COVID-19 Update: Right way and amount of CBD can lessen the severity of COVID-19 infection


You cannot be protected from coronavirus by simply smoking marijuana, which is rather a popular misconception. No matter what is widely accepted by people, it is not true. Yet, according to research, if taken in the right amount and in the right way, the cannabis compound, cannabidiol (CBD), might minimize the severity of the covid-19 infection while preventing the  further spread of the virus.

Besides this, to prevent the anxiety that results from the virus, many people resort to different kinds of cannabis, including the Stardawg Cannabis strain. What is Stardawg weed? This is a hybrid marijuana strain that is made from a cross between Tres Dawg and Chemdawg # 4. This is highly psychoactive and produces several effects, including an increase in mental energy, as well as a boost in creativity. 


Proven Evidences of CBD’s Effectiveness against COVID-19 

According to certain evidence, it is suggested that people who were prescribed routine dosage of pharmaceutical-grade CBD were less likely to contract the virus. However, it would be unwise to drop a significant amount of money on Cannabidiol oils. The effects on humans are yet to be tested. Also, do not smoke marijuana to avoid coronavirus infection. Even if the research holds up, they are only applicable to a certain type of medical-grade CBD  that can help in tackling seizure disorders, rather than the low-potency drugs that are sold to consumers. 

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It is worth stressing that CBD is no substitute for weapons that can help tackle covid-19, including masks and vaccination. However, researchers are hopeful that this compound could act as an additional tool that can fight against this coronavirus and other viruses. As mentioned above, CBD is a compound that is derived from the cannabis plant. The major psychoactive ingredient in CBD does not encourage a high, unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). However, it binds to at least a thousand receptors in the body. For this reason, CBD has gathered a burgeoning reputation as a health supplement. Yet, there is a lot about the impact of CBD on human health that is yet to be known. 

There have been several studies that investigate covid-19 and CBD. Studies have been conducted to screen compounds for cancer research, trying to initiate an immune response in cells – also referred to as the host stress response. This response forms a part of the natural immune response, which is not specifically targeted as a pathogen. However, anytime a cell perceives any threat, including a virus, this response ensures that the cell is in a defensive position. This triggers the release of chemicals that can protect the cell from being used to replicate the virus. 

CBD Helps Build Immunity against COVID 19

Surprisingly, CBD is good at initiating the host stress response. This is important for cells to help them fight back against viruses. Cannabidiolic acid is a precursor molecule to Cannabidiol, alongside other related cannabis acids that can change to the familiar cannabinoids when heated. This can also protect isolated human cells from the entry of the coronavirus. In addition, these findings are facilitating a common misconception that cannabis can solely prevent covid-19. However, they are not. 

What these findings actually bring to light is that medicine derived from cannabis can be used as supplements for vaccines in the hope to end this two-year-long fight against this virus. Researchers have pinpointed the essence of CBD, alongside its limitations. Yet, the researchers stressed that their findings were simply restricted to CBD, as well as certain high-quality CBD preparations that can provide a large quantity of this compound.


Cannabidiol has been used by many to minimize the anxiety associated with the coronavirus. However, studies have discovered that this compound can be integrated with vaccines in the fight against the virus. The devastating effect of this virus cannot be understated, with a plethora of new cases recorded in the United Kingdom. As the battle against the coronavirus continues, humanity hopes that a component of the panacea, which is desperately needed, is a common strain of marijuana.