The Pegasus Proclivity – On Recent Revelations Of Israeli International Espionage

By now, news of the Pegasus spying scandal has made its way across the world. And I think that, rather than the Western-oriented outcry which is currently also sweeping the media-sphere, taking a look at India’s situation is quite instructive here in order to garner a more true picture of what’s actually been going on.

In Indian politics at the moment, there is a bit of a scandal because it appears that the government used Pegasus to spy upon the lead Opposition leader.

That’s .. well, that’s understandable to cause outrage in a democracy (we had some degree of experience with this here in New Zealand – although then it was domestic intelligence rather than a foreign actor which was employed).

Except then it turned out that also under surveillance via Pegasus .. was the Indian Government’s own IT Minister.

Now, I do not think – although I shall have to check – that it was his own government spying upon him.

It has also emerged that among Pegasus’ list of users are … quite an array of states, including Pakistan. Is Pakistan using the same service to spy upon the Indian Government as the Indian Government is using to spy on the Indian Opposition?

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About the only thing we can say for sure is that the Israeli company which runs Pegasus – and which, contra to their assertions, appears to have had full access to all material collated through its service – has been working with quite an array of regimes, including regimes that are against other regimes it is also working with … and is effectively spying upon everybody, and being paid to do so by those who are also, it would seem, its targets.

A truly masterful setup!


    • No it doesn’t, it is stating clear facts.

      replace the word “Israeli” with any other nationality and would anyone be complaining of racism>? No.

      Grills we see right through you.

  1. Remember in 2014, Dotcoms Big Reveal in the Auckland Town Hall?

    Glen Greenwald, Julian Assange and Ed Snowdon were up on the big screen talking about the Global Inter-Government Spy Network.

    And the government at the time pooh-poohed the idea. Oh, dear!

    I suppose they’re all going to deny using these spy tools as well when the very company that sold the software to them has outed them to the point the governments denying the use of the software is listed as buyers and users!

    What will they all say now?

  2. Like current claims of Russian & Chinese hacking we, the public, will never get to know the truth unless another Eric Snowden comes along. Like always ‘follow the money trail’, if there is money to be made someone will be doing it without allowing any scruples to get in the way.

  3. Clever work by Israel: being paid to spy on each other by both sides whilst collecting all the info for their own use as well.

    It’s almost as bad as selling weapons to both sides in a war…oh wait…

  4. In a world that sat on its hands while 6 million of their people were being slaughtered, you can hardly blame the Israelis for intense, continuous vigilance.


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