As we all know, the Israeli forces, army and police, only kill terrorists. But how are they trained to know who is a terrorist? 

The Israeli dramatist, poet Hanoch Levin has  explained, in his 1982 satirical play “The Patriot”.

“Security instructions:

A man walking down the street glancing nervously from side to side and over his shoulder – shall be suspected of being an Arab terrorist.
A man walking down the street looking calmly ahead of him – shall be suspected of being a level-headed Arab terrorist.
A man walking down the street looking up at the sky – shall be suspected of being a religious Arab terrorist.
A man walking down the street staring at the ground – shall be suspected of being a shy Arab terrorist.
A man walking down the street with his eyes shut – shall be suspected of being a drowsy Arab terrorist.
A man not walking down the street – shall be suspected of being a sick Arab terrorist.
All the suspects listed above shall be arrested. In the event of an attempted escape, a warning shot will be fired in the air. The body will be taken to the forensic institute.”

PS This photo is in Hebron, Occupied West Bank. Martin and I have been there. 

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Lois Griffiths is a Human Rights Activist.



  1. Seems that ‘The Patriot’ is satirical cabaret . . you can’t find any actual ‘rules of engagement’ or would these not marry up with the point you are trying to make?

    • Lighten up James, or feel free to provide the actual rules of engagement if you can’t handle a bit of satire.

      There is no doubt that if the commentary writer had provided the actual rules of engagement, she would have been jumped on by all the usual suspects and accused of of lying.

  2. Hi AOM . . but why always Israel?
    We have credible reports of concentration camps full of Uyghurs and North Koreans and human rights in the many countries in the Islamic World could be described as negligible at best.
    Are there any suggestion that the Israeli’s are using Palestinians for organ harvesting or is that another country?

    • But James, no Jews are involved in the (genuine) human rights abuses you list, so Lois, Johnny, Leslie aom and the rest of the useful idiots don’t give a damn!

    • Why is it always Isreal? Because you aren’t dealing with the issues you outline and present evidence of your ‘credible reports’!. Do the likes of Griffiths and co. have to do all the heavy lifting on every HR issue?

      There is a word to describe trolls like you – W**KER! And it ain’t worker.

        • I’m sure you can arrange with Bomber to have a space on TDB to present your views and evidence, the way other contributors do. On studying your work, instead of your typically frivolous remarks, it will then be a case of formulating an opinion based on your advocacy for the North Koreans and Chinese.

          All strength to you with your highly moral civil rights campaign. Hope you are going to be in for the long haul like those you criticise.

      • And because you don’t agree with what I have written I am a wanker and a troll?
        You must have a lot of friends . .

        • Time to respond to the challenge above James. Now you can shine rather than hide your humanity behind disingenuous comments (i.e. trolling).

            • So aom this ‘challenge’ of yours is my having prove to you that there are concentration camps in North Korea and China?
              And if this is so does this mean that I personally have to go there to bring back a sample of the barbed wire used for you to review (or would even that not meet your own very high standards)?
              I am starting to wonder if you are one of those unique individuals who still live with your parents . .

              • So – not interested in convincing anyone that you are genuine in your concern for people who you expect others to advocate for instead of or as well as Palestinians.

                Liked the diversionary reply though – quite novel. Obviously all that was expected was that you emulate the likes of those you obviously distain but in support of the Uighurs and North Koreans who you cited.


        • James, when the likes of aom resorts to personal abuse, rest assured you have him by the nuts. He can’t handle the truth and implodes on cue.

  3. Btw, Lois, I’ve been to Judea/Samaria, too, and it is not ‘occupied’. It is disputed territory according to the UN itself, and the only actual occupiers were the Jordanians from 1948 to 1967. Also, it cannot be ‘occupied’ because it has never been a sovereign territory.

      • Don’t be surprised Sharon, some of the trolls on this site spew their wild slanderous accusations about just as freely as they do with their their hasbara propagandist lies and distortions. One of them makes such outrageous claims about qualifications, what he/her/other has done and where they have been that it is not worth even taking any notice if a comment is tagged with the moniker of the one whose accusation you rightly called out.

      • Here’s your ‘slander’. Do you even know what the word means? Slander is verbal. Libel is the written version.
        “Canada, the European Union, Israel, Japan and the United States have designated Hamas as a terrorist organization. Australia, New Zealand, Paraguay and the United Kingdom have designated only its military wing as a terrorist organization.”
        These are the ‘Palestinians’ Griffiths supports.

  4. I write about Israel, including the West Bank, because I’ve been there..met people.made contacts…learned so much & continue to learn..every day.
    Of course the article is satire..written by an Israeli Jew, in 1982!
    The situation for Palestinians, including the children, is so very much more dangerous now. The brutality not just of the IDF and militarized police, but of the so-called ‘settlers’, openly ‘armed to the teeth’, continues unchecked. Israeli forces are still bombing Gaza..Gaza is saturated with unexploded missiles.
    The worst part of the situation is that the corporate media élite of the THE WHOLE WESTERN WORLD CONTINUES TO LOOK THE OTHER WAY

    • Classic antisemitic trope, Griffiths: ‘Jews control the media’. Is your bedtime reading The Protocols of the Elders of Zion?

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