GUEST BLOG: Dave Brownz – Covid deniers are circling the wagons against the goal of elimination

Baby Horse killer, fireworks aficionado, devoted father & husband, fanatical libertarian, redemption champion, cthulla of capitalism, liquidator, ACT & Taxpayers Union cheerleader, right ring columnist and my weekly sparring partner on MagicTalk Radio’s Friday night political wrap, Damien Grant

Damian Grant writing in Stuff confirms his skepticism with bad logic. His claim of the “inevitable failure of these methods” of elimination of Covid currently in place in Aotearoa/NZ is not established. Failure is not even ‘Inevitable’ under free market capitalism where public health never existed or has been destroyed allowing new viruses to explode. The history of public health shows that our ability to eliminate diseases successfully, despite the profit motive, gives us confidence that humanity can survive pandemics long enough to abolish the ultimate cause that threatens our species survival.

Public health was built by socialist resistance to laissez faire capitalism. The first legislation against terrible working conditions in Britain, such as those of women and children, came in the 19th century along with reforms to improve the social conditions causing disease to spread. Unions and mass movements were the driving forces overcoming the narrow individual interests of employers in parliament. The result was that health and safety regulations became incorporated into labour law.

In the 20th century prevention and containment of pandemics by quarantine was revolutionized by vaccines. Notably Cholera and Influenza arising out of WW1. Medical science allowed public heath to eliminate many diseases, such as smallpox, measles, polio, but the return of naked capitalism as neoliberal austerity in the 1980s, has allowed some of them to return as the ‘diseases of the poor’.

Since the onset of the long structural crisis of capitalism began in the 1970s the rip, shit and bust methods of exploitation of nature have not only supercharged climate change, but forced zoonotic jumps of viruses into humans. Aids, Ebola and Sars 1 are the most recent examples. Each posed a major threat of a pandemic and effective vaccines took some time to develop.

The mRNA vaccines against Sars-Covd-2 developed in record time and are a immunological breakthrough. They have already proven safe and effective when measured against real world results. They do not provide complete immunity from infection or reinfection but do dramatically reduce its severity, measured as hospitalization and death rates.
How effective are COVID-19 vaccines in the real-world?

The fact that Sars 2 has mutated to Delta+ virulent enough to ‘breakthrough’ the best mRNA vaccines to cause infection is the measure of how far capitalism has destroyed the conditions for our existence. It is not a measure of defeat but of what we must do to reverse this process.

We have to win against the logic of this capitalocene ‘un-natural’ selection. Abandoning elimination and opting for a build up of natural immunity under today’s conditions is insanity. It is not ‘humans’ that have the hubris to “control” nature. Rather capitalism can only exist by destroying nature. So the notion of reaching an ‘equilibrium’ with Sars 2 is under global capitalism in terminal crisis is a fantasy.

One doesn’t need to imagine a scenario where Sars 2 is allowed to run rampant. It is happening across large parts of the world. If attempts at elimination are rejected, further mutations will develop ahead of any natural immunity in humans causing a global holocaust. The masses must build a socialist movement for a workers’ government and develop the science and technology to defeat the worst diseases that capitalism can throw at us, while we mobilise to get rid of capitalism itself.

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  1. “They have already proven safe”
    This one piece of total and often repeated bullshit should be enough to undermine ALL CONFIDENCE IN WHAT THE AUTHORITIES SAY.
    Nothing but TIME proves the safety and efficacy of something new.
    Burning coal seemed like a safe and beneficial activity at one time.
    How’s that working out for you NOW Dave?

    • I have no problem condemning the use of coal which is the main GHG that fuels global warming and disrupts habitats causing the rising zoonotic leap of viruses to humans and the ensuing pandemics.

      However, the working class has to stay alive to fight for its survival against all pandemics, against their immediate cause, Global Warming, and in the process overthrow its historic cause, the capitalocene.

      To reject the proven effectiveness of Vaccines to reduce the impact of Sars 2, and their potential to eliminate it, on the basis of a baseless fear that the vaccines will prove worse than the virus, is to throw away any chance of rescuing humanity from extinction.

  2. ‘Developed in record time’ – by the trusted drug companies, no less. Blow me down, my skepticism is suddenly cured.

  3. The libertarian is just affirming the temptation of individual liberty self interest to sell us the ruling order hill of capitalist mammon. The supporting rationale, it is some reality the world cannot escape. TINA.

    Refuting this has been done easily do date. Elimination has worked for us.

    Now that we know that vaccination does not provide immunity, nor stop passing on the virus to others, it does call elimination strategy into question. But not before we have rolled out vaccination.

    We have to vaccinate to reduce rate of spread and reduce hospitalisation.

    We have to improve health system capacity – more ICU nurses – importing them to train up locals and fully staff wards to build up system resilience for the stresses of this pandemic. And better Pharmac funding to improve the health of the public – such as the better diabetes 2 drug.

    The libertarian middle class would sacrifice the poor for lifestyle, as they did with CG first (middle class inter-generational estate building) before affordable housing for all.

      • I was today banned for a month at The Standard for simply saying the vaccines do not provide immunity, just allow us to reduce rates of transmission, survive infection and thus allow the health system to survive.

        Apparently sharing this awareness interferes with the promotion of vaccination, so it’s a narrative that must be suppressed until the vaccination roll out is complete and the government policy moves on.

        • allow us to reduce rates of transmission, survive infection

          For the immunocompromised, that is everything – It can mean life itself.

          • Sure, and the best immunity is by infection and we and the health system survive that if there is mass vaccinated first.

  4. Smallpox, scarlet fever, diptheria, polio – all examples of diseases that killed thousands in the past and are no threat today.
    Proof that elimination strategies work. Visitors to Italy, Greece, the Balkans today do not need to take anti-malarial tablets today but allied soldiers in World War II needed to.
    Public Health programmes aimed at eliminating infectious diseases are totally successful( polio, diptheria and scarlet fever in New Zealand).
    That rheumatic fever, and measles can still exist in Aotearoa today is due to the vile indifference of the wealthy to diseases that affect children in poor housing.
    It is entirely possible – nay necessary – to do the same with Covid.
    This disease can also affect ‘Rich Pricks’so I expect their assistance and money to eliminate the disease.
    PS ‘Rich Pricks” is the clear and accurate description by the late Sir Michael of this country’s wealthy elite.

    • Elimination strategies don’t work unless all other countries have plan to deliver that too. What’s your answer, continuing lockdowns or isolation forever? It’s not going to happen. Sooner or later Jacinda will need to move away from eliminating Covid-19 to suppressing it as much as possible.

      • “Elimination strategies don’t work unless all other countries have plan to deliver that too”.. So what are the odds that even the most intransigent governments will be forced, by reality too stark to ignore, into actually doing the right thing? sooner of later… Remember, forever is a long time.. If the New South Wales tories are still refusing to do their job properly 12 months from now, then we all have a problem, but the elimination strategy is still the most logical method, and is being adopted by more and more of the slow govts around the world… Once the body counts hit critical mass, it becomes a matter of their political survival as much as anything else…

      • Do you understand that you are probably only here today because anti-vaxers were unable to shout their bullshit through social media when the likes of smallpox, scarlet fever, diphtheria and polio were rife?

        The memories of lining up at school in the 50’s to be immunised with (unproven??) vaccines are still quite vivid as was contracting polio. Fortunately, it was the tail-end of the epidemic and vaccination meant less risk of mutation and reinfection and pretty much elimination. However, living life knowing that there was a risk of post-poilo syndrome remained sobering for many of the generation.

        Now take your chosen animal remedy (Ivermectin ?) with a glass of Janola, give up on reading the sort of bullshit that appears to be mind-altering for you and take yourself off to somewhere that will leave the rest of us some margin of safety if you happen to contract covid.

  5. With the Alt-Rights rise in Australia lately and more recently in the anti-vax-freedumb protests over the past week. Where the Alt-Right are on the frontline goading the Police whilst the nutters are scared behind them. Shouting slogans and calling for Lucifer to visit the plague on all who’re vaccinated. Meanwhile, in a sleep little wealthy village in Auckland, Herne Bay, NZ’s Alt-Right meet to share some footage and talk about the event of the week.

    This is a bit too close to home, literally for me and complacent too. Good that the journo’s onto it!

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