Comparing Biden’s press conference with the Taliban’s first press conference

Spot the difference: The Taliban believe in vaccines

Fall of Afghanistan: Taliban announces ‘amnesty’ as reports emerge of beatings, home invasions

The Taliban has declared an “amnesty” across Afghanistan and urged women to join its government – as reports emerge of Taliban fighters going door-to-door searching for female journalists.

“The Islamic Emirate doesn’t want women to be victims,” Enamullah Samangani, a member of the Taliban’s cultural commission, said today, using the militants’ term for Afghanistan. “They should be in government structure according to Shariah law.”

He added: “The structure of government is not fully clear, but based on experience, there should be a fully Islamic leadership and all sides should join.”

How bizarre is it that the Taliban managed a better press conference than Biden?

Biden’s bitter self justifying blame everyone except America press conference was embarrassing.

His claim that America isn’t into ‘nation building’ was funny because America is really into nation breaking.

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He wiped his hands clean and all he had to add was…

…Watching Democrats & Republicans blaming each other for the collapse of Afghanistan is funny.

America is to blame – you all have blood on your hands.

Compare Biden’s press conference with the Taliban’s first press conference who are busy declaring an amnesty and calling on cooperation. If the Taliban don’t go on a killing spree it’s going to be very embarrassing for the West.

Whose blood? Whose treasure?

After the CIA funded the most radical elements of the Afghan militia to fight the Soviets in the 1980s – INCLUDING ironically funding Osama Bin Laden, the US walked away from Afghanistan with various fanatics still armed to the teeth with their CIA funded weapons.

These factions turned on each other and inspired the rise of the Taliban.

The US oil industry then tried to work with the Taliban in the 1990s and America pursued business interests regardless of what the Taliban were doing to women, then September 11 happened and to punish a terror attack that was conducted by a mostly Saudi team of terrorists, America invaded Afghanistan as a pretext for invading Iraq.

In the years between then and now we propped up corrupt Afghan regimes, wasted trillions and pretended that the Afghan people would welcome our occupation.

Well they fucking didn’t.

Turns out it was as it has always been, about an occupation that the people we occupied didn’t want.

The only lesson is we never learn this lesson.

The whitewash are doing to justify our occupation of Afghanistan is Fox News level propaganda – it’s like the anti war movement in NZ 20 years ago never existed.

We have never been at war with Oceania!


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  1. What this has done is hand the house and now possibly the Senate to the GOP in the midterms. There was obviously some poor intel regarding the Afgan Defence force and some people will in due course go for a skate.

    Biden is a little like the Blairite in that their first instinct with bad news is hide and hope it dies down after a few days. Coupled with some mental cognitive issues this could be the beginning of the end. President Harris anyone?

    • I think the anti war me movement played a major role in constraining what Bush/Obama ECT could do a n the war on terror. Basically the whole thing was exposed to public scrutiny with a major and well deserved thanks going to captain rappey one, Julian Assange (please allow me to use the term rapey one to describe Julian as a term of endearment).

      Corporate Media on the other hand doesn’t want anyone to oppose state violence. Now that there are large multimedia conglomerates state violence is the only cash cow.

      Again we need family and community banks are in every town lending for productive purposes.

      Intererst rates should go to zero until regulators can control the big 4 banks with huge fines and taxes for even the most minor discretion.

  2. We live in a strange world where even the medieval Taliban understand how to create propaganda.

    What can you say, Afghanistan was a clusterfuck in particular from the US and Britain and the blame should be on the idiots in power who allowed the invasion in the first place aka Tony Blair and George W Bush and his advisors Rumsfeld and Cheney! Secondary blame should be on the allies that sent troops when they realised it was illegal to invade them and Iraq.

    That was the start of death of democracy and the corruption and downfall of the west. In particular when international laws were breached and those blowing the whistle on torture, surveillance etc, were harassed and imprisoned aka Snowdon, Assange, Manning… Even the Taliban have managed better propaganda than the US by saying they are having an amnesty.

  3. So what exactly was Biden supposed to do about Afghanistan?
    Are people proposing he send U.S. troops BACK into the country and start fighting again?
    As I understand it he decided to end twenty years of failure and let the Afghans settle their own problems.
    They have.
    The Taliban may be every bad thing said about them but the ”Afghan people”( if such exist in this deeply tribal country) have surrendered to tham. They have not supported the Western backed Afghan government.
    Was Biden supposed to have some magical power to change this?
    p.s. I suggest people read Max Hastings ‘Vietnam’ which illustrates how Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon each resisted giving up an unwinnable war because they did not want to be ‘the first American President that lost a war’.
    If Biden resisted this he is to be congratulated rather than ridiculed.

    • He could have managed the departure of the US troops in a much more organised and controlled manner with them leaving in stages and allowing the Afghan government to ease into taking over.

      Instead he panicked and bolted for the door causing absolute chaos and carnage

      Very poor statesmanship whatever way you look at it,

      • Yes- withdrawing sir support was a disastrous contributing factor – but tribal politics helped the Taliban

      • Result would have been exactly the same, just even more prolonged. What the world needs to do now, is to put pressure on the Taliban to let every Afghani who wants out to get out, THEN leave them to their business

      • You really need to read more about the Afgan government as that would help you understand that it was so corrupt at all levels that there was never a chance it would survive once American money/troops were withdrawn.

    • Yes I agree with Steve. The terms of US troops leaving had already been agreed upon with the Afghan govt and the Taliban. There was no easy way out of Afghanistan and the damage the west has caused there with continued and terrible warfare needed to stop. Check journo on the ground Andrew Quility reporting on the situation on the Intercept esp on CIA Black ops, drone killings and night raids, pretty chilling reading. Think about how you would feel if that was going on in your village/town. Once they established control in an area, fighting stopped and people got along with their everyday lives without much interruption. There is hope that the Taliban will not be as brutal as they were twenty years ago, and what they are saying is also hopeful. They are clearly not stupid and are making every indication they are intending to play by international rules, unlike say, MBS in Saudi Arabia…now that’s a scary regime. I wish the country well.

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