Donald Rumsfeld – the architect of American war crimes dies. Good.


Rummy is dead.

How should we remember the architect of one of America’s most abusive military industrial complex adventures?

Rummy was an insider while being the ultimate outsider. His time in so many administrations while loathing the establishment made him more enemies than supporters.

His intelligence and vision amounted to little more than venal national self interest devoid of any morality.

Making Iraq a CIA client state to punish Iran for revolting against the CIA Iranian coup while selling Saddam Hussein the weapons of mass destruction that the Bush Administration then faked the present day existence of as a false pretext for war is so immoral your average Drug Cartel would blush.

That was Rummy, a ruthless win at all costs mercilessness that was more Hannibal Lector than Sun Tzu.

It was Cheney who unleashed his full malevolence and on the evening of September 11th Rummy infamously demanded a link to Iraq.

That madness cost $2Trillion and saw hundreds of thousands dead.

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His infamous quote about unknowable knowable’s was the sort of smart arse undergrad answer that some mistook as charm when it fact it was intellectual vanity.

He wad the morality of a piranha and in any other country he would be a war criminal.

America’s exceptionalism allowed him to be a technocrat of collateral murder and walk free.

He is no revel to be reverted, he is a cautionary tale of hubris and how it can cause titanic misery.

He deserves no rest nor any peace.

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  1. Let’s hope, sometime in the future he meets the same fate as Oliver Cromwell. Hanged, Drawn and Quartered posthumous execution.
    One and a half million times!

    • The low life psychotic shill for murder, blood and capitalist sponsored profit should have been suffocated at birth. His disregard for others place him among the few of the worst murderers of all time along with those who gave him the power to do so. Iraq and Afghanistan were planned long before 911 was manufactured as the excuse to get brainwashed US herd of sheep to back the 1,4 million slaughter that hangs around rumsfeld’s neck but unfortunately didn’t strangle the swine.
      Normally I am not for violence but to honour this pathological criminal liar yet jail truth tellers such Assange shows the sickness of the US mindset.
      But NZ did join them under the guise of reconstruction which was a home grown lie that the Kiwi public should have filled the streets with protest and stopped our part in the murderous spree. Helen Clark was complicit on that one.

      Biden is another murdering bastard we back at our peril and the peril of other innocents we accept false propaganda about through our Reuters driven RNZ with persistent anti china / Russia / Syria/ Libya/ Venezuela………and dozens of others who have done us no harm.

  2. And those closer to home who support war crimes…remember this guy.

    RNZ this morning has a story about the moral void that is former Prime Minister John Key, in which he gloats about being a personal friend of Chinese tyrant Xi Jinping. Which just highlights what a smug, sociopathic arsehole Key is. In case anyone has forgotten, Xi is committing genocide in Xinjiang, while destroying any semblance of democracy in Hong Kong. Its one thing to shake hands and make nice with a genocidaire when you’re Prime Minister, for the sake of peace and international relations and just not making a scene. But to keep it up and turn it into a personal relationship when its no longer a requirement of the job? To gloat about it? That takes someone completely devoid of morals or empathy, someone completely hollow. And we’re well rid of him as Prime Minister.

    Posted by no right turn’s idiot savant.

    • As an anti Globalist I admire Xi telling Washington Consensus crowd to BTFO. “Hong Kong democracy attacked!”, “muslims genocided!” – this is the prop-op of Globalist war hawks.

      Xi and his tribe are never going to wear pronoun stickers or replace “women” with “people with uteruses”. This should not be used as a rationale to initiate conflict with a nuclear armed mega nation.

      Xi celebrates the Chinese people and their achievements. Meanwhile in the West our dysfunctional Globalist elites hate us and tell us our history is evil and we need to be punished.

    • Genocide by China on the Uighurs is a well debunked US generated pack of lies – as usual.
      Don’t base your thinking and actions of us propaganda. Dig a little deeper.

  3. Many Americans saw nothing wrong with what he did and oversaw, because he was AMERICAN. Situational ethics/morality: that’s the term philosophers use, I believe.

    Well, I guess that he’ll have found out about the known unknowns now, won’t he!

  4. He (It ?) is what a capitalist aligned democracy gave the world. An egomaniacal and psychopathic narcissist and a greedy one at that. And how about dick chaney? trump’s another one also. big daddy and little bush junior? regan? kissenger? And that’s just the yanks?
    dick chaney’s connections to Halliburton, a company literally causing the overheating of our only biosphere and yet there will be people who come here to defend the right wing. Isn’t it simply, bewildering insane? The scope of their collective lunacy is mind boggling while the mindless, frenzied, adoration their followers maniacally show those crooks and freaks is stratospherically insane.
    This image haunts me…
    ‘At Koch group summit, a restrained enthusiasm for Trump’
    “The company has been involved in numerous controversies, including its involvement with Dick Cheney – as U.S. Secretary of Defense, then CEO of the company, then Vice President of the United States – and the Iraq War, and the Deepwater Horizon, for which it agreed to settle outstanding legal claims against it by paying litigants $1.1 billion.”
    donny rumsfeld. Lest we forget.
    Donald Henry Rumsfeld (July 9, 1932 – June 29, 2021) was an American politician, government official and businessman who served as Secretary of Defense from 1975 to 1977 under Gerald Ford, and again from 2001 to 2006 under George W. Bush.[1][2] He was both the youngest and the second-oldest person to have served as Secretary of Defense. Additionally, Rumsfeld was a three-term U.S. Congressman from Illinois (1963–1969), director of the Office of Economic Opportunity (1969–1970), counsellor to the president (1969–1973), the United States Permanent Representative to NATO (1973–1974), and White House Chief of Staff (1974–1975). Between his terms as Secretary of Defense, he served as the CEO and chairman of several companies.
    Personally, I’m worried about poor old Satan. He’s the one who’s going to have to deal with the little old bastard.

    • Biden’s record is no better. What is the net set of instructions he will carry out disregarding life or attempts to bring better prosperity to the poor.
      Theses people are psychopaths by definition and take instructions.

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