Oranga Tamariki Critical Race Theory demolished by Judge – Labour must be so grateful to Delta


Judge dismisses Oranga Tamariki’s bid to remove Māori girl from Pākehā couple

A Family Court judge has ruled that a traumatised and neglected Māori girl will remain in the care of her Pākehā foster parents, and has slammed Oranga Tamariki for putting ideology ahead of a child’s best interests.

The case concerns a 6-year-old girl, who for nearly three years has been living with the couple in a safe, healthy, loving environment in rural Hawke’s Bay.

Oranga Tamariki/the Ministry for Children and the girl’s iwi wanted her removed because they did not think the couple could meet her cultural needs.

Let’s remind you of the holy trinity of woke identity politics dogma.

In the name of the non-binary mother, non-binary daughter and the monthly ghost: All white people are irredeemable racists, all men are rapists and anyone defending free speech is a uniform wearing Nazi.

There’s no wriggle room in this critical race and gender theory. Despite the immediate upgrade in the young Maori girls physical, emotional and psychological well being provided by the white step-family, woke Dogma commands no Maori child could be successfully raised with white parents.

Jacinda must be hoping Covid keeps breaking out to hide this story.

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Rather than be shocked at the scale and scope of lies used by Oranga Tamariki to enforce critical race theory dogma above the welfare of a young Maori girl placed with a white step-family, the woke scramble to reset the debate as a powerful white man bullying a young woman to tears in the dock…

Judge’s questioning – ‘She was in the box, just crying’

She says if the general public saw an older man addressing a younger woman like that they would be shocked, and that this highlights the need for a “proper” judicial complaints process.

…Surely though being caught out being so maliciously ideological to the point you have been busted in Court lying would make you burst into tears?

It is extraordinary in the extreme that the identity politics devotees will attempt to ignore the deceit used to remove a Maori child from a white step-family to paint this as a intersectionist power struggle between the  heteronormative white cis male patriarchy and post MeToo feminism.

I mean, come on. The Judge may well have been mean and the Social Worker crying isn’t pleasant, but look at the eye watering evidence that questioning produced!

Sweet Jesus, the young Maori girls psychologist was as clear as clear can be, that removing her from the white step-family she had bonded with and flourished with and had been told she would remain with, to remove her now after years with that white step-family would risk all the positive growth the young Maori girl had exhibited with the white step family!

To place woke critical race theory above the welfare of the girl because white = bad is dogma at its most book burning, this is not Tikanga!

Look, of course at the point of a Maori child uplift from a dangerous family environment, you absolutely want Iwi involved to find and resource whanau but that’s not what is happening here, in these cases woke critical race theory is eclipsing the welfare of the child. In these cases Oranga Tamariki is taking back Maori children who have been told they are remaining permanently with white step-parents and then being ripped from those homes because a white family could never raise healthy Maori children.

Note Oranga Tamariki didn’t even provide any resources to help the white step-family engage their child in Maori culture yet that was the deciding factor in taking the child!

When dogma is eclipsing the welfare of children who have already been placed, heads must roll!

How many other white step-families is this happening to? We know Newsroom are gagged from talking about another case that involves white step-families and the taking back of 4 Maori children.

To watch the woke hide the enormity of their Critical Race Theory failures and attempt to turn this into a patriarchy issue would be funny but the attempt to intervene in Judicial independence is a game not even the woke can side step…

Judge lauded for rebuking his seniors in Oranga Tamariki case

The prospect of a judge raising concerns with another member of the bench while proceedings were ongoing was “constitutionally repugnant,” top human rights lawyer Tony Ellis said after revelations of irregular actions in a high-stakes Oranga Tamariki case

Another human rights lawyer, Michael Bott, was equally critical of any attempt to interfere in a case, saying there were proper ways to raise concerns about a hearing.

Their comments came after news that the then-chief executive of Oranga Tamariki, Sir Wira Gardiner, contacted Chief District Court Judge Heemi Taumaunu and the Principal Family Court Judge Jackie Moran. He raised concerns with them about the manner in which Family Court Judge Peter Callinicos had questioned Oranga Tamariki staff in a custody hearing.

Sir Wira appeared to have been concerned about the way the judge questioned social workers during the first part of the hearing, held in March. He claimed that Judge Callinicos had “bullied” Oranga Tamariki staff giving evidence at the hearing, according to documents obtained by Stuff.

…Labour will be praying Covid lockdown distracts Kiwis from this mind numbing Oranga Tamariki woke racism because if this gets picked up by Talkback it’s all over rover.

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  1. It’s going on in a couple of families I know, kids taken off rotten parents, dysfunction personified, bounced from address to address before literally being dumped on to the ground of a carpark with their meagre belongings by Uncle and abandoned.

    So much damage done and yet over time and now settled with families of a different race, they are thriving, not because race has anything to do with it but because someone cares enough. And settled is the key word.

    Now OT want to extract all the kids and return them to their culture and race.

    OT don’t care, they aren’t allowed input, they are dancing to the tune of whatever is trendy. The kids don’t matter either. Theory is all that matters.

  2. Martyn
    You know that this ruling is being appealed don’t you? Appears that some insist the kid be put with a Maori family at all costs, despite the judge’s ruling.

      • Yep, no wonder there is not enough money to care for the actual kids by the caregivers.

        As mentioned, know a family fostering/adopting a OT child. They said if they had known how hard it will be with the constant legal challenges and delays (family don’t turn up, or do, and in some drugged out state) and estimates at least $500,000 in lawyers. Meanwhile his family are expected to care for the child and work very hard and seem to be getting a tiny stipend not really covering their costs. Obviously nobody is doing it for the money, but they would not have started if they had known about years of legal challenges and delays, but now love the child, so are hanging on for the Childs sake.

        Another OT story, quite a few years ago I had a friend who was a nurse and her partner was Maori. She applied to foster a child from OT and appeared to be a perfect example of what they were looking for on paper. The only problem is, that my friend was quite flakey (anti vax nurse) and her partner was not that keen to foster, so they failed to turn up to the compulsory training. In spite of that, they got a call one night to take a baby into their care. By that stage, my friend had changed her mind, so it never went ahead because they decided they did not want to take the baby (OT were keen to give the baby to them).

        The moral of this is that sadly OT seem unable to follow their own processes to keep the children safe. This ‘perfect’ couple never did the training and nurses can have just as many problems https://www.nzherald.co.nz/entertainment/nurse-who-describes-herself-as-australias-limited-edition-barbie-doll-wants-more-cosmetic-surgery/6DOHORKF2LUCCSVE7FFQYWGAAE/, likewise Maori caregivers!

        From my limited experience of OT, it is clear that there needs to be a lot of work in the department, because the process is somewhat arbitrary, the OT workers seem to be focused on what people look like on paper, and the copious resources are not available for the child’s care but for the lawyers to fight out a ‘process’.

        Due to stolen generation there is good reason for this, but somehow the process and some OT personnel seems to have become a farce, and may explain why a child is more likely to be abused under OT care, than outside of it.

  3. Great commentary Martyn – sometimes it seems justice is served.

    You can bet this woke crap has been foisted on Oranga Tamariki by this government, who are just dutifully implementing their policy.

  4. “Jacinda must be hoping Covid keeps breaking out to hide this story.”

    Many a true word is spoken in jest.

    Thank goodness NZ has at least one judge with a brain and a backbone.

  5. This is how crazy government departments are becoming.

    It is also crazy how they put the least experienced and often unqualified people to do the ‘investigations’ which then become key pieces of information used in the reports and decision making, but are often incorrect.

    The Judge was correct to point out that these statements are vitally important to the outcomes and should not be incorrect with errors of facts.

    OT is not the only one guilty of this, most of the government departments like health and disability are also using questionable people, who they call ‘investigators’.

    OT knew the family were Pakeha, so it is outrageous they then use them for 3 years, then out of the blue when it’s convenient for OT and with the Mother who had the child removed, decide to claim the girl back to their preferred caregiver. Sadly this doesn’t work out well for good child development outcomes, aka to ping pong children backwards and forwards as they have already formed attachments and it’s destructive to remove them. Kids don’t care about race, race is a construct that is created as they grow up!

    Cancel culture is spreading to people now.

    This is really going to help get quality caregivers for OT, (Sarcasm).

    Huge amount of social media support for this decision. People are fed up with race based thinking in NZ.

  6. I read part of the OT social workers report she had submitted to OT on the little girl/foster family online (stuff?) before the Judge tore it apart, and one part summed up the social workers agenda against the white foster parents and her obvious bias in this case…not verbatim, but close enough to get the point:
    Social workers report: ‘The girl rushed up to me to give me a hug, the foster mother quickly grabbed the girl afterwords and started wiping the girls hands as though hugging a maori woman was ‘dirty’ and the had child to be ‘cleaned’ afterwards’

    Turns out the child had Marmite on her hands and the foster mother was worried the Marmite may get on the social workers clothes if they hugged again.

    The Social worker was questioned on the foster mothers version of the event and the social worker agreed that the foster mother was indeed wiping marmite off the girls hands and apologising against any marmite getting on Social workers clothes.

    THIS is why Social worker was crying in the dock….she was busted telling not only lies in her report but making out the bloody foster parents were racist. (And unsuitable to continue fostering the little girl one has to assume, as this was her personal agenda)

    OT needs a bloody good clean out if this is the caliber of their Social Workers. Plus the CEO/Leaders of OT defending and twisting the story to make out the lying maori social worker is the victim of a white judge bullying her.
    Worrying times ahead for OT if this is the direction they have chosen.

  7. Oh yes. Those poor children. Judge Callinicos has played the role of a good and wise father to the child being sacrificed by the mad ideologues who should all be called to account. Let this be a salutary lesson to everyone wanting a separate Maori legal or justice system.

    Very much hope that Oranga Tamariki hasn’t helped propel children into poverty or beatings or batterings or murderings or suicide or prison or alcohol or drugs or prostitution the way that the kids in care stats pan out.

  8. As a young man I worked for a small New Zealand newspaper. My job involved attending the local district court as a reporter.
    It was, and is still, routine for female compainants in sexual assault cases to be rigorously questioned by barristers and they are often distressed and reduced to tears and Sir Wira Gardiner does not give a flying fuck about them.
    Such questioning is called proving the evidence and is seen as a necessary evil to prevent false accusations.
    Two years ago my daughter complained about a sexual assault. As is routine she was closely questioned by the defendant’s barrister and was close to tears but prevailed.
    Why should Oranga Tamariki staff expect different treatment to the rest of the public?

  9. So great you are covering stories like this Martyn. You are one of the few.

    A slight correction though……under gender ideology it should be non- binary birthing unit, non binary person who menstruates.

    I thought the judge came out with a very elegant solution, the Maori careers in Wellington who have custody of the little girls brother, get to have the little girl stay for something like three weeks a year, but she stays permanently with the Pakeha couple.

    The biological mother is is also one of three guardians has appealed this decision. So there will be more to come.

    Of course Maori children should stay with Maori. Preferable from the own I will. But when the little girl was fostered three years ago, there was no Maori caregiver (I am not judging anyone for that, that’s just how it was)

  10. “Sir Wira appeared to have been concerned about the way the judge questioned social workers during the first part of the hearing, held in March.”

    Sir Wira Gardiner is a long-time National Party stalwart who is married to one of the National Party’s most incompetent former ministers (quite an achievement in such a competitive field), Hekia Parata. He is no doubt fully aware of the shitstorm this absolute clusterfuck by Oranga Tamariki will cause for the incumbent Labour government.

    • A provocative theory! In this case I suspect blind folly rather than malice. Sir Wira Gardner is living proof that being called “Sir” and “kaumātua” is no guarantee of the cardinal virtues.

    • Simonm – Gardiner’s pre-Hekia wife with whom he apparently had three children was Pauline Gardiner, who was also a National Member of Parliament. I thought of her as lacklustre, but he’s surely old enough to know not to interfere in the judicial process, if that’s what he was doing. As a parent it stuns me that any of them were callous enough to want to remove a little girl from the foster parents with whom she has bonded, because they are white. Gardiner’s wife Pauline looked Pakeha to me and it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect Gardiner to know that Pakeha can be kind and loving parents to children of other ethnicities without diminishing the well-being of the child, which surely is the paramount issue.

      A cloud of uncertainty now hanging over this small girl and her foster parents won’t enhance their well-being.

  11. The defensive line rose on its hind legs and decided that some discomfit to a social worker was worse than the ongoing torturing of a little kid.

    That shows the bullshit enough. Then though came all the stuff about how the whanau mechanisms were there to see the child have what she needed for her well-being. Jesus, no-one cared enough or had the capability until there was a party to be had, a sideshow to take part in.

  12. This is ‘CWT’.
    Critical Woke Theory.

    The Poor Maori leaders have been suckered into the pakeha ideology of revisionist theory. Or otherwise known as, MIUAYG, or ‘Make it Up as You Go!’

  13. Well even if the parents don’t have any Maori ancestry, and no-one has actually said that they don’t, or speak fluent Te Rao then she will certainly be given the opportunity to learn at school as it is a standard part of NZ schooling now.
    And it is pretty safe to assume that foster parents that would go to such lengths to keep their foster child daughter are good people, who would not neglect this part of her culture.
    And if they are good people, that is what matters most.

  14. It’s wrong to frame this story as though critical race theory is to blame. It’s like blaming Christianity for the Spanish Inquisition, or Judaism for Zionism, or Islam for ISIS. It does a disservice to the brilliant academics and historians, some of them African Americans, who developed critical race theory. The main idea of this theory is to get to the heart of what causes racism, to understand its historical and social context, and to analyse the extent or limits of human empathy. The term should not be bandied about as though it’s some kind of pet ‘woke’ fad from nowhere. Rather, it has a history now of a number of decades, and it is a serious and genuine attempt to get beyond this serious flaw in human nature called racism.

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