MEDIAWATCH: Gower on hate – woke current affairs provides little insight


NOTE: This was written before the Friday terror attack – it has been updated at the end

Back in December of last year, the joyless woke puritans at the Spinoff & The Standard were incandescent with rage over a Steinlarger TV beer advert.

For them, the outrage of the advert was supposedly over the lack of diversity in Steinlarger’s portrayal of nuclear free protests.

The anger was such that there was even a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority.

The problem was that the entire middle class identity politics micro aggression policing over diversity totally missed the fucking point.

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The far more serious problem with this Steinlager TV advert romanticising the nuclear free protests wasn’t its lack of diversity in the casting of the actors, it was the fact that Steinlager is owned by Lion, Lion owned by Kirin, Kirin is owned by Mitsubishi and Mitsubishi owns Uranium mines all around the planet!!!!

Steinlager is doing nuclear free protest TV adverts all the while their Corporate master owns some of the largest Uranium Mines on earth!

When you lock yourself into an identity perspective on everything, you lose the bigger picture.

That seems to be where a guilt ridden Patrick Gower has trapped himself into.

His first doco on Weed probably killed off the referendum (thanks Paddy), his second doco on meth at least highlighted the impact of South American cartels but his third doco ended up feeling like a taxpayer funded group therapy session.

He spends less time demanding accountability from the Intelligence agencies and a lot of time talking to victims who can’t provide the answers.

He allows Jacinda to gloss over this horrific failure of intelligence by glibly referring to their official white wash security inquiry as if that’s an answer!

Surely he should have had representatives from the following:

  • The SIS (Secret Intelligence Services)
  • The GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau)
  • The NSG (National Security Group)
  • The Police Intelligence Unit
  • The CNSN (Cabinet National Security Committee)
  • The ODESC (Officials’ Committee for Domestic and External Security Coordination)
  • The SIB (Security and Intelligence Board)
  • The CTCC (Counter-Terrorism Coordinating Committee)
  • The NICC ( National Intelligence Coordination Committee)
  • The IAD (Intelligence and Assessments Directorate)
  • The NRU (National Risk Unit)
  • The NSPD (National Security Policy Directorate)

That is the entire infrastructure of the State who are tasked with keeping us safe from mass murder terror events. They cost us over $150million each year. Are you feeling safe yet?

Surely any documentary trying to understand why a white supremacy terror attack occurred here must start with how the Australian terrorist gained a gun licence, how the entire security apparatus missed that, how the terrorist shot himself and still didn’t come to anyone’s attention or how numerous complaints were made from his gun club.

The GCSB caught this maniac downloading white supremacy material but couldn’t be bothered searching for who downloaded it.

Rachel Stewart could have her guns taken after the Woke manufactured one of her tweets into a threat – how did Tarrant manage to do all this and still buy more guns?

At least Jacinda acknowledges our entire Intelligence Apparatus are biased and Patrick rightly highlights the social media algorithms that radicalise.

81% of referrals to Molyneux were generated by the algorithms, not actual people.

Paddy touches on all this, but gets sucked into the identity politics shtick and plays into the Woke dogma that the Christchurch atrocity occurred because of white people.

His decision to shut down the film ‘They Are Us’ because he felt guilty over the Southern & Molyneux interview makes more sense from a personal point of view and that’s probably the best that can be said about this doco.

Gower on Hate is a personal emotional counselling session that allows the pain and trauma of this terrible event to mainstream its grief. Because Paddy can’t get the real answers from our security system he internalises the guilt and blames himself.

This documentary allows the NZ Intelligence Apparatus off the hook and turns the issue into a personal crusade for guilty white people to do better.

The gleaming certainty that the next terror attack will be white supremacy because white heteronormative cis male privilege seems smug.

Pass me a Steinlarger.

UPDATE: Hours after I had finished this review, an ISIS terrorist walked into New Lynn mall and committed a terror attack by stabbing 6 people.

We must not do what the Woke and the Greens did after the atrocity in Christchurch and blame white people to further their identity politics agenda, this ISIS individual does not represent all Muslims any more than Tarrant represents all white people.

I wonder if the ISIS terrorist watched Gower’s doco?


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  1. I always thought someone should have been rolled for this:
    ‘Australian terrorist gained a gun licence’
    How many other times has someone got a licence without being seen.

    but increasingly you hear or see things the cops have done and they say ‘there will be an inquiry’ and that is the end of it.

      • I think it was ascertained that the Australian shooter’s gun license app referees in New Zealand were local online friends who were not acquainted with him in person, and an under-funded government dept was unaware of the degree of the relationship between them, and that particular process has since been tightened up.

  2. The self flagulation coming from white people is seen as weakness in the eyes of Islam. This country has become a nation of never ending apologists. No use having regrets now Paddy, you had your chance.

  3. Back in the old days politican’s were paid the same as School Teachers and worked in the best interests of the country, now days politican’s are paid handsomely, they are like demi God’s and treat us all like peasants.

  4. Back in the old days politican’s were paid the same as School Teachers and worked in the best interests of the country, now days politican’s are paid handsomely, they are like demi God’s and treat us all like peasants.

  5. You expected insight from Paddy Gower??

    As for yesterday’s attack, it’s revealing that LINO and the so-called Greens have been focused on legislating to prevent us hurting each other’s feelings, rather than ensuring we have adequate legislation to prevent confirmed extremists from carrying out attacks.

    • Seems that the government was working on updating existing laws (Terrorism Suppression Act 2002 and Search and Surveillance Act 2012) with the Counter-Terrorism Legislation Bill. It was introduced in April, passed it’s first reading in May and is currently before the Select Committee. The Greens and The Maori Party did not support the bill at the first reading.

      • Wrong law. It’s the immigration law that needs the work. AKA don’t let people into NZ who are high needs and have a bad character or use fraudulent means to get here.

        If migrants and visitors to NZ commit a crime and go to prison or need home detention in NZ, they should by NZ changing the law under urgency be immediately deported. This guy was in prison, but failed to be deported due to the lack of this small amendment in the law.

        After two terror attacks with Labeen in power, they also need to have another law that anybody who breaks the law in NZ should lose their NZ citizenship or permanent residency, if they became one in the last 20 years.

        And further more, it should now take 20 years to become a NZ citizen and permanent resident because too many get that status and become ‘one of us’ as they commit their crimes and it’s hard to take being a ‘kiwi’ away but other entitled criminals.

        It’s easier to make people earn the status of being a kiwi over time and have an intensive investigation of their character, tax affairs and so forth so that we stop getting all these entitled, high needs people flooding into NZ.

        From the guardian about this guy citing

        “extreme attitudes, isolated lifestyle, sense of entitlement and propensity for violence”.”

        Why is this person here. Not just him, many criminals are getting NZ citizenship and PR.

        They are completely entitled under our law. Even dead this guy, has Lawyers stopping public information about him with high powered lawyers aka

        for the Isis supporter, Kieran Raftery QC and Davoud Mansouri-Rad, had concerns for the man’s family who live overseas and had yet to be contacted


        Wonder if like this immigration barrister they feel entitled to avoid putting in a NZ tax return.

        Why bother with civil society, when the sleepy woke hobbits in charge are easily outwitted for over a decade to bother to uphold the NZ laws!

        We need to act on actions, not thoughts. This man was already a criminal released from prison, but still remained in NZ!

        • We will get to know more about this individual when information is released tomorrow, but given that the terrorist was a Sri Lankan national, it is hard to understand why he was not deported on release from prison in 2018.

          Deportation seems like the obvious tool for this case, but we still need stronger laws for when the offender is a domestic terrorist.

    • How would you like it if you were Marama and somebody called you a cunt ? Do you know how traumatising and debilitating that is ? Have you ever lived with the day to day year to year fear of being hurt like a Green ?

      • Yes people may be dying/knife attacks from terrorism in NZ with Tarrant and ‘S’ but at least the Greens have our priorities straight with reclaiming the word cunt and making sure that those who want a cunt if they are a man, can get one on the NZ health system.

  6. Greens have totally lost the plot. In fact they never had one because based on their woke physical appearance they feel they are entitled to be in parliament, not based on any ability or experience and the neoliberals LOVE them.

    The carbon containment reserve. Truely fucked up.

    For example as polluters use more carbon, the carbon the price should go up and encourage them to do less carbon polluting business. But NOPE in the Gweens neoliberal world, the price goes up and the government pays for more carbon credits so the polluters don’t have to pay more and keep their Dino polluting ways.

    It’s the quantitive easing of polluting.

  7. Oh the ‘Woke’. The poor ‘Woke’. They must be ‘heard’ because they are our moral compass! Fuck Right off!

    I don’t know if many of you have met and hung out with this lot but they’re a bunch of gutless backstabbing whiney little bitches who believe that their worldview is righteous and worthy of the suffering of others for them to pursue a ‘Gaia’, a utopian world where everybody and everyone is perfect. Like them! Fuck off they make me wanna puke!

    Whoever is responsible for the indoctrination and programming of these morons has a need of much needed mental health counselling for a very long time.

    Ole Paddy means well but hey, yah gotta make a buck in this world and shit like this is easy to peddle when there are a lot of suckers out there who will buy into this shit. ffs!

  8. Imagine if a political party released a statement about the attack, like the Greens did with the mosque shootings, and instead of the word “white” put “People of colour”

    yeh nah?!

  9. I was more surprised that David Farrar wasn’t interviewed on the subject of anti Muslim hate. Kiwiblog (at the time) had unmoderated comments that were policed by Farrar himself on the basis of complaints received/action would be taken. This lead to wonderful comments pushing theories not only about Islam, support for the Canadian fuckwits but also comments on the PM, her partner and their child that were truly sick. The day after the massacre I contacted Farrar (by email) to ask that the comment section be moderated. He replied that he wouldn’t as he wanted his supporters to express their grief. What followed a disgusting orgy of anti muslim/ anti Govt sentiment and very little expression of grief. The following day moderation was introduced for the first time. Why? Too much hate? Why do bloggers take it upon themselves to broadcast hate? Whether it be against Islam, Christians, non christians, the right, the left, the woke, the media, and uncle Tom Cobberly and all. Disagreement I can understand, but the visceral hate espoused has me shaking my head in consternation. What has been gained by this and perhaps, more importantly, what has been lost by doing this? The art of the rational conversation seems to have been replaced by something akin to monkeys throwing their feces at each other. The war on the woke is the same war on the PC from decades ago. (another forever war?) On an aside, Judith Collins comment on RNZ this morning, that when she was police minister, ISIS didn’t exist….maybe she wasn’t in parliament the day JK did his ‘get some guts’ speach or didn’t realise that JK’s preferred flag of the silver fern on a black background failed because it could be mistaken for the ISIS flag. I guess it is hard to notice these things when you are too busy hating.

  10. Labour and the NZ Police need to harden up on these Terrorist’s and the Gang’s especially the new Imported Gangs who are terrorizing the NZ Public and randomly shooting innocent people. Terrorists International and Domestic have been let loose in the Asylum called NZ, we are a Terrorist’s playground and this includes the Gang’s like the Mongol’s and the Rebel’s, surely our Intelligence Network is up with the play with the $200 Million they are funded with our hard earned Taxpayer Funds ???

    • If NZ declares the all the aussie gangs as terrorist organisations we could refuse to accept 501s because they are Australian Terrorists!

      • People, the problem is, criminals are deported to NZ as 501’s because lazy, stupid NZ immigration laws gave them and their families citizenship and PR like lollies even thought they spent little time here….

        Come to NZ for 5 minutes and you can get welfare and citizenship here for life, – babies got NZ citizenship without spending much time here and then come back to defraud us decades later as adults.

        What we know about this terrorist, He came on a student visa, somehow he got his family over and within 5 years he was under investigation by police for wanting to knife Kiwis for Islam, within 10 years he had knifed 6 people and had two police escorts. Does this sound sustainable for NZ????

        Many have missed the point about keeping him in prison. WE don’t want more foreign nationals in NZ prisons, we want to make sure the criminals don’t come here in the first place, as we can’t afford to pay for them to be in prison, their parents on pensions, let alone all the legal and court and security costs to have them tailed around for years with armed police.

        People, we need to get real!

        Nutjobs are everywhere in NZ now! Productivity is low and the Ponzi is about to burst, because all these high needs people are going nuts about their rights, not putting in tax returns, bringing in drugs and refusing to pay minimum wages… we haven’t even got to the next generation yet who seem to be on killing sprees and have major problems with entitlement.

        Dunedin doctor Venod Skantha found guilty of murder of Amber-Rose Rush

        Rouxle Le Roux: Social media posts claim ‘privilege’ at play in sentencing

        Meanwhile all the migrants who skills NZ wants and more likely to make living in NZ work, are stuck in this strange situation where if you play by the rules your don’t get NZ citizenship, but if you lie, cheat and get yourself a dodgy immigration lawyer… you can be knifing people and committing crimes and bribes within 5 years and very hard to be deported under the current rules.

        Another quality youth who was involved in bribes for drivers licenses gets a small penalty, and is off making You Tube videos with big house, big cars, guns, women etc about his life in NZ. What a recruitment drive, NZ!

        Punjabi singer gets home detention for drivers’ licences bribes

  11. Labour and the NZ Police need to harden up on these Terrorist’s and the Gang’s especially the new Imported Gangs who are terrorizing the NZ Public and randomly shooting innocent people. Terrorists International and Domestic have been let loose in the Asylum called NZ, we are a Terrorist’s playground and this includes the Gang’s like the Mongol’s and the Rebel’s, surely our Intelligence Network is up with the play with the $200 Million they are funded with our hard earned Taxpayer Funds ???

  12. NOTE: This was written before the Friday terrier (sic) attack

    It’s advisable to make the appropriate correction in respect of the victims, this knife wielding maniac was more harmful than a terrier.

  13. Whether you are a white supremacist or a religious fundamentalist, it all comes from the same fucked up place, and if you have enough of it, you can likely commit murder, even on a grand scale, somehow justifying with your fucked up views.
    It’s NOT a case of what particular stripe you bear, it all ends up the same if that stripe is too wide.
    The other common factor among these people is they just about all men.

    • Fold Art. It looks as if this killer may not have been a white supremacist or a religious fundamentalist. He appears very disturbed, possibly psychotic, with a traumatising history not necessarily connected to Islam, alone without kin in a strange land. The worst aspect may be New Zealand Immigration – or whoever it is – granting refugee status to disturbed persons without having the expertise or the support services to help them in the way they may need.

      That’s irresponsible. Better not to give people refuge at all, than let them in and then set them adrift. It’s all very well to take refugees – as we should – but taking them then dumping them is wrong – it’s volunteers, NGO’s and church groups who do the piecing together, but a greater degree of expertise may be needed with refugees more than with other immigrants.

    • +1 dogranger – Paddy, all spin, zero content. Gave up watching a long time ago like many others judging from low ratings.

  14. Woke bigotry will never deny the pride this Pakeha New Zealander has in our marvellous country’s social achievements of the past one hundred and fifty years

    Let the wreckers and haters go to hell

  15. A very sober summary of the tragedy that is New Zealand media. Seems that this video amplifying white hatred only made terrorists bolder here in NZ!

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