Mike King’s war against Health Ministry highlights all that is wrong with the Wellington Bureaucracy


Ministry of Health rejects Mike King’s Gumboot Friday funding plea

The Ministry of Health has rejected a plea for funding from Gumboot Friday, which provides free counselling for young people in New Zealand, according to Mike King.

King, the founder of Gumboot Friday, posted the news on social media this morning but the ministry said the request was made outside the required timeframe.

It comes two weeks after he returned his Order of Merit medal, saying the mental health system was “broken” and “no one is trying to fix it”.

The final humiliation of Mike King is complete with the Bureaucracy he has called out refusing to fund Gumboot day.

Mike’s system sees immediate free counseling to create a means of gaining mental well being before it gets to crisis levels.

All the money raised goes to the services, Mike isn’t in this for financial gain.

As Dave Macpherson points out, King’s scathing criticism of a broken mental health system has made him enemies who see their fiefdoms threatened by his solutions.

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After sinking $1.9billion into mental health. all Labour have to show is 5 extra acute beds. Labour don’t have the muscle to bash heads to get results.

The real difference difference between Labour and National is this.

National are ruthless pricks. Nasty, bullying ruthless pricks and you need nasty bullying ruthless  pricks to beat the bejesus out of the Wellington bureaucracy to actually get shit done.

Labour on the other hand wants to give everyone a cuddle and an inclusive Hui with a vegan lunch menu in te Reo and a side dish of pronouns, where they all feel safe and as such, the Wellington bureaucracy isn’t scared of Labour.

Jacinda pumped $1.9 billion into mental health and what has she got for it? 5 extra acute mental health beds! The Wellington bureaucracy are laughing at her and divvying up the latest splurge of cash on whatever they want.

New Zealanders don’t understand that the representative democracy they interact with once every 3 years is merely a masquerade of democracy, a pretense to keep you voting and giving the process the flimsiest of legitimacies, the real powers are the Wellington bureaucracy and a Party’s success is determined purely by how much they can force the Wellington bureaucracy to actually implement policy.

In the words of the great Unionist, Robert Reid…

National got shit done because the Wellington bureaucracy was frightened of them, Labour can’t achieve jack shit because they are too busy giving everyone a cuddle.

Kiwibuild, child poverty, inequality, that bloody bike bridge we all know they will never build – Labour can’t bully or headkick the Wellington bureaucracy and that’s why nothing ever gets done.

Mike’s humiliation is a symptom of this.

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  1. Sorry Martyn, we are not reading your post because you submitted it outside of our timeframe! We could easily read it, no trouble at all, beautifully written, but because we are arrogant, entitled bastards with rule books and clipboards, who just want to show you how much power we have over you, we simply won’t read it. So there! Sorry, you have wasted your time writing it.

  2. From personnal experience I know the value of councilling when you need it not in 3 months time. Fortunately I had a well paid job with a great boss who let me go to appointments to suite me. Some sessions were $200 plus per hour but it got me through the black dog days.
    I would like these pricks to be there and see the impact a councillor can make to a young person in need.
    Are these young people not one of us and worthy of the love or are they something else Robertson can make a joke over to score political points

  3. Could it be that the MoH’s seemingly implacable opposition to Mike King’s hugely successful counselling service be the result of a toxic mix of ideological resistance to any form of healthcare provision not controlled by the state and shameless patch protection?

    This situation does seem to have created a scenario in which it I believe it is reasonable to question whether the state is always the best provider of healthcare. On the one hand we have an independent organisation that is very successfully delivering a critical service, rapidly and with great compassion to help many, many vulnerable people. On the other, we have a bloated state run Leviathan so shambolic that it can’t account for $1.9 Billion in extra funding and clearly incapable or actively unwilling to do what it was tasked to do.

    Imagine what Mike and his team could have done with just 1% of that funding and the positive impact that would have had on so so many lives – it puts the scale of the inhumanity and callousness emanating from the MoH into perspective.

  4. The root cause, and I have said this many times before, is that public health in New Zealand since the mid 1980s is, and continues to be, treated like a BUSINESS, rather than a SERVICE.
    If it is a business then you have to have “business models” and people think more about profits and balance sheets than what the money is actually supposed to do.
    Of course you have to have financial accountability.
    But our public health system used to be the envy of the world before the Rogernomes and Bolgerites turned it into an embarrassment and it could be again if the right people were put in charge.
    The right people – that means kicking out the National hacks and Milton Friedman-inspired trough hoggers that predominate in it now.

  5. At the end of the day the MOH is the responsibility of the Government of the day.
    Where is Andrew Little?What part does Ashley Bloomfield play? They are the MOH?
    As a union organiser Andrew little was forever critical of everyone else and now he’s the boss he doesn’t know what to do?

  6. Agree 1oo% Mike the Lefty.
    The likes of Lester Levy and David Clarke ushered in a neoliberal led bottom line economics model which does not and should never have anything to do with offering competent health services to the community.
    Our governments have always underfunded the health sector and since the 80’s the private health sector has grown exponentially to the detriment of most New Zealanders.

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