Groan – Jacinda admits parents will be prosecuted in another Gay Conversion fiasco

even the sign language interpreter looks stunned by Jacinda's answer

Jesus wept, the Prime Minister has come in to clean up after the Faff, and just like the Hate Speech law, Jacinda only manages to doubles down …

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern doesn’t rule out parents facing charges under conversion therapy ban

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern isn’t ruling out parents facing prosecution for preventing their children from taking hormone blockers under a law banning conversion practices. 

The potential for parents to face charges under the law is the reason National voted against the legislation at first reading, but Labour’s huge majority in Parliament means it doesn’t need support from other parties anyway. 

Under the law, performing conversion practices intended to change or suppress someone’s sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression could result in a prison sentence of up to five years.

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…Like a moron.

Like a fucking moron.

I had assumed that this crazy gay conversion therapy law was aimed at nutter Christians who had brainwashed some adult into some ceremony akin to an exorcism to pray the gay ghosts away which later in life resulted in terrible emotional harm.

I say crazy because we are seriously talking about putting a person in prison for 5 fucking years for a crime that Labour and the Greens can’t even quantify.

So that’s what I thought this gay conversion law was – an insanely punitive woke overreach punishment that was half virtue signal and half identity politics rage concentrated on Christians.

Then it turns out that it isn’t just Christian nutters praying the gay ghosts away, oh no, it’s parents who might stop their kids from puberty blockers??????

Criminalizing Christians is one thing, criminalizing parents who stop their teenagers from using puberty blockers by putting them in prison for 5years is another fucking world!

Labour and the Greens can’t quantify how many of these exorcisms are actually happening, they can’t tell parents if arguing with their children transitioning will see them in prison and all they have is some wonky claim that it will all get worked out in Select Committee!

I call bullshit on that. You can’t tell us how many people this impacts, you can’t tell us who will get arrested and you can’t tell us how it will be applied.

Select Committee is supposed to refine the law process not write the whole thing.

Labour and the Greens keep claiming that you need the Attorney-General to sign off on any prosecution as if that’s a safety valve!

Look, this is either a feel good woke virtue signal that you never intend to actually use – hence the AG sign off, or even more horrifically, Labour and the Greens are actually saying these will become political prosecutions where the Police and the Crown are sidelined in the pursuit of law by a politicized Attorney-General.

Which one is it? Woke virtue signal no one will use or politicized prosecution’s?

Isn’t it funny how we on the Left go on and on and on and on about how violent and counter productive prison is?

How it deforms justice and simply creates people more damaged coming out of it than they went in and how only the worst of the worst should go there?

Well, I believe that and I will always champion mercy and prison upgrades, yet I look at my comrades on the woke middle class left and their snarling desire for punitive 3year and 5year vengeance prison sentences when it comes to hate speech and gay conversion therapy and I’m reminded of just how hypocritical and intellectually bankrupt their cult is.

This is a bewildering self mutilation on behalf of Labour that will bleed political capital. This is why they needed Winston.

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  1. It’s this willful self harming by Labour because they have had enough and want to go back to opposition.

    Or are they delusional enough to think 99.9% of society thought this a really important topic, say as opposed to something mundane and not important like the worst housing crisis, ever?

    Or as per their belief that the tooth fairy will build light rail because that is what the tooth fairy does, do they think laws are Labour Green MP whims that someone is else, like the tooth fairy, works out and puts into practice.

    As each day passes I become more convinced they have no idea what they’re doing!

  2. Yes another dreadful move by Jacinda Ardern.
    More effort into the real issues is what she should be championing.

  3. You can be prosecuted with jail for puberty blockers, but if you die because NZ allows our electrical supply to be manipulated for profits it’s fine…. or 29 miners die because they were allowed to work in an unsafe mine, or fraudsters allowed to run construction projects and be engineers in the CTV building disaster…

    Enron defrauded California out of billions during energy crisis

    Way to be cleared for big electricity players to prey on low-income households

    NZ Power Companies are not even Compliant under EU and US Laws!

    Rio Tinto waste – just throw your hazardous waste in the local towns – years of meetings, no action.

    NZ burned more coal in three months this year than all of 2016 and 2017 put together

  4. XRAY they most definitely don’t know what they’re doing.
    As I’ve said before I think they may have good intentions but have no idea how to deliver.

  5. Seriously, if this is what LINO think the public want, instead of fixing a housing crises, hospital crises, unemployment crises, economic crises, environmental crises, then we are royally F’CKED in NZ.
    SADLY the working class have NO ONE they can vote for that will try and at least help them with their daily grind.
    We have right wing parties, extreme right wing parties and soft right wing parties to vote for.
    That is NOT what I call a TRUE democracy or a fair election. More like a rigged election to make the idiots believe we have a democracy.
    How big is that control file on Jacinda et al, or are they just paid VERY well to be ‘too stupid to be (really) stupid’?

      “ I saw with open eyes
      Singing birds sweet
      Sold in the shops
      For the people to eat,
      Sold in the shops of
      Stupidity Street.

      I saw in vision
      The worm in the wheat,
      And in the shops nothing
      For people to eat;
      Nothing for sale
      In Stupidity Street.”

      Ralph Hodgson.

    • I tend to agree. For 40 years we’ve had all these neo liberal crooks, they have no answers, never had any answers and its time they went. Piss off to the Elvish lands or something where they can pontificate about the joys of unfettered free market values and cause nobody any harm.

  6. so much easier for woke-tards to force this shit through that do anything about climate change, although it should be clear by now that massive roll out of solar and wind, more environmental restrictions, and public transport/micromobility solutions are what is needed RIGHT NOW.

  7. Agree Kevin.
    We absolutely have to help the poor reduce the divide between rich and poor made worse by this Jacinda Ardern led labour Government
    It’s hard to believe Labour have made worse the issues they campaigned on.

    • Its because they are neo liberals not Keynesionists. All they have left is petty non issues and identity politics to play around with to make them seem like they are ‘doing something’.

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