3 meatballs looking for a sub

Jacinda got this right.

In my view.

Of course, I could be biased.  Afterall, it was I who was berated in caucus by the erudite King Country farmer and his second lieutenant McKinnon and my neighbouring MP John Banks, for daring to propose at a branch meeting my electorate of Hobson (great name that: Hobson!); that National adopt Labour’s anti-nuke policy.

What’s worse for they who condemn me as a – perceived- acolyte of the “evil empire” (aka Red Squad and Arms dealer and Russian agent etc), it was the Hobson Executive’s agenda item at the Dunedin Conference 1989 where I spoke to the merits of adopting Labour’s anti-nuke policy, which was adopted by  the Conference and which subsequently became policy of National when it took the Treasury benches 1990. 

Of course, this is not the first time I have uttered charitable utterances about Cindy – or – her pedigree.  For example, I spoke about the qualities of her dad. 

But, be assured, I am no toady.   And so, I do say, ‘Jacinda.  Pushing Maori down the throats of the majority who increasing harbour rising animosity, will be the undoing of your miraculous rise to stardom.’

Wow! Am I a racist bitch for speaking contrary to Labour policy?

As I penned in, A Step Too Far I have a powerful Maori pedigree of my own.  What’s worse for they who would slag me: Its Royal pedigree.

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In my view, You Done Well, Prime Minster with your stance on American Nukes for sale (price not disclosed).

But tread carefully on the fabric of the majority of New Zealanders. 


 Ross Meurant, graduate in politics both at university and as a Member of Parliament; formerly police inspector in charge of Auckland spies; currently Honorary Consul for an African state’ Trustee and CEO of Russian owned commercial assets in New Zealand and has international business interests.



  1. What makes me laugh most is National’s inconsistency.
    One the one hand National want NZ to become part of the nuclear-powered defence alliance ostensibly to combat China’s stealthy advance into the South Pacific.
    On the other hand National has no qualms about China’s not-so-stealthy advance into NZ politics (including bankrolling National’s elections campaigns and having their spies elected to parliament via the list) and allowing Chinese businesses to buy up land and assets in NZ almost at will.

  2. However. Those bloody Ozzies are going to drag us in or get us kicked out of the 5 Eyes union and then it’ll become 4eyes.

    Have been watching J Pilger’s The Coming War with China. It seems to be getting closer to that point now. Remember what happen to the South Pacific when the Americans didn’t leave after WWII and the French & the UK as well as the US used the Sth Pacific as a testing ground for Nukes.

    We’re gonna be fuck’d again! A Dammed if we do, and dammed if we don’t scenario. We’ll get called out by Scomo and the US, UK. They’ll threaten to sanction us and, or we’ll get caught up in the embargoes and blockades.

    So, what can we do, what should we do because they’ll stick it to us shortly (if they haven’t already) by saying,” it’s time to pick a side. You’re either with us or you’re with our enemy”.

    The Coming War on China

    • …”and then it’ll become 4eyes”…

      So then we will all need to visit an optometrist to get an updated pair of glasses. Look, its simple, the world isn’t just China, the U$A, England or (chuckle) Aussie…

      What you need to do is become sly. It was either Suharto or Sukarno of Indonesia who played one power off against the other.

      ( Echoes of Sun Tzu?)

      We need to become nationalists, …social democratic Keynesian nationalists. Unashamedly out for our own and to hell with the big boys toys and all their silly little spats,… learning a lesson from the Vikings as traders and primarily the occupations of those people as farmers,…and taking a leaf from Sun Tzu,… WE DONT NEED THIER BOMBS OR THIER WARS l0l !!!

      Lets instead get rich. Pit them against each other.

      Lets provide foodstuffs and componentry to Africa, South America, Europe, Russia, – and the rest of the belligerents. Including China and the Orcas,… I mean AUKUS or whatever else they want to call themselves.

      If they don’t want to trade, – fuck em! , we go somewhere else where they want to trade. Bugger the lot of them.

      In the meantime we build up our Armed Services as a solid defense and we build up our primary and value added services and trade. And we stay out of their ( the belligerents ) garbage cold war crap.

      I don’t know about you, but I’d far rather be friends and trade and become prosperous than have my guts blown out.

      So,… about that question of free market neo liberalism that opposes a strong nation state and wants globalism….

      That’s ,… what we should be questioning.

  3. 3 meatballs looking for a sub! You’ve got sauce to spare Ross. But it would take heaping helpings for us to swallow this inedible, indigestible offering.

    • Well, our esteemed Editor did describe TDB as “the dirty left” the other day…

      I still have a hardback copy of RM’s “Red Squad Story” that I refer to whenever I feel I might succumb to his reinvented presentation. But at least Ross does engage with others, he recanted somewhat on the ’81 tour situation, studied, did interesting things, and has the capacity for independent thought.

      I kept my dented ’81 helmet for a long time, but eventually turfed it. At the final test at Eden Park I was grateful to have “a low centre of gravity” as a copper in a skip bin on Sandringham Rd. swung a hammer style blow with his PR 24 baton directly onto the centre of my head. A couple of inches taller and who knows the outcome.

  4. NZ should remain Nuclear Free.

    NZ seems infiltrated by Chinese interests, including the naive and greedy National party who will sell an MP seat for $100k. No need to speak English, money talks. Now it’s spread to other parties.

    However there is many double plays going on with China (and in my mind more serious, trying to lay blame on other countries). For example Chinese nationals attacking using cyber security, pretend it is from Iran. This is the stuff that starts false wars.

    Security company FireEye has claimed that Chinese spies pretended to be Iranian hackers for two years to break into Israeli government and telecommunication networks.

    We don’t worry about intellectual property in NZ!
    Managing China’s theft of NZ’s SunGold kiwifruit

    And only a bit of worry around the world.

    China is still stealing intellectual property — but that’s not the biggest problem

    I can see why our government likes Chinese nationals, Chinese are nice people, very polite. They turn up and bid at political auctions and make generous donations. They have free trips to China for NZ Mayors. Chinese criminals getting caught, pay their court fines in cash so they don’t need to go to jail. convivial.

    Chinese/NZ residents generally don’t start telling the judge to F-You or post You-tube videos gloating how they avoid jail in NZ and how entitled they feel here which is the new normal from other criminals who NZ loves to support here. By comparison, Chinese dual nationals seem to respect NZ, even when caught.

    Nobody thinks a Chinese national is going to kill a bunch of people in cold blood. However few notice huge economic squeeze or drug proliferation, with ultimately more victims here from secondary effects.

  5. Well here’s a nice video about Eurasian wolves ( the largest outside of the Mackenzie basin in Alaska) for all you world weary and brittle politico’s to take your minds off the subject and realize the sheer beauty of the natural world…

    In Russia, no less. Its beautiful, every bit as beautiful as anything found in the Americas. Let us all rejoice.

    ALONE WITH WOLVES / Real Siberia

    We are a family , all humanity. Lets start acting like a family.


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