TWITTER WATCH: …and then they came for Rachel Stewart…


No one can be watching the Free Speech vs Hate Speech culture war and not be scared shitless by the most recent woke lynching of Rachel Stewart.

Award winning Herald columnist, avid falconer, hunter, climate crisis activist, well known lesbian, staunchly feminist, firearms safety advocate, policy researcher, then treasurer, then president of the Whanganui chapter of Federated Farmers – THAT Rachel Stewart had the cops bust into her house and seize her guns because of this supposed threat to kill some white male who was lecturing her on feminism…

…THAT tweet which has not been removed by Twitter (the tweet from the white male referring to women as grubs hilariously WAS taken down by Twitter) was justification enough for the woke to lay a complaint about Stewart claiming that as a Terf she was a threat to transsexuals and as such she must lose access to her guns.

Note the police did not look into Award winning Herald columnist, avid falconer, hunter, climate crisis activist, well known lesbian, staunchly feminist, firearms safety advocate, policy researcher, then treasurer, then president of the Whanganui chapter of Federated Farmers Rachel Stewart’s background and see that this was a malicious complaint, nor did they err on the side of caution and send over an older wiser Police Officer to ascertain Rachel’s threat level, oh no, the Police chose to defame Rachel by claiming she was a physical danger to the transsexual community and seize her guns.

The Free Speech Union must urgently step in and take a case of discrimination through the Human Rights Commission because the Police have breached Rachel’s Civil Rights which state she shouldn’t face wrongful search or seizure by the State who have clearly discriminated against Rachel for having a political opinion!

Rachel was obviously joking in her tweet and clearly poses no physical threat to the Trans community, pretending otherwise is disingenuous at best, lynch mob rule at worst.

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If this is what the Twitter woke will do under existing laws, what do you think they will do with the new Hate Speech laws?

Rachel is but the first victim of their cancellation list. This is going to get very, very ugly and the middle will look at these examples and the bloodlust of the woke and they will stop fearing minorities facing hate speech and will start to fear that they will be accused of hate speech!

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
The darkness drops again; but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?


What rough beast indeed, this madness is going to hurt the Left badly.

The same woke rolling their eyes at free speech concerns are the same woke who will be calling Police to claim hate speech once it passes.

The spittle of anticipation from their fangs for a purge is woke fascism!

This isn’t social policy, it’s a revenge fantasy!

Mark my words, if this Hate Speech madness passes it will unleash a tsunami of Police complaints as schisms turn on schisms and social media will erupt with roaming lynch mobs seeking justice for a thousand sleights.


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  1. Some really strange aspects to this – as you say, Twitter didnt even remove the ‘offending’ Tweet. But also:

    1) It took a month for the Police to revoke the FAL
    2) Revocation occurred on 21 June but removal of firearms (and I guess informing her) only happened a week later.

    If there was a genuine risk, we’d hope Police act sooner than that


    3) Why the reference to and characterisation of Stewart’s views on ‘the transgender community’? They are at best subjective opinions by the Police, very arguable.

    • Yes, the date on the revocation notice is 21 June and they came 30 June. The offending Tweet was on May 27.

      • Which suggests the Police didn’t really take it seriously as evidence of not being ‘Fit and Proper’. And combined with what they did mention in the paperwork, that there were other reasons driving them?

        • I’d say there was a very vocal activist behind the scenes stirring the pot and urging the police to do more

      • Hello Rachel, I first saw this story on BFD. Loved the pic and the caption “Rachel Stewart a woman so cool that she hunts with a hawk”.
        It’s just fortunate that the bastards couldn’t find an excuse to take your hunting bird and dogs.
        Best wishes to you.

  2. This is truly horrific what’s happening. We are been governed via who’s offended on Twitter. Good on ya MB taking a stand and risking a cancellation of yourself.

  3. I don’t know Rachel Stewart, the man she was referring to OR underlaying issues. Yet, her above twitter post is rather funny.

    Human hunting lesbians, on the back of a ute-tray.. after a naked man lol. That’s just funny! No need to ‘home invasion’ this lady and take her guns.

    #ThoughtCrimes – Terrible this happened to you Rachel Stewart.

  4. So, labeling an idiot like that as one of the “lefty dudes” group isn’t showing a streak of reactionary bigotry itself? Personally, I thought the blokes comment was better left unsaid, but as a “lefty dude” myself, I’m offended to think that I am now attached to the lowest common denominator as far as my “social status” goes.. This, despite the fact that my politics are about egalitarianism, rather than just pandering to myself, and my insecurities… How is this not hypocrisy? The simple fact is, that if Anyone had made statements like this publicly, would the police have done nothing? I firmly believe, and have held that belief since i was a student in high school, that a person should do what they are best suited for, regardless of what gender they are… How is it not insulting to find out that I am now to be casually added to a group of people that i wouldn’t give the time of day, let alone agree with their methods of debate…? And don’t be wasting my time giving the old “get over it snow flake” twaddle.. This is so beneath the level required to cause me emotional harm as to be immaterial.. But I will object to yet another example of the type of mindless, and self serving labels that mediocre people insist on putting on whole groups of people purely to save themselves from using any brain power to what is becoming self defeating behavior on a grand scale..

      • Don’t bother he’s a true woke disciple. If the Blairite gave him Jim Jones juice he would gulp it down readily.

    • I’ with you stefan, even taken completely out of context, the timing and provocative nature of this message is asking for trouble. Well RS got it, no sympathy. If this is the freedom of speech that everyone wants then what a bunch of Neanderthals kiwis are. Time for change.

      • Bullshit! this is persecution via social media. The equivalent of a medieval mob calling for the burning of a witch. Same shit different bucket. We simply haven’t evolved as humans and social media has removed the need for true literate communication and we are regressing so quickly it is ripping the fabric of society apart!Not just here but globally. Get your heads out from between your buttocks and LOOK!

      • Never voted for Jacinda dear and her posse, not gonna vote for Jacinda dear and her posse.
        there are plenty enough other third parties in this country to knock her of her pedestal and force that troupe of ‘reformers’ into a coaltion.

        But don’t you see that slogan? Be nice, be gentle……to us. Labour 2023. Who needs houses……Labour 2023. ..etc. Just like with national these slogans are starting to write itself.
        Also i don’t bet.

  5. There has been a concerted attack on licenced firearms owners since the March 15th terrorist attack. We have been scapegoated by Politicians & the Police, stripped of our rights and now licenced firearms owners have less rights than armed criminals who only use their weapons to threaten & kill. This is a sign that things are going seriously wrong in New Zealand.

    • It is much easier for the police to take legal guns of a law abiding citizen rather then try to take them off a bunch of 501’ers send to us courtesy of the OZ government. that is for sure. If i were in the pOlice i would know whom i’d rather police.

    • The woke hate firearms users with a deranged passion, but we are just ordinary people, not fetishists. Rachel needs her firearms for farm pest control, as do many of us. I have lost over 100,000 native trees to feral pests since the firearms law changes, because the woke anti-gun types could not understand that semi auto rifles are essential tools for pest control, not just boys toys. Our annual road and suicide fatalities are far higher than firearms deaths. Are the inner city woke really prepared to lose all NZ native forest to satisfy their irrational fear of these tools? The disconnect between provincial NZ and the inner-city woke has reached epic proportions. Ironically those of us who actually need to kill things as part of daily farm life are the ones firmly grounded in reality, we know exactly what these things do and the danger they pose, and we take them seriously. Anyone who has shot and butchered an animal and seen what it has done is unlikley to point the same rifle at a fellow human. Those opposing firearms as tools only know these tools from rambo-movies and video games, and do not understand. The disconnect is profound. Having said that, I agree that anyone who knows firearms only from movies and video games should not be allowed free roam with a firearm without some firm guidance!

      • There has been a lot of effort put in to stoking that fear & hatred. The current media focus on firearms crime & the use of file photos to add a “scary” gun picture (one heavily augmented AR15 has appeared in multiple stories around the country) or a “police officer with a gun” image to news stories, where no photos exist or the picture isn’t even relevant, adds to the belief that guns are running rampant on the streets & the Police need to be armed.

        The Police will also “enhance” photos of guns confiscated from criminals by adding toys, soft air guns, air rifles, blank firing pistols etc to make the haul seem “scarier”, because a collection of pistols & submachine guns looks “better” that a crappy cutdown bolt action rifle, even if they are just plastic and incapable of firing live ammunition. The Police’s current campaign encouraging people to dob in people over firearms possession, leads to armed call outs because someone saw an air rifle, a toy gun or heard shots in a rural setting.

        The Police are trying to push the narrative that all illegal firearms “on the streets” are obtained from licenced firearms owners, hence we need a gun register & increased security, when the reality is that if you are importing literal tons of meth, throwing a few weapons into the shipment to protect your investment is relatively easy. Hardly any containers entering NZ are checked & there are plenty of fishing boats that can provide various services to paying customers.

        All legal pistols & automatic weapons in NZ are already registered, so tracing the ones the Police take from criminals should be easy, if they were stolen or supplied by licenced owners. The weapon that killed Constable Hunt in broad daylight in Auckland was apparently a fully automatic Chinese made assault rifle, it was never made clear where this came from & the type of weapon used was generally hushed up as it didn’t fit the narrative of “stolen/supplied by licenced firearms owners”.

        And as someone pointed out above, firearms deaths (excluding suicides and the anomaly of attack by the foreign terrorist in 2019) are insignificant compared to suicides (500-600+ per year), road deaths (300+ per year) or even quad bike accidents on farms (on average, 850 people are injured and five die every year) look comparable. Someone is selling a story that isn’t true, to what purpose? I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t public safety.

        • Here’s a nice recent article using a irrelevant stock photo of two Police Officers armed with tasers & Glocks on article with the headline “Police officer sanctioned for ‘disgraceful behaviour’ towards intoxicated colleague”. Is this to get you used to seeing armed officers? Pretty scary considering the subject of the actual article.

          It would be great if reporters would stop using irrelevant file/stock photos, because it creates a false narrative. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so that is an awful lot of lies added to any story an irrelevant picture is attached too, especially if people only read the headline, see the picture & maybe briefly scan the article itself.

        • My source ( whio I believe to be credible) suggested the firearm used to kill Constable Hunt was in fact a NZ registered firearm… licenced to the NZDF Waiouru, a firearm that ‘disappeared’ out of the military system around 3 years earlier. Fully automatic MARS-L owned by the NZ Army. If this is true it does not do much good for Mr Cahills continual claim that all firearm crime is due to either legal owners selling firearms to criminals, or to legal owners leaving them lying around unattended to be stolen. Chris Cahill has done an incredibly good job of souring relations between the police and legal firearms owners, and has done a great disservice to NZ public safety as yet another group of law-abiding and previously pro-police NZ citizens now view the police with a lot of suspicion.

          And yes every single time PM Ardern and her lackey police minister (at the time) Nash rambled on and on and on and on and no and on about banning ‘assault rifles’ they just broadcast their own ignorance. Assault rifles as you say were never legal to normal firearms owners in NZ, and they were specifically NOT banned in the law change. The few collectors who did legally own them before the law change still legally possess them now. My guess is both the PM and the police minister knew they were blatantly lying to the public, but did so in an attempt to use scary, emotive language to mislead and manipulate the general populace. The alternative is worse, that they are so incompent that they were making massive law changes that they did not understand at all.

          • Cahill certainly does a real disservice to those he is supposed to represent. There is so much lying & misrepresentation, it makes one quite nervous about the direction things are heading.

            Interesting about the rifle in the Hunt case. Another interesting thing was the cover up of the incident at the Christchurch Emergency Department on March the 15th 2019, when a Police officer opened fire on an SAS trooper & nearly hit a surgeon in the process. Completely covered up, with its only mention in Royal Commission report being described as communication issues between different units (the SAS were “irregularly” dressed & their radios weren’t compatible with Police channels).

            The incident itself is understandable but to cover it up goes against my understanding of what NZ culture should be (but given the response to the CTV building collapse & the Pike River disaster, I suspect I’m wrong in that belief).

          • @Ben Waimata – have heard that rumour too. Dont know if it is true – but the odd thing is there has been nothing published about what was used in the murder of Constable Hunt. And thats most odd as we regularly see even non-firearms presented as ‘firearms used in crimes’. Why hasnt there been anything about a *real* firearm used in a horrific case?

      • Right with you Ben we have similar pest control issues. Urban dwellers understand nothing about the need for pest control and generally disrespect rural people. Bomber included.

  6. The old left need to wake up and soon. Supporting either Labour or the Greens will result in your destruction. Sometimes the enemies of your enemies are your friends. We are all in this together. The woke are like the Borg – unchecked they will assimilate all they can.

  7. You little kiwis have been living in your burrows for too long.

    This has been happening in the UK and the USA for years so it was bound to get here eventually. Rachel needs to think herself lucky for not being imprisoned for her TERF beliefs, because that’s what they’re intending to do in Scotland:

    And all I can say Rachel is that you lot started it with your man hating rhetoric. As ye reap so shall ye sow… 😉

    • Thanks for postir g the article Andrew. It is bloody chilling. For the first time in my life I feel scared to voice my opinions…..

      The quip to Rachel though…….”you lot started it.” Feminism was never a man hating movement. But I accept some in the movement would use such slogans as all men are rapists, which I don’t concur with.
      But at least people were able to express these views and then we could challenge them. Far better that sending the police around to women who exposed these views and having them locked up for three years.
      And there have always been a lot of hate directed at women “big tits, rape threats, you ugly bitch etc etc etc.”
      I would see it utterly pointless throwing a man in jail for his highly mysogynistic language.. As a feminist back in the 70’s I learnt assertion skills and critical thinking so I could challenge and debate offensive language. And that includes offensive language targeted at any group, women, trans, Maori, ethnic minorities, white men. Everyone.

  8. This is just a wee insight into what the future has in store for anyone that has any view or opinion that even mildly ruffles the feather of a “protected group”

    Even making a joke could be enough for you to be arrested

    The sad irony of all this being that this tyrannical totalitarianism wasn’t inflicted onto NZ society by the right wing, as we always feared would be the case, but rather was fostered and encouraged by the left

  9. On JR’s linked-in page. He describes himself as a ‘sanitation’ expert for the British Military shit in India and how it affects them. He studied it at Otago!!
    This kinda tells you where his heads at.

    I think he/she/them/they etc … has bigger problems.

  10. Worth Watching! Stop the intolerance of intolerance!

    Defend Free Speech

    The forerunner of the Defend Free Speech campaign was called “Reform Section 5”. This speech by Rowan Atkinson at the launch event in Parliament in 2012 should be heard by every politician, journalist and campaigner before they start calling for laws to silence those they regard as ‘extremists’.

  11. Yes the Ardern Government’s proposed hate speech law will make this incident look trivial.
    The fabulous country that was once New Zealand is being hijacked to suit the ideology of Ardern and her disciples.Good heavens what happened to freedom of rights for the individual,who wants a government that wants to control you including your thoughts?
    But I venture if she thinks this will take away her chances of remaining all supreme the reverse gear will be engaged at full throttle.
    Power over ideology.

  12. Is it wrong to suggest what Rachel said in public? yes it is actually, and I am sure really, that she knows it is wrong to suggest doing a motorised, armed, boozed, human hunt. Hilarious out the back with a beast on the spit, and your mates close, not so funny in the cold light of Twitter perhaps.

    I support a lot of Rachel’s written opinions actually, and she seems to cop it from all sides for being a woman daring to speak up, as many assertive women experience. But everyone essentially gets only one chance to royally fuck up on social media if they want to maintain their credibility. Others of course make a career of being prats in public.

    • I have a sense of humour. Not ashamed. No one was harmed in the making of that Tweet, or in this response. Deal with it.

      • Death threats are not jokes.
        Rape jokes are not funny.
        Racist jokes are not funny.
        Misogynistic jokes that demean women are not funny.
        Homophobic and transphobic jokes, ditto, not funny

        Congratulations Rachel, you’ve set progress back 50 years. Every misogynist or racist who wants a crack at someone now has to call it a “joke”, reference you, and its suddenly ok.

        If a *MAN* had written, word for word what you wrote, directed at a woman, I wonder if Martyn would’ve been so apologistic? I think not.

        Congratulations also, Martyn. You’ve succeeded in attracting a bunch of cranks to T.D.B.

        Hope youre pleased with yourself

  13. I have a sense of humour. Not ashamed. No one was harmed in the making of that Tweet, or in this response. Deal with it.

    • Really Rachel? You think it’s acceptable to cloak a threat as a “joke”?

      What next, rape jokes? I know, let’s start making racist Maori jokes.

      Just a joke huh? Nah, not even

      Martin, this is not one of your better takes.

  14. I’d guess there is a better than even chance the Licence and Firearms get returned. Especially as at least one of the reasons the Police put in writing is spurious. Twitter will be a bonfire if that happens. Who will have got it all wrong?

  15. Next time someone threatens you Martyn, in a joking way of course, you’ll have nothing to complain about.

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