Apology to Groundswell – a claim in my blogpost was wrong


In my open letter to Groundswell I said Groundswell NZ had organised farmer meetings where anti-semitic conspiracy theories were presented by a spokesperson for Agriculture Action Group.

I now understand that the meetings were organised by the Agriculture Action Group,

I apologise without reservation to Groundswell for this error on my part.

Co-founders of Groundswell, Bryce McKenzie and Laurie Paterson have assured me Groundswell does not support or promote anti-semitism and say “We have ever only spoke about unworkable regulations & endeavour to not go outside that brief”.

I’m happy to accept their assurances.

The anti-semitic conspiracy theories which the Agriculture Action Group has promoted include allegations of “Jews socialists and communists” working for a global takeover and include references to the Rothschilds and Rockefellers as examples of wealthy Jewish families working alongside the United Nations agendas to achieve this.

This is classic anti-semitism and it is important it is called out within the farming fraternity. Farmers frustrated for whatever reason must not be used to promote conspiracy theories.

The Agriculture Action Group is holding dozens of “Farmers and Community Meetings” from one end of the country to the other sowing fear and suspicion to promote their conspiracy agenda. These people are a serious concern. What they say about farmers and guns in particular is very scary.

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We understand Federated Farmers will be addressing the issue of wild conspiracy theories in public shortly and we welcome this.



    • From the ‘Agricultural Action Group’ link John Minto posted above ,,,, at 9mins 20sec

      The clowns think our NZ election was “rigged” / had election swinging fraud.

      Seeing as they like wild conspiracy theories ,,,,, I’m going to say ‘just how many bastard children did David Seymours dad sow around the place ??? ,,,, the resemblance between ‘Agricultural Action Group’s ‘ Rob and Dave looks like no coincidence to me ,,,, never mind their shared family values 😉

      Robo’s going to personally find the election fraud after Act wins the next election ,,,,, failing that then ‘Turner Diaries’ small cells of freedom fighters will be the plan B.

      Otherwise it’s a state / communist takeover …… Plus the Jews ….

      …. According to ‘just the facts’ ‘Agricultural Action Group’

  1. For context:
    I read: “Agricultural Action Group” was formed by Robert Wilson, Fred Roberts and Heather Meri Pennycook on election night and they hit the ground running the very next day.
    … All three had stood for election with AdvanceNZ.”

    That’s Billy Te Kahika’s mob.

  2. The video you linked merely stated that farmers have their own firearms and are quite practical, there didn’t seem to be anything scary about that statement. Most farmers will probably own at least 3 firearms, as they are useful tools about the farm, for pest control, euthanising stock etc, each firearm serving a different purpose.

    Farmers are currently under threat from all directions (as Countryboy frequently points out), pressure from the banks, corporates, Government, Regional Councils, environmental groups & animal rights activists etc is definitely mounting, driving many farmers to bankruptcy or suicide. However I’m not sure that AAG conspiracy driven UN Agenda 21 focus & fears of a communist totalitarian takeover are exactly helpful.

    People are scared & we live in uncertain times, this often causes people to act irrationally or clutch at crazy theories to try & make sense of their reality. We will see some big changes in the not too distant future, things are going to get rough globally & the best we can do is hang on to our humanity & help those around us. Keep up the good work John.

    • Kia ora Richard.

      The quote was “Farmers have their own guns. And are very practical at fighting for things.”

  3. Cmon Richard ,,,, the quote from the above link at about 2mins ,,, “they have their own fire-arms,,,, and they are very practical at fighting for things”

    And they are ,,,, https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/crime/kawhia-shooting-accused-sold-drugs-from-family-home-shot-at-intruders-crown-says/CWCHVBL2GEPUNYXEKFA7HH7AIQ/

    The hilarious thing (for me), from the above link,,, is Williams the rural Rambo ,,, “called a friend and told him what happened and when asked if he’d called police, said he hadn’t. He asked him to look for the group’s vehicle. Williams also got in his vehicle ( with his loaded weapon !!), and looked for the group.”,,,,,,,

    I think what the herald link left out,,,, was Williams had fitted the back hoe onto the tractor ,,,, ready to dig a big hole.

    Practical people those farmer folk 😉

    • I’m a farmer @ reason and you’re correct. I’m very practical.
      What did you eat for breakfast? What did you have for dinner last night? What do you plan for this evening?
      If I could, I’d help to improve your health by putting you in a diet for twelve months. Maybe longer?
      All farmers, all over AO/NZ. On strike. No meat, no dairy, no vegetables, no fruits, no wine, no beer, no cheap politically corrupt sequestered money travelling down to arseholes like you via your ignorant intestinal tract.
      Imagine that @ reason? The foreign banks would shove up the OCR then begin foreclosures as unemployment sky rocketed, wholesale and retail businesses would close, heavy transport would roll to a stop, shipping would stall, cheap money would disappear so no big screens for you to gape at @ reason.
      Imports would stop because town people would have no cheap farmer money to leach off which would also mean no medicines, no fuel, no spare parts, no car parts, no materials to maintain basic infrastructure and most of the junk we buy weekly would vanish off the supermarket shelves. Try making a razor blade @ reason? Would you look like an unkempt muppet with a daggy arse for the want of toilet paper after a month @ reason?
      Because farmers can do that. Yes, we can. We can fuck you more mercilessly than you can imagine. We can wipe out AO/NZ’s economy over night because WE ARE AO/NZ’s economy and you know that. That’s why you’re here? You’ll be a Machiavellian confederate supplanted in here to counter the growing narrative of AO/NZ farmer resistance. Good luck with that @ reason. See you on the battle field.
      Aye Boys?
      Good on you @ JM.

    • John Minto is also very good at fighting for things that he believes in, that does not mean he uses guns or violence to achieve his aims. In fact, it is generally the state & it’s agents that direct violence at him & his supporters.

      People fight cancer every day and that fight never involves guns, even though it has been conclusively proven that a close range shotgun blast kills cancer cells in a Petri dish.

      Farmers are very good at fighting for what they believe in, that’s why protecting the environment & water resources is often so hard. They may drive tractors up the steps of parliament in protest, but they have never stormed the Beehive with AR15s.

      Leaping from the word “fighting” to armed insurrection is probably a logical leap to far.

      • Although agreeing with Richard when he states Farmers are feeling the pressure from numerous sources ,,,,,,

        ,,,,But re-watching ‘Agricultural Action Group’s’ video and the context in which looney tunes Heather ,,,,, she of “just the facts” made her firearms comment ,,,

        ,,,, then I happen to agree with John Minto.

        Got it ?.

        “Leaping from the word “fighting” to armed insurrection is probably a logical leap to far.” ,,,

        How much fucking logic do you give ‘Agricultural Action Group’ credit for ??????

        More than me obviously ,,,,,

        Thanks for the abstract and useless lesson on fighting and non-violence though ,,,,

  4. he he ,,,, I don’t think farmers could organise a rabbit board at the moment CountryBoy.

    I do agree with you that bankers have fucked present day farmers with land values linked to what high intensity non-sustainable practises can wring out of the land…..

    “According to Reserve Bank figures, total farm debt in New Zealand is $62.8 billion – that’s up 270 per cent over the last 20 years.”

    I’m all for getting our farmers banker monkeys of their backs ,,,,, but cutting slack to looney tunes ‘Agricultural Action Group’s’
    veiled threats and delusions does them no favours.

    Our new land owners must love the side show ,,,, “The four largest private landowners are foreign-owned forestry companies.”



    If you’re looking for me on the battle field ,,,, I’ll meet you at Peter Thiels place when the war starts,,,, and you pick your target.

    • p.s ,,, don’t fire that bullet behind the red dot ,,,,until after I’ve done the wooden stake through the heart and decapitation thing ….

      Me, after being shot ,,,,,my final words ,,,, ” that was no friendly fire ,,, I detect malice”

      p.p.s ,,,, Criticism from me, directed at the mad,bad and sad among farmers,,,, does not make me an Anti-Farmite ,,,

  5. You also write @ JM.
    “We understand Federated Farmers will be addressing the issue of wild conspiracy theories in public shortly and we welcome this.”
    An issue of wild conspiracy theories aye? And we welcome that do we?
    Here’s a conspiracy fact.
    Federated Farmers are less a federation and more a group of national party patsies where radical and curative farmer-centric ideas are lured then quietly murdered.
    I told peter elworthy once at a 3000 strong farmer meeting at the town hall in Ch Ch that he was less than useless and not much more than a stand alone trumpet player for the national party and their masters, the dreaded banksters. I got a standing ovation. So there.
    Back in the early part of last century there was a Farmers Union. I know because I read wikipedia but I also have a nice badge proudly proclaiming ‘NZ Farmers Union’ on it. But do you know what happened then?
    Bankers and money lenders got together to form the dreaded national party from their Auckland perch and that was the end of the NZ Farmers Union which gave way to the useless, toothless, bumbling, mud cluttered, harrumphers we know of today as Federated Farmers. Think of Federated Farmers meetings as a place for farmers to go to be psychologically castrated?
    Know anything about Professor Stanley Milgram?
    Read up and learn all about it?
    “The Agriculture Action Group is holding dozens of “Farmers and Community Meetings” from one end of the country to the other sowing fear and suspicion to promote their conspiracy agenda. These people are a serious concern. What they say about farmers and guns in particular is very scary.”
    That, right there, is a classic Machiavellian Confederate narrative.
    Farmers!? Beware of the confederate Machiavellian and if you’re unsure about who and what that is? Then do your research. Knowledge is power and that’s why federated farmers and their puppet master National Party and their rich city hangers on want to keep you suppressed down on the farm working every minute of every day there is.
    When you’re at meetings? Particularly at Federated Farmers meetings, Confederates will pop up like pimples to try and derail and redirect the narrative particularly if they know they have a sympathetic chairman of the meeting while Machiavellians will pretend to be on your side while selling you out. Think muddy lawyers? Only trust those with radical proposals. And stop talking about guns for fucks sake. That’ll get you shot. But worse, it’ll get you even more alienated than they already have you being. You must remember? Street level city people are NOT your enemy.
    Your enemy ( and that of city people’s ) is the power elite who hide behind their corrupted politic which is the national party but now, also labour. ( The natzo’s derailed labour at that flash point aka neoliberalism. They got in to labour, stabbed Lange in the back then threw him overboard. Then. little man douglas slipped away from the scene of his crimes and created ACT. A sad, pointless, political haters holiday of whiny old white men but who are more rich then the entire population of the south island.
    Farming is, and always will be so long as humans must eat, our primary industry so follow post farm gate farmer money to the nearest billionaire. That’s where the truth lies. They’re whom you must go after. We must all, in fact. Aye Boys?
    ( Ooo…? Look…? A little red dot!? )

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