Hymns of Hate in Wokish Moralising – New Zealand First Party


With so many economic and social concerns facing New Zealand it is truly alarming how disconnected to reality much of our news has become.

The tardy COVID vaccine rollout, shootings and violent crime becoming a daily event, our belated response to exiting New Zealanders and refugees from Afghanistan, the health and housing crisis, to name just a few, have recently been detoured by a businessman’s comments about sports people needing to recognise all of their heritage, not just part of it.

Scores of attitude police and identity zealots have rushed to judge racism without the evidence to back their wokish moralising. The truth as always, is found in fact not fiction.

Troy Bowker, businessman, has over the years donated millions of dollars to charities, many directly benefiting Māori and Pacific Communities. Such as funds for victims of crime, a large number being Māori and Pacific families, funds to low decile primary schools with huge Māori and Pacific rolls, and a Foundation to assist players with career ending injuries such as Michael Fatialofa, who sadly broke his back playing professional rugby.

If one was to question how much his critics have given to such causes, regardless of the ethnicity of beneficiaries, in most cases the answer would be a deafening silence.

Many of us have a mixed heritage. Almost all of us are proud of it. So let’s stop the carping, cynical bulldust and accept that being “Kiwi” includes anyone born here, or proud to live here, regardless of ethnicity.

Only then can we hope to see social cohesion overcome social disintegration which some for their own morbid hedonistic purpose portray in their hymns of hate.


  1. Winston needs to be kept away from any power we are in enough mess without his self interest actions

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