaxxers are hoisting yourselves on your own petard with an incoherent, and logically self-defeating argument – and people will wonder why they aren’t taken very seriously … Go then – start your own sub-society with the other True Believers, with Blackjack and hookers if you want. See if anyone cares. You’ll all come crawling back when you realize that your hill wasn’t worth dying on (for many quite literally).

        • There’s nothing illogical here except the ridiculous obsession with vaccination for Covid-19. I get it – it helps serious illness and death…

          ..which happen every day from people choosing bad health and life choices. The MoH estimate around 13 people die per day from smoking, for example.

          Banning people who smoke from society would be great – they’d all stop and see the light! Same for obesity and heart disease with stopping alcohol drinking and forcing exercise.

          In case you haven’t noticed, Government steps in every day to stop private companies from operating terrible and discriminationatory decisions on employees and customers. I thought we were on a Left wing site supporting the workers! Why are you the big defender of employer rights now! The inconsistency of the Healthocracy-Left now in favour of business rights is hilariously inconsistent.

          When all our human activities now take place on private platforms (businesses) with less and less genuinely public space, the argument ‘your business your decision’ is weaker than milk tea. Power, whoever located, must be accountable.

          I look forward to eternal vaccine top-ups to keep your Level One Citizenship Class in effect. I’m sure the extra 5-7% vaccination rate achieved was worth it.

          • Gordon – you’re well aware you’re making false equivalence here. Stop the anti vaxx lies and conspiracies. That’s what they are. It’s utter misinformation and bullshit. Go for a walk tomorrow and have a device free day.

        • I’m double vaxxed and ready to face the world. I detest the AV for there stupid ignorance. But, as a strong believer of “it is what it is” so we need to deal with it in a kiwi way. Kiwi’s are not SS Stormtroopers, lets collectively deal with it and stay with restrictions for EVERYBODY. The Vaccine Passport sniffs of snobbery and elitism that will make our country devided. Again the poor and disadvantaged will be forced to comply or else no life. There’s still a bit of Gypsy in me and I’d much rather face all this together. Not devided.

      • Im in that boat as well, be damned if im going to go along with wilfully ostracizing 3-4 hundered thousand people plus their kids from society.

        Already a black market is emerging and it will grow quickly, haircuts, Dinner parties, all sorts really.

        It’s fucking daft.

    • Green Bus. While there is no denying that anti-vaxxers are a pain in the proverbial. Forget about them and concentrate on getting the under 12’s vaccinated. They are vulnerable and deserve to be sorted out promptly. The only reason this government is getting shitty with the anti-vaxxers is because they are shitting themselves the hospitals will not be able to cope with the rise of admissions. They are punishing the anti-vaxxers by denying them any reasonable sort of freedom because of their own mis-management of the Health system. This is all successive governments. Education too is neglected. Mouldy classrooms not fit to house pigs let alone our kids. Its shameful. Forget the anti-vaxxers, their numbers now are not going to make much of a difference and you are not going to change their minds just make the angry and another job for our police to handle as if they do not have enough on their plates – and they are underfunded too. Happy days ahead sarc.

  6. Re COVID NZ would be a Basket Case if National & ACT had been in power during this COVID Pandemic, even Jacinda and Labour have not managed this particularly well with rushing to open up Bubbles with Australia and poor Border Control with new arrivals bringing the virus into NZ.

  7. Loser: socially inclusive, coherent thought patterns.
    When you isolate people from real, living, breathing society, feed ‘em MacDonalds and Social media filth, stands to reason you don’t get the crème de la cream of ideas and thinking coming through the wires…
    We may have needed those national sports matches to common connect and lower vitriol more than we think, and some parts of society more than others I’d wager.
    Lockdowns to hit a vax target are a method and methods have broader socioeconomic consequences.
    And no, the bloke I buy my veges off at Otara is not a death cult capitalist, nor my barber.

  8. But Jacinda’s list of failed Crisis has a longer tail than that of Covid Martyn.

    Let the NZ Blunder Games begin!
    December 1st!

  9. My small community is one of the least vaxxed in NZ.So far there is tolerance, after all , the AVs are also our friends, work colleagues, neighbours and for some even children .Double vaccination for the over 65s is close to 90%, but round 57% in total
    It will only take a few covid deaths to really turn the tide.The tolerance will diminish and I wouldn’t be surprised if some AVs waver and get the vaccine , when it becomes personal.as we are all pretty connected
    There is still some lack of belief in covid , this will change , unfortunately when a few deaths make it real.
    And by the way ,I staunchly resisted the lab leak theory, thinking it was geo political shenanigans.Martyn was right .Sorry about that Martyn
    Now it seems there was a cover up.With Peter Dascak, president of the Eco Health Alliance which was heavily involved in gain of function research at Wuhan, also a member of the WHO team sent to investigate the Wuhan lab
    Zero Hedge fleshes out the details

  10. When looking at the rate of COVID deaths it might be more relevant to compare NZ with countries of broadly similar populations instead of comparing NZ with 5 million and other countries with hundreds of millions.
    Deaths per million from COVID:
    NZ (5 million): 7
    Norway (5.4 million): 163
    Finland (5.5 million): 205
    Denmark (5.8 million): 464
    Republic of Ireland (5 million): 1,077
    Costa Rica (5.1 million): 1,351
    Still pretty good by comparison eh?

    • Agree 100% Jacinda and Labour have done a good job so far in comparison to other country’s Jacinda needs to ignore National, ACT and RWNJ’s. And don’t take any notice of Judith Collins crocodile tears, she should be on the screen in Hollywood.

    • That’ll get some way there, but as others said above, “to date”. The true comparison will have to be when we have abandoned elimination and some time has passed – a moment that regrettably has to come (if it doesn’t, logically we have either chosen to be entirely alone in the world, or will have seen the very unlikely scenario of remaining alone until worldwide elimination is achieved). I’d wager we’ll stack very poorly. Not that it’s a wagering matter. This is result of both decades of neglect of health, and of government complacency since about mid April 2020.

  11. Turns out when you preach identity politics and turn the population against itself on the grounds of race, gender, sexuality and age, then citizens are naturally going to analyze any threat to themselves along the same lines.
    This upcoming rupture of society is 100% the governments doing.
    Identity politics is cancer.

  12. Grant Robertson this morning said “We are all in this together” in regard to the lives of the vaccinated being held up by the unvaccinated. Which is merely a rhetorical claim from a highly successful politician.

    We are not ‘in this together’.
    The vaccinated do not want to be ‘in this together’ with the stupid people who don’t get vaccinated. unfortunately, this is going to get ugly because of the lower vaccination rates for Maori that will be blamed.

    • Funny I didn’t see much of this “we’re all in together” last year while many private employees and businesses were taking wage and salary cuts, whilst the public sector took full paid lockdown holidays?

  13. It is one thing for people to DECIDE not to be vaccinated and another NOT to be given the opportunity.

    What’s stopping under 12’s being vaccinated, as abroad? Especially when overseas experience has shown it will be rampant amongst our children. The Government will need to decide early on whether they are will to sacrifice them on the altar of incompetence. Once the media becomes full of cases of grieving families, who weren’t allowed to vaccinate their kids when Covid was permitted to spread, all hell will break loose.

    • Still in approval phase USA as I understand, very close though, a few hoops to jump through and the 5 – 12s will be underway. I expect NZ will follow very very quickly after that

    • Moderna trials of 6-11 year olds are impressive. The young produce 1and 1/2 times more antibodies at a faster rate than adults. Yes we need a vaccination program for the young ASAP

  14. Thing is she’s just cut off 300000-400000 people from society. Thats a fucking disaster and then given the vaxxed a stick to beat them with.

    Alongside the disaster which is housing this will scar NZ society deeply and irreparably.

  15. Yes agree Gordon I am also double vaccinated but I don’t sign in to cafes etc I know exactly where I go cause only go to very few places. I am creature of habit and I am very private and I purchase using eftpos as a payment so I can track my whereabouts easily. If our government can implement vaccine passport then they should also be able to give the data to Whanau Ora who are asking for it to reach the hard to reach Maori who may not be registered with Whanau Ora as this group probably only go a doctor when they are extremely ill often when its too late. Citing privacy as the reason for not giving out this data is bullshit when our privacy is being and has been eroded due to this pandemic as it would be with an act of terrorism or a war. Privacy can and is often evoked when these types of circumstances arise and when acting in the best interest and safety of all NZers. If people are reluctant to get vaccinated we need to respect their choices no matter what but put measures in place to best deal with any issues.

  16. Is identifying winners and losers a reflection of a blame game? is it comparable with facts?

    Four months ago an isolated NZ enjoyed Covid free status.
    The two most significant factors in the loss of this status were

    i) The trans Tasman bubble
    ii) The decision to drop Auckland’s L4 status to L3 apparently against most of the public health-expert advice, ( ‘give Auckland picnics’ – which rather trivialises it).

    • Go Hard or Go Home is the call at many a party. Well, Jacinda has just slunk off out the back door at 8.30.
      Go Soft and Cave In to business pressure is now Labour’s Covid response. When the toll bell rings will Jacinda l flee or will she Go Hard?

      • LOL. Did you expect something different. This was never about health and all about politics. When the game changes so does the politics.

      • She’s going hard and just in time, with tough love. Suck it up everyone. The future is grim and there will be pain, unfortunately. Get behind the effort and support our people to prepare

        • Prepare for what? We NZ are in for a hiding. No way our MoH can cope with “let it rip”. The shitstorm in England is where we are headed. Enjoy. Elimanation is and was the best option, not business as usual. Money is not God, the people of Aotearoa want more than giving up, it’s not in our DNA.

    • You do know that the bubble was closed when the outbreak occurred?

      This has nothing to do with the bubble and everything to do with a leaky, mismanaged border. Hell we still don’t know who patient zero is and how they got infected.

      Stop trying to blame business – this is all on the government.

      • Actually Frank, with your many repulsive and gleeful comments at the destruction this pandemic causes, you’re incorrect, as always.

        Yep leaky border. But it’s Delta. An R9 rate when it hits. This is on the pandemic.

        You seem incapable of any empathy. Classic right libertarian. Taking joy in other people’s misery. I know I’m wasting my breath/typing/time.

        • Was the bubble closed at the time of the outbreak not Dazza? Auckland is in a prolonged lockdown because of poor border/MIQ controls. As such this is 100% on the government.

  17. So the inevitable happened to me, sooner than I might have hoped – I got COVID. I got COVID from an unvaxed friend who came to me for help. I am fully vaccinated. Other than a couple days of mild lethargy and fever, and a loss of appetite, I feel absolutely fine on day 5 – expecting a clean test sometime soon and getting back to my life; however my friend has the full gamut of severe symptoms, such as nausea, abdominal pain, headaches, painful throaty cough, high fevers, cold sweats, painful tenderness – with no signs of abating soon. This a healthy, young person. That’s the reality that many people are going to have to grapple with sooner rather than later. Don’t poke the wasp’s nest with a stick – mitigation of this is not tyranny, it’s wisdom.

    My frustration with anti-vaxers, and especially this person, doesn’t mean I’ve lost my compassion and empathy – when I beat the drums for ‘government tyranny’ (of a government I am certainly no fan of, who I think has made many errors of judgement and competence) it comes from that place. I’m worried about my sick friend now, I’m worried about whether they may suffer lasting consequences for their decisions and actions – there’s no need for an ‘I told you so’ here, that is now a given.

    We have had the unusual luxury of being able to sit here in our Smug Hermit Kingdom, observing the reality of the bedlam outside our walls, and drawing the appropriate conclusions – that many here in their arrogant privilege are proving to be unwilling to do that much is an indictment of their intelligence, and moral fiber. Their protests to the contrary are the pathetic, screeching tantrums of spoiled toddlers – not the reasoned philosophizing of rational adults. I am proud of my city for reaching such high vaccination rates, and we are beginning to see the real effects of that in static and even declining hospitalizations even as the spread accelerates. You will never again see this city so united about anything, probably – it is about time the lagging regions got the memo. COVID’s coming, get the fucking jab before it’s too late.

    • Barly, anyone who expected perfection is on the wrong planet. I am just grateful our government was able to keep enough of us onside to get us to where we are; it certainly would not have happened under anyother PM’s leadership.

      • They’ve done enough – just, maybe. We’ll see.

        But I wanna give a shout-out to Norway and Spain, for helping us bridge the gap in our vaccine rollout at the critical moment. And also, most importantly, my fellow JAFAs (in the vast and overwhelming majority), who really carried the ball for NZ and the government, took the big hits, had our scrotums rucked open like Buck and are still limping around, abiding. We’re bloody exhausted, and just need the rest of NZ to take the ball and put it over the line.

        I mean, do rugby metaphors work better than and academic finger-wagging from the ivory towers? Maybe? Don’t be pussies, get vaccinated.

        • Barly, I am totally mystified as to how and why Norway and Spain suddenly found they had masses of spare doses of the vaccine that has been in short supply worldwide. Were they stockpiling it and for what reason.

  18. Why is ANY top quality data about anything other than Pziser blocked on this site?
    I used to come here for the truth that the media wouldn’ tell me.

    • Don’t worry, you’re not alone on this – I am double vaxxed but will not be acceding to a requirement to “show my papers” to undertake daily activity. I really can’t believe I’m saying this in NZ. “Show us your papers” said the Camp Lieutenant.

      We rearrange the complete social and political basis of society, demonising thousands, steamrolling about 8 different human rights, for an extra 10% vaccination of a vaccine that is already being promoted with a need for a booster and potentially fourth shot and several studies show has little or mixed impact on transmission. It’s literally insane – I’m waiting for us to accept police cameras in our houses because we didn’t hire enough police to deal with increased crime and it would make us all “safer” to do so.

      If we had even a 1% of the effort from Government on almost any other societel ill, we’d be near paradise on it. I wish I was making this up as some dystopia sci-fi story.

  19. The NZ Herald would print maps of Labour MPs homes with recipes for Molotov Cocktails alongside while Mike Hosking would actually orgasm live on air.
    I have never laughed so hard from reading something on the internet. Kudos to you.

  20. Totally agree with Richard Christie

    “months ago an isolated NZ enjoyed Covid free status.
    The two most significant factors in the loss of this status were

    i) The trans Tasman bubble
    ii) The decision to drop Auckland’s L4 status to L3 apparently against most of the public health-expert advice, ( ‘give Auckland picnics’ – which rather trivialises it).”

    Also too many MIQ places and for stupid reasons in stupid places run by stupid people for many stupid people coming to NZ.

    So many stories about celebrities like the wiggles coming, MIQ sites next to vaccination sites and poorly protected, unvaccinated and untrained staff at MIQ everywhere and new arrivals in MIQ who become absconders from MIQ who seem to come to NZ and think they can do what they like, taking up MIQ places!

    Now government and ‘business’ are about to bring the next Delta strain into NZ, by opening the border more, and allowing zero MIQ to ‘business people’ who apparently can all be trusted to self isolate so they can venture back and forth around Xmas.

    Thanks fuckers, for putting everyones life at risk (as well as the economy) for someone who can’t use zoom!

    The polls speak for themselves, and voters want Labour to keep high security, NOT open it up to selected business people, celebrities, gangs and NZ whiners who left the country, don’t work and live here and then whining they can’t come back for Xmas!

    We also know from past experience, how plane loads of apparently Covid free nationals ‘somehow’ got Covid in transit to NZ. Some countries seem to have more failure in tests and somehow ‘pick up’ Covid more easily than any other national in transit. Yeah, right.

    Avoiding hurting someones feelings is part of the problems and needs to be kept away from Covid policy as killing people is a lot worse!

  21. Well said, Martyn. Stuck in a hideously rightwing American State (not blaming MIQ issues, not yet) I watch from afar. I have close family in NZ who have fallen down the rabbithole of Qanonynoism and worship at the altar of Banner, Breitbart, Jones and a group of mad US doctors/quacks and am daily subjected to their idiotic and dangerous rants. Don’t look at the USA as a whole, look at individual States. I have said this before and will likely say it every day, at noon…compare these statistics: Arizona Population 7.2M Oct 26, 2021 Total vaxxed thus far 58.8% Total cases 1,150,432 New o/n a low 450 (down 2000 from day before) Total deaths 20,963 New o/n 102 Fatalities 291.6/100,000 per capita – state is open for business. Tough luck if you have a disease OTC (Other Than Covid) if you need hospital care. But then a few of the Kiwi whanau here in AZ together with others across the nation, toddled off to Washington DC to enjoy Kiwi Fellowship and a game in which some big Kiwi fullas destroyed a feeble US team. SMH Bloody Kiwis….


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