The woke cancellation of a movie they haven’t seen is ugly & why Golriz’s definition of white supremacy is terrifying


Wow – people have gone full cancel culture woke on that movie – how quick we are to silence voices deemed wrong now.

So Jacinda should cancel herself for not coming out and cancelling the movie fast enough? Is that where we are at right now? Come on, some of you must be thinking this is cancel culture madness but you feel frightened to say anything right?

Does everyone appreciate Muslims censoring western culture is probably what the terrorist  would have wanted or are we all well beyond that point now the Woke lynch mob is warming up the cancellation noose?

We’ve spent all weekend watching an identity politics woke Twitter lynch mob cancel a film they didn’t like because ‘white supremacy’ and ‘patriarchy’ – which is nonsense- Jacinda’s response to a white supremacist terror attack deserves a movie!

I think this movie focusing on the leadership of a young white female Prime Minister using kindness and empathy in the aftermath of a white supremacists terror attack IS THE EXACT MOVIE the world needs right now.

Golriz’s definition threshold for ‘white supremacy’ is so low that milk would be considered a hate crime! Her claim that the Producer is a white supremacist suggests she sees the KKK every time she changes her sheets!  If a white person disagreeing with her equates to white supremacy we are in an identity politics theology not a functioning democracy.

For the Woke, micro aggressions lead to macro violence so the micro aggression policing of anyone who disagrees with woke dogma must be executed without mercy to protect the sacredness of trigger free spaces.

The Woke’s argument is that Jacinda is too privileged to have a movie about her when it was white NZ culture that caused the atrocity to occur in the first place. There are too many social capital Twitter retweets up for grabs for the Woke to concede the terrorist was an Australian and attempting to conflate his white supremacy terrorism with all of NZ culture (as the Greens attempted in the immediate aftermath of the atrocity) is grotesquely outrageous and politically self serving. The Woke are desperately attempting to gain hate speech powers and so are threatened by a movie that might suggest Jacinda’s argument that the terrorist targeted us BECAUSE we were the opposite of his hated would rob the Woke of their legitimacy.

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You woke and your selective lynch mob values fucking terrify me. You are all wanting to cancel a piece of art none of you have even seen! If the Right were attempting to cancel art they hadn’t even seen, we would righteously torch them but because the Left are the ones doing the movie cancellation we are the noble ones?

This is how books get burned at rallies.

If only we could care about global warming the way we do about PoC identity representation in a Hollywood movie.

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  1. Not sure we “need” such a film, but spot on otherwise.
    The knee-jerk social media-driven response from the sheeple of NZ has been embarrassing.
    “Identity politics theology”: we are there already.
    The only workable solution, as you must be aware, is to abandon the left.

  2. The film cannot fail to be hurtful to so many that it should not be made . There would be few time I would agree with Golriz but I do on this perhaps for different reasons.
    The slaughter at the French paper Charlie Hebdo should not have happened but there was no need for the cartoon either . Just because you can do something there is no reason to do it.

  3. Completely agree Martin.

    Golriz’s definition of white supremacy is terrifying.

    I think it is too soon for such a movie, but that doesn’t mean I would abdicate for calling it off.

    Ardern s story should be told. It is one about a young female leader who unites her country during a despicable atrocity. This movie would benefit citizens in other parts of the world as a call for action to their leaders to respond similarly. The irony is it would be anti white supremacy.

    I am terrified of what’s happening with cancel culture in this country. And it’s the left doing it (I am left wing btw)

  4. It seems to me the obvious response to this is for the New Zealand Moslem community to make their own movie and tell their own story.
    If one takes the adage ‘any publicity is good publicity’ then the makers of the present movie must be delighted at the uproar and free publicity.
    Any film, book or play that anyone makes is going to offend somebody somewhere. Democracy is about offering an alternative point of view, not silencing other people.
    Apart from anything else it shows you are frightened by what they have to say.

  5. Woke cancellation is over the top.
    Having empathy for the New Zealand Muslim community is not.
    Golriz can never be taken seriously given her record of hypocrisy.

  6. OUTRAGED!!!

    It’s 2021 and everyone has to be outraged.

    Golriz is outraged. When isn’t she? When does a bear not shit in the woods? I’m surprised she doesn’t speak in click languages so as not to use the dialect of the oppressor.

    Is this a byproduct of the internet or more likely social media? What happened to just getting on with life?

  7. You’d have to have a very thick skin to take a leadership role in Godzone. Our Prime Minister is being decried by her haters on the vitriolic right for using the movie as a tool for global self-promotion (it ain’t even made yet) and there are calls to cancel the film from the Wokesters. This debate is yet another symptom of our increasingly polarised and nasty political debate. We only need to look to the US to see where this all leads. I’m a hopeless idealist but how about some respect, dignity and, dare I use that word, kindness as the foundations of our political discourse?

  8. Make the movie…let the people decide on it….not a of bunch career climbing MPs, who are a bit nervous about how they would be portrait in a movie.

    • Don’t be a dick, there are not over 50,000 career climbing politicians signatures on the petition (so far)! Besides, your line appears to imply that opposing a bad taste movie would be career ending.

  9. Absolutely make the Movie! Hollywood have made Movies about the Boston Bombers, 9/11 & Titanic & God knows every other Human Disaster, but the easily offended, snowflake, Jacinda hating wokester, NZ trolls want to cancel culture the Prime Minister? I say fuck em, let them stew in their hatred of Ardern? And you can be sure, Andrew Nichols, the NZ Filmmaker who made the excellent Truman Show & Gattaca will do a incredible job of bringing this to life! Bring it on & stuff the woke trolls, they can all go to hell!

  10. How am I being a dick — saying let the people decide?? Do you know better than everyone else Aom?

  11. The prospect of making a film based on such an event I think would be more appropriate after the tenure of any such political figure along with the passage of some additional time. Otherwise it can potentially come across as exalting a personally cult of a politician to an extraordinary level while they wield power, which I find unsettling. This is something I think is unsettling regardless of anyone’s political preferences.

    Documentaries on this event are the most appropriate, adding the artistic license of a film makes it very much awkward, particularly at this relatively recent moment of time.

    While I am aware of at least one documentary made regarding this event, I can not watch any. Even though I don’t live in Christchurch and don’t know anybody involved, following this event in the news was disturbing and horrific enough. It’s one of those events where one can still vividly recall what one done that day, like what can commonly be heard of the assassination of JFK.

    • The Clone Wars, Episode Rookies

      One of the titular rookies gets eaten by a giant eel on screen, screaming the whole way. One of the survivors shouts “What the hell was that?!”

      Gets slapped by the censors in future airings, yet not the violent death that proceeds it.

      Later, after scrapping some Commando Droids with Rex and Cody, one claims the last kill. “Like hell you did.”

      Gets censored to “Like you did” or something to that effect, making it the opposite.

      Considering some of the other things like a pirate’s plan for Ahsoka being implied sexual slavery of a teenager, it really stands out that art no longer imitates reality.

      Curse words in novels and such are often replaced with word like “unprintable”. As a result people spent much of their childhood under the impression that “unprintable” is a curse word, and that the characters were actually saying that.

      Remove reality from art also removes the possibility of the scum of the earth the maggot would die a loser, has more a powerful empact and thus higher stakes.

  12. Cause of course Hollywood has a great track record for depicting Muslim people fairly and they’re totally not exploiting New Zealand’s national tragedy for $$$$

  13. “Natives can either have their history shaped by cruel imperialists or benevolent ones, but either way, they are going to be supporting actors in our journey to self-admiration.”
    – David Brooks (The Messiah Complex)

    And that’s why the movie needs to be canceled, it’s not a ‘woke issue”, but an issue of structural racism.

  14. Keep your fingers away from the cage. The zookeeper will be along shortly to remove the gorilla.

  15. I keep telling ya…
    Our CAPITALIST democracy is fascism and all and any self righteous knee jerk reactions contained within it is polite fascism by extension.
    Cancelling a film, like burning books, is fascism.
    First they came for the socialist element of our democracy then killed it dead by bleeding it out. Now? They’re after our hearts and minds by using banality to bleach our souls with fake concern for a murderous act not that ironically representative of fascist actions. You can surely see where I’m going with this…?

  16. 50000 Sign petition. Major Dalzell come out against movie and said they would get no help in Chch

  17. I see two problems:

    1. It’s looking like the taxpayer is going to to have to subsidize the making of the movie. I wouldn’t want to give them a single cent.

    2. Secondly I don’t trust this government and/or Hollywood not to turn this thing into a propaganda exercise deifying Jacinda, white-washing the complicity and incompetence of the police and censoring the existence of the Islamist terrorists that were previously bred in the Al Nur mosque.

  18. Agree Andrew “deifying Jacinda” not to mention beatification.
    As I’ve said before I’m sure she means well she just doesn’t know how.

    • More conspiracies John, any evidence any at all. It’s like you mean well, you just don-t know it yet.
      And now you know why they don’t display your posts.

      What does ” beatification” mean anyway?

    • Beatification??? When did Jacinda convert to Roman Catholicism and when did she die?

      Oh, just another example of your nonsensical commenting.

  19. Beatification is giving sainthood in the catholic religion.
    I’m not catholic but had a great aunt beautified.
    All the best to you Bert

    • Any evidence John, any at all or is it just a free for all and we can say or do whatever we like? You didn’t answer my question why the movie would be deifying Jacinda? Have you spoken to the producer?
      Mike Hosking said whatever he thought on John Tamahere and it cost his employer thousands in compensation John.

  20. Beatification is sainthood in Catholicism
    Had as great aunt who was beatified but have to confess I’m not committed to any religion.
    Bert common sense and what is best for the majority has to be the goal how we do that is the argument
    All the best.

    • The majority voted for a Labour government, common sense tells us that. Once again you fail to provide an answer or any evidence, alas I doubt it will ever come.

  21. So you’re saying it’s a choice between.a warmed noose or a hot gun? Have I my Wokeness or do I think you should listen to yourself and sleep on it before before posting nonsense. I suppose now I’m also now a woke cancellationist!

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