The current legal situation of sports betting in New Zealand


Online sports betting in New Zealand is becoming more popular, and for a better reason. The current legal situation of sports betting in New Zealand has enabled betting operators to participate in liberty since it was made legal. The New Zealand Gambling Act was created to regulate betting and gambling activities that only originate from New Zealand. Sports bettors based in New Zealand now have the freedom to participate in online sports betting and many other major UK-regulated online bookmaker sites that accept Kiwis.

If you are looking for the latest betting offers, best online bookies or wish to browse some fantastic betting tips, betting guides, football stats and more, you can check out ThePuntersPage. This guide provides a report of the current legal situation of sports betting in New Zealand and a brief discussion about the gaming laws in New Zealand.

Who Regulates Sports Betting in New Zealand?

The New Zealand Racing Board under the Racing Act 2003 is the one that governs sports betting in New Zealand. It establishes policies and regulations and conducts the country’s locally licensed racing and sports betting activities. Also, it regulates the legal offshore sportsbooks by the governing jurisdiction that administers their licensing and compliance certificates.

It is essential to understand that this law only applies to gambling activities that originate from within New Zealand. It states that:

  • Gambling is illegal and prohibited unless it is;
    Authorised by or under the act and obeys this act and any relevant game rules, license and minimum standards.

    Private gambling

    Authorised by under the Racing Act 2003 and obeys with that act and any regulations made under it
  • The types of gambling below are illegal and prohibited and are not authorised by and may not be authorised under this act:
    Remote interactive gambling


New Zealand Sports Betting Legality

Sports betting is legal in New Zealand. Although sports betting exists as legal, it operates in an unregulated market. New Zealand gambling laws made it legal to use other countries betting sites but not the New Zealand sports betting sites. However, it is best recommended to select an offshore operator licensed by one of the most respected gaming jurisdictions in the world. The rules don’t allow foreign bookmakers to get a license before accepting clients from New Zealand. It is also essential for bettors in New Zealand to note that those who place bets with foreign bookmakers will not enjoy any legal protection or recourse in case of a dispute.

The gambling act of 2003 placed strong controls on all kinds of gambling within the country. The New Zealand Gambling Commission and the NZ Department of Internal Affairs have regulated the brick–and–mortar sportsbooks and racebooks. Later on, the New Zealand regulatory regime applicable to offshore betting operators was updated by enacting the Racing Industry Act 2020 (RIA). RIA has established a point of consumption taxation regime and obligations to pay product fees based on the bets taken on racing and sporting events in New Zealand.

The RIA has repealed the Racing Act 2003 and has introduced a new regulatory regime related to the conduct and jurisdiction of racing and gambling in the nation. Also, the RIA has introduced several obligations that apply to offshore betting users. It states that offshore betting operators must:

  • Before using NZ racing and sporting data: They must obtain information from relevant NZ national sporting organisations, relevant racing codes or in nonexistence of there being an applicable NZ national sporting organisation, Sport and Recreation New Zealand

    They must enrol into a betting information use agreement that agrees with the terms and conditions specified in the RIA, which will comprise an obligation to pay the applicable data and use fee.
  • Pay consumption fees concerning the bets taken on sports events and racing held in or outside New Zealand. 

Restrictions Made by The Gambling Act 2003 in New Zealand

The New Zealand gambling law doesn’t support remote interactive gambling but has no restriction about offshore gambling resources. For instance, it is illegal for Kiwi to gamble on a website that is based abroad. However, a bettor should be aware of the potential risks that are likely to incur. By revealing your personal and financial information over the internet, you expose yourself to potential scams. Bettors are advised to at least confirm twice or even thrice the website that they have considered as the best to register on. The selection process can be less challenging if you check some online reviews to help you settle on the best website.

Types of sports you can bet in New Zealand

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The legal offshore sportsbooks and the locally licensed sportsbooks offer various betting lines, sports events, and wagering options. They include a vast collection of games, events and matches, including basketball, American football, MLB baseball, boxing, cricket, cycling, football (soccer), mixed martial arts, golf, hockey, motorsports, netball, rugby, surfing and tennis, entertainment, celebrity gossip and current events. Typically, local and offshore sportsbooks cover racebook events for dogs, horses and motorsports. You will also find options for live betting choices available in New Zealand and offshore destinations.

Final word

Due to the current New Zealand gambling laws, bettors in New Zealand can now enjoy sports betting on multiple online gambling websites. Gamblers can now use an online betting site or online casino because these activities don’t fall under the NZ betting laws. It is convenient to do online sports betting since it offers many games that anyone can find at a typical casino. However, New Zealanders should be aware that not all gambling sites deserve much of their attention.