Jilted venue owner makes Samantha Markle seem charming.


I don’t think this dick knows how much of a dick he is being here, but I suspect social media are about to let him find out…

PM’s wedding stoush: Jacinda Ardern and Clarke Gayford given $5000 bill, jilted venue owner Robin Pierson says dealings ‘insulting’

Jacinda Ardern has cancelled her wedding venue and the angry owner says the Prime Minister won’t pay a $5000 fee.

…the desperation for association to the biggest wedding of the year reeks throughout his bitter tantrum that his shitty food could compare to Peter Gordon’s is such a spectacle you can’t look away.

That the local provincial pub Titan thought he could compete at a function of this high standard and paint that as priggish shows a level of arrogance that can only be fostered in the deepest end of the Little NuZilind stagnant cultural stillbirth.

It’s the fucking Prime Minister’s wedding for fucks sakes you douche bag of a man! What ever she fucking wants for her wedding she fucking gets!

Who the fuck are you to insert your ego into this???

She saved the country from a pandemic, a volcanic eruption and guided us through our worst terror attack on record!

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If she wants fucking Gordon Ramsey and Jamie fucking Oliver to cater you make it happen, not throw a tantrum and then run and tell the media.

It’s incredible, he’s managed to make Samantha Markle look gracious and charming.

I don’t think this is going to turn out the way he had hoped, and it’s magnificent to watch.

UPDATE: And here’s Slater peddling the story 4 days ago…

…why is the NZ Herald printing Slate hate gossip again?


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  1. Slow news day. It’s got “poor me” written all over it. Fuck the venue owner and their ego. I wonder how many more cancellations their going to get? They did it to themselves. Ce sera

    • It’s quite nice though don’t you think how the daily anti-Ardern propaganda machine churns relentlessly on with sneering and mindlessness. And those sites are augmented by largely a different side of the coin here with only the occasional attacks.

  2. Prunella P loves you sometimes, Martyn Bradbury – with the exception of the headline this is excellent! The bumpkin should have been grateful for the reservation. i had heard from family that the kitchen conditions are not great. It is a beautiful place but obviously the owner knows little about efficient management. NZ’s tabloid media have picked this story up and danced gleefully with it. That won’t augur well for the future of this establishment.

    • Most places would ask for a booking fee up front to cover cancellation costs. Other than that it will depend on the terms and conditions of hire. I read on stuff that they were offered $1200 but insisted on 5g. When questioned about the amount he stated that he could charge what he likes as cancellation fee, Its his decision how much. I got news for him,, its all bad… if its not in a contract its not happening. I would have told em to fk off too.
      Read the stuff article. When he wasn’t able to be included in the catering (what an ego) he tried to charge them full catering prices per head anyway.

          • Our first Prime Minister to bear a child and y’all just want to drag her wedding down.

            The breaking the family unit just needs to be addressed. This is a celebration of what all girls should aspire – to find people that love them.

  3. Any PR is good pr?

    On the back of another PR stunt yesterday, the big vaxx-tri-a-thong.

    Trying to garner support from the public for been hard done by, by a hard-working business owner is trying to screw her for $5k.
    Good woke leading headline.

    With her celebrity status, and the use of the Department of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment team must be burning the midnight oil with this shit.
    I guess her middle-class housewives club will be out in force haranguing the poor, out of pocket business-owner for not being kind to their widdle princess and should be grateful to her for cancelling him!

  4. I couldn’t agree more with this post. Far too much reportage of whining attention seekers these days. Cheaply produced and entirely meritless “news”, or more correctly, clickbait.

  5. Down to tough dealing. How much to cover your costs, preparations, time set aside, and to close the matter off along with your gossip?

  6. Cool now maybe Robin can rebrand the bushmere arms back to being the Hika pub Bring back the leopard and lion brown on tap get rid of those organic gardens put the bar Leaners, pool tables and juke box back in and don’t forget the gear meat pies in the warmer!

  7. I have no idea what the policy of this company normally is. But if others have to pay for cancellations, then so should the PM. I don’t like the “rules for thee, but not for me” nonsense that is becoming increasingly common among the “elites”. If this dude is doing this out of pure saltiness then my opinion would change however, but Jacinda getting out of paying for a cancellation just because she is “Jacinda” is just as lame as Mike Hosking getting free meals at Sky City because he is “Mike Hosking”.

    • “But if others have to pay for cancellations, then so should the PM. I don’t like the “rules for thee, but not for me.”

      An interesting way of looking at things in a world where the ACT sort of people want things to be about individuals and tailored for them not about the whole group being treated as one.
      Like employers having individual personalised contracts. Which means that individuals dealing with that venue negotiate their own specific deal. That’s not “rules for thee, but not for me,” surely, but “the rules for us.” Thee? Negotiate your own.

  8. I agree the dire state of NZ’s hospitality, where mediocre food and service and ego collide with individualism.

    I’m sick of paying wage subsidies for these types of businesses and sadly the end can’t come soon enough for me after sampling some of the terrible levels of NZ service and food quality that have burgeoned under neoliberalism. Before, if you were bad at your business, you went bankrupt, now so many find various ways such as labour scams or extra fees, to keep going. Many tourism businesses are just a lifestyle for folks.

    But saying that, if Jacinda’s team were not clear they didn’t want the catering part, then mucked them around for a while with dates etc, could be justified for a cancellation fee.

    In NZ the customer is not always right, the business is, after all.

  9. Meh. Like ‘Vaxxathon’ I’ll be avoiding the news on the day of the wedding therefore I couldn’t give a rats who is there, who is the chef and where it is.

    It is a sad state of affairs when this is ‘the big story’ and is a poor reflection of our country and our media.

    That said it will be a struggle to have it this year given we are likely to have restrictions and an explosion of covid cases.

  10. Raising children is hard enough with out being a Prime Minister. It’s just plain disrespect. Trust me it’s cool though. This love affair got everyone twisted because they’re inconsistent. They don’t care about anything, except themselves.

    There will be no red weddings.

  11. I was wondering why Jacinda and Clarke would be considering having their wedding celebration in Gisborne anyway?
    I haven’t heard that she has any particular connection with that area, I would have assumed that it would either be in Auckland or in Matamata, her home town.
    But perhaps Clarke has connections there.
    A $5000 cancellation sounds rather excessive.
    Sound like the kind of fee you would be asked to pay if you had booked Huka Lodge and cancelled.
    Would it be that much if it had been anyone else booking it?
    Sounds like this guy Pierson is trying to milk it for all he can get, and when that fails he runs whimpering to the Granny Herald who will undoubtedly kiss it better.

  12. Sorry to say Martyn but your little tanty will backfire. Just cause you’re some glitter celeb PM doesn’t mean you or your ‘minders’ can fuck people around nilly willy. Best Jacinda pays the 5 grand now.

    • Didn’t see anywhere that he had a contract stating 5g cancellation fee, did you? With this level whinging if he had one he would have had it included in photos on the article. He picked the 5g out of the air because he was pissed off, not to re-coop costs. If it went to small claims court he would end up paying costs. He should have snapped up the $1200 and shut up. Now, if it was me, i’d give him nothing.

    • Chefs used to be our number 1 ‘skilled worker’ category thus a plethora of poor food, low wages and hissy fits if they don’t get their own way, probably now overtaken by crims and 501’s as NZ favourite woke lobbying cause to get the social bonds and charity donations flying out the door.

  13. Perhaps a few who are unhappy with the status quo could consider selling up and moving offshore? That would have the dual benefits of increasing housing stock and the average IQ of the nation.


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