The Daily Blog Open Mic – 14th March 2022

Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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  1. Right wingers, Clarke is apparently not in jail!

    Clarke Gayford pokes fun at court appearance rumours as police deny he’s facing charges

    Going towards a too woke to joke education system to emulate the US.

    US school teacher fired for reading NZ book ‘I need a new butt!’ to children

  2. If we open our borders soon to overseas travelers we need to ensure we have the means to look after them if they get Covid. And at the moment we are struggling to look after NZers with hospital services being compromised. Don’t rush, yes we will open when it is safe and best to do so. We need to wait for the peak and that appears to be over a month away apart from Auckland the epi centre. Delta may enter and we don’t even know it.

    • Covid is pa, but people need their holidays and get their meth and people traffickers into NZ easily.

      They are fully prepared to take legal action and fund disruption and division campaigns if they can’t get what they want!

      Who cares about the overstaffed hospitals and lack of housing in NZ, they are expected to cope with more Covid and high needs arrivals.

      Exploiters need their Renos, new mansions and cheap staff for their tourist/hospitality/intensive farm ventures!

      Oh and how bout some more subsidies for their preferred sunset and high carbon intensive (air travel, intensive farming, golf), industries.

  3. I believe there has been an orchestrated attack on our Prime Minister by a range of people and groups who are mostly rich and well heeled people who are not happy about the whole Covid thing. This group have been throwing their toys out of their cots cause they don’t like being told what they can and can’t do. And this has been very effective in undermining our PM and the LABOUR PARTY. Open your eyes NZers despite Nationals change of leader they are offering us nothing new Already Luxon is going for easy targets like beneficiaries and giving the low paid $2.15 a week extra for a loaf of bread.

    • Yep, but Labour have fallen for helping the Natz and ACT supporters and failing to look at what the average person wants.

      Meaningless polls such as this one, that just polls 1000 people… are being used to make a case that people want borders opening sooner rather than later… 1000 people out of 5,000,000 is around margin of error! But even then it revealed some data…

      “The groups of people who were more likely than average (75%) to want the borders to open up were people with annual incomes of more than $100,000 (87%), ACT and National supporters (86%), and men (78%).

      The people who were more likely than average (20%) to not want it to open up to tourists and visitors were Northland residents (38%), Pacific Peoples (32%), Māori (29%), people with annual household incomes up to $30,000 (27%), women aged 35-54 (26%) and Labour supporters (26%).”

      source one news poll.

  4. Front page of NZHerald online this avo:

    “15,540 new community cases; Auckland numbers steady as primary schools hit hard”

    So much for “covid does not affect children”. That is a whole lot of unvaxxed little ones getting soaked in an extremely destructive virus.

    Are these children going to be in a rinse and repeat cycle of variant waves? Each time more and more brain, lung, heart, and God knows what else, damage.

    Even zerocovid China is struggling to contain BA2 subvariants – just locked down a city 17 million near Hong Kong, others to follow soon, possibly Shanghai 25 million.

    No silver bullet vax seems to be on the horizon.

    Is this how human civilisation ends? Wave after wave of covid variants blighting the population until society and institutions collapse.

    Add in a few Climate Catastrophe external shocks at any time – crop failures in 2 or more bread basket areas of the planet in the same season.

    Things are getting real dark but Kiwis not facing that reality yet.

    • SNAFU When have over the two centuries, Kiwis faced up to practical reality? Bunch of fairies floating a bit above the ground, she’ll be right.

  5. I’m a great admirer of Bryce Edwards’s comprehensive reports on Left opinion. Though saying that I almost never read them. What can I say? I’m a feeble and shallow vessel.

    Now to my point, I was outraged by Mike Moore, who helped overthrow the Welfare State, being described in the numbnut MSM as a ‘working class hero’ on his death. Boiled my blood to over-flowing that this gross falsehood could go unrefuted in our NZ. Made me despair. I sought a refutation. Sought Bryce. Couldn’t find him.

    Did he pipe up? If not why didn’t he?

    It was throwing paint over Parnell’s NZ in plain view and no one appeared to respond. The end of demo-cratic NZ cos the Left talkers had learned to be too wily for our own good in Moore’s rich-friendly NZ. It was a failure.

    Current owner Ampol has agreed to sell Gull to Australian investment company Allegro Funds, for $572 million.
    When did the provision of a country having basic supplies and services go out of date? Why could not our gummint buy Gull $572 million isn’t big. And we have mucked up our petrol service chain by shutting down our refinery. It is there, this is a tempestuous time, but everyone goes on as BAU – everything is an anomololly;ie gobstoppers!

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