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  1. The Dominion Post has an article saying, can a rotten system be repaired (Oranga Tamariki) when something is rotten most people usually throw it out not repair it they throw it out and get a new one. The problem is much of our state sector is also rotten and has been since inception.

  2. It’s no use just passing judgment – ‘ Rotten, Out, Get New.’ The task is to salvage, not savage and retrain where possible. We had some good ideas for building houses in the past and we let shonky leaky-house builders in and spoke severely to them while they carried on with whatever they could get away with.

    With people we have po-faced types who climb to the top and tell us how good they are, and criticise those at the bottom. Remember Jenny Shipley when National was in, talking down to single parents and making them out to be degenerates sucking government money. Many who write here would have said the same and still do.

    What we need to do is help people get the life skills they need, offer regular part-time work and classes with child care. In an opinion piece in stuff Nelson Mail p.11 1/10/21 it says ‘A key recommendation is to move the agency from being reactive to preventative.’ Having high achieving Maori at the head of such an organisation makes me want that meaning spelt out in how it is to be practised. Does it mean just like the middle-class who know best whatever their ethnicity (which seems to be the rule). The word is be COLLABORATIVE, be encouraging, help the young people to find themselves using whatever suits to grow pride and competence. Follow Celia Lashlie’s line, and don’t make everything pakeha at fault, many of us are struggling to find our way in this barren, consumer, tech-land.

  3. Phillips and his three young children Jayda, 8, Maverick, 6, and Ember, 5, had not been seen since 11 September. His ute had been found below the tideline at Kiritehere Beach, sparking concerns for their safety.

    [Phillip’s sister] confirmed what some locals had told media – her brother had extensive experience of surviving in the bush and that the family were more than prepared for living in their tent with a gas cooker in dense brush south of Marokopa.

    “He had got shelter, he had a tent and he was near a good, clean water source,” she said.

    “He had plenty of food and he’s bushman who’ll make do with what’s round him, and he had a couple of staple supplies… some rice. They were warm and dry and well fed. They were perfectly fine.”

    Is leaving your vehicle on a beach where it would be hit by spray. good care of your possessions/support? Is he suitable to be responsible for three young children and helping them prepare to live in and part of a wider community?? Are these children being allowed to become isolated bush people. Isn’t this an Oranga Tamariki situation?

  4. I’ve just seen your slogan v. ‘death cult capitalism’. I associated it with fundamentalism, but you’re right. You have to admit our end is fun, from this standpoint.

    The majority prefers ‘prefers’. As a deferring gratificant I remember the trombone was an instrument in the 1500s.

    Enjoy your input.

    The rich are wrong despite their money. Because their money. To speak to reality why do the rich have anything to say about it? They wouldn’t have anything to say during the Welfare State.

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