Simon Bridges’ 6th sense – ‘I see gang members’


Police dismiss Simon Bridges ‘gang fight’ claims at Tauranga Hospital carpark

Police are investigating a report of disorder at the Tauranga Hospital on Saturday – an incident National MP Simon Bridges claimed involved patched gang members.

Bridges claimed on Twitter that patched gang members had taken over the entrance of the hospital and someone was being badly beaten up in the car park in a “gang fight”.

He said he was at the hospital visiting his elderly father.

However a police spokeswoman said there was no evidence to suggest any gang activity.

Firstly let’s hope Simon’s dad is ok, secondly it doesn’t help your cause over the crime debate if you think everyone brawling in public is a gang member, if that were the case, every late night bar and supermarket toilet paper aisle under lockdown would be a Gang Headquarters.

Rather than this Mosque attack movie that the Greens are trying to cancel, we should spend the money on a comedy where Simon Bridges just sees dead gang members every time he goes to Parliament.

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There are serious threats to NZ with South American cartels shipping us meth, seeing gang members every time there is a brawl doesn’t diminish that threat, it misdiagnosis it.

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  1. Oooush a movie would be hilarious! I’m just thinking of all the “strike force raptor” gags alone. (Let’s do this)

  2. Oooush a movie would be hilarious! I’m just thinking of all the “strike force raptor” gags alone. (Let’s do this)

  3. Soooo you believe the police do you? As much as I’m not a major Simon Bridges fan here I’d trust him far more than wokeplod atm.

    • John – There’s almost certainly cctv round the hospital entrance, and hospitals have their own security. These will provide an accurate record of who or what these thugs were, regardless of what Simon thinks he saw.
      Men behaving badly don’t have to be gang members to do so. Simon should have gone to Specsavers.

        • Or we could make up our own mind when it is broadcast on TV by the feckless ones……..LOL


          i’m sure they’ll look into this…….

  4. So “Dances with Yaks” AKA Simon Bridges, has seen Gang members in the Hospital Lobby? Much like his foot in the Mouth, “Wot about Choinah” announcement that Winston Peters mocked mercilessly which saw Bridges popularity sink like a lead balloon, along with his dismal approval rating, the dumb one has blurted out & graced us with another doozie for all to ridicule? Simon, if you see Gang Members, put on your big boy pants & alert the FBI & tell em they missed a few scumbags from Operation Trojan Shield? Oh hang on, you ain’t the National Party Leader anymore, you got sacked & are just another failed Career Politician with his fat nose in the Public trough! But seriously, does anyone believe the tripe that comes out of this bloated blowhards mouth, the Man’s a complete joke & a laughingstock!

    • OMG @ John!? That’s brilliant. That’s honestly very, very, very clever. You should write. I have to say again? Brilliant. Amazing literary expression. I hope you have children because your genius must transcend many generations well into the future. I’m truly impressed with your insight and intelligence coupled with clearly apparent and extraordinary humanness and compassion.
      “Members of gangs?
      Could be red could be green.”
      I mean…? How did you come up with that? Please explain? I’ve been reading your comments here for sometime now and I must say? Very impressed. Very, very, very impressed.

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