Labour’s Attorney-General safety lock on Gay Conversions isn’t very safe


Labour and the Greens keep claiming that you need the Attorney-General to sign off on any Gay Conversion prosecution as if that’s a safety valve!

Look, this is either a feel good woke virtue signal that you never intend to actually use – hence the AG sign off, or even more horrifically, Labour and the Greens are actually saying these will become political prosecutions where the Police and the Crown are sidelined in the pursuit of law by a politicized Attorney-General.

Which one is it? Woke virtue signal no one will use or politicized prosecutions?

Isn’t it funny how we on the Left go on and on and on and on about how violent and counter productive prison is yet the moment it’s an issue we feel passionate about, like Gay Conversion, we suddenly get all Caligula revenge fantasy on it.

Let’s not forget the Ministry of a Health actually advised against criminalizing gay conversion and instead suggested more education.

We can’t quantify how many of these Gay exorcisms occur, we are talking about imprisoning people for 5 years and can’t exempt puberty blocking parents because it will impact abortion laws.

Holding up the Attorney-General sign off as a safety valve for this poorly thought out legislation is really not good enough.

This should have been sorted well before Select Committee and it feels like another woke knee jerk similar to their poorly thought out Hate Speech laws.

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This is political mismanagement at its most needless.


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  1. Agree 100% Martyn
    As with hate speech, the government is trying to write laws about something it cannot clearly define in law. So the government is punching at smoke.

    Think this thing through critically: Imagine a priest giving a sermon against the evils of homosexuality and then offering a prayer to those so afflicted. Does this constitute gay conversion therapy? If not, what does?

  2. There has been a form of gay conversion therapy going on for most of my life that has changed the view of most in society regarding that lifestyle. Now that they have “won” the argument it appears that any opposing views are not to be allowed. It is obvious that many of the hard-line so-called Christian attempts at conversion do not pass the sniff test so some sort of regulation is needed but it needs to be a lot clearer than what is currently proposed.

  3. I agree with most of the post – especially the politicisation through the role of the attorney general.

    However, I wish people (especially the mainstream media) would not keep referring to it as the “gay conversion therapy Bill”.

    However, a major problem with the Bill to ban Conversion Practices, is that it has tacked gender identity and expression onto gay conversion practices, as if they were exactly the same. LGB sexuality is based in biological reality ie it’s same sex attraction.

    Gender identity has no objective definition – it’s all about an individual’s feelings about themselves. It is very subjective. And this is where the very contentious issue of puberty blockers being given to minors sits in relation to the Bill. Gender expression is based in how any of us present in relation to sex-based stereotypes (whether we ID as trans or not). No minor should be given puberty blockers or hormones because socially they feel like outsiders as a result of their gender expression.

    As a lesbian, I am strongly opposed to gay conversion practices, but agree education is the best way to respond to such practices these days. In the past brutal conversion therapy was used against LGB people: it included aversion therapy using electric shocks, starvation, and sometimes ‘corrective’ rape of lesbians. As far as I’m aware there have been no cases of such brutal conversion practices in NZ in recent times.

    So why the sudden urgency of this Bill – just looks like a Trojan horse to slip ‘gender identity’ into law, along with the Hate Speech Bill, and the sex self ID section of the BDMRR Bill

    • Agree. The main thrust of this Bill is to prevent intervention against gender transition which is itself the most prevalent form of gay conversion, as in ‘”transing the gay away”. It is the practice of a homophobic cult backed by big business and the political establishment.

      AnnieKia writes in “Uncritical Alliance: The harms of queer ideology”.

      “I write this piece because I’m worried about same-sex attracted kids and other vulnerable teenagers in the context of the contemporary queer ideology movement.

      Queer ideology is a set of beliefs based on Queer Theory. This theory arose in academia, and is concerned with subverting the ‘normative’ and is invested in ‘queering’ the meaning of words and conceptual categories. Queer ideology discounts or denies biological sex, in favour of the primacy of gender identity. Following this line of thinking, same-sex orientation is now considered exclusionary, and ‘same-sex’ has disappeared from the lexicons of many LGBT+ organisations, to the astonishment of many LGB people. I will address how these ideas are being operationalised for young same-sex attracted people in this piece.


    This is very interesting. Drs in Australia concerned about a similar bill, saying that it may means people with gender dysphoria get less help as clinicians are concerned not to face prosecution (although Jacinda said medic here exempt, but it seems not therapists).

    I believe this bill has been brought about by trans activists, including politicians, who want to shut down any questioning or exploration if a child or young teen has gender dysphoria. They are automatically affirmed. Evidence is that most of these kids realise they are gay.

    • There’s also a similar Bill in Ireland, and therapists there have concerns about it – NZ government just seems to be following along behind uncritically.

      “Bill to ban conversion therapy poses problems for therapists
      Forcing sexual orientation shifts must be outlawed but gender identity needs focus”
      “The proposed wording of the Bill leaves therapists and clinicians unsure to what extent it is permissible to employ therapeutic interventions around a person’s gender identity.”

      “The Bill makes some provision for “facilitation of a person’s coping, social support and identity exploration and development”. This refers to the person’s own sense of their gender identity, but does not leave room for therapeutic intervention which can be challenging at times, one of the main components of effective psychotherapy.”

      The article also makes the point that homosexuality, and gender identity are very different things.

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