Police alerts on over 2 million: Are you being watched?

As I have penned in many articles: 

‘Beware of the words, “internal security,” for they are the, eternal cry, of the oppressor.’  Voltaire              

These articles included:  





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BOMBER came up with the warning:

Having been deep in the forest of police intrigue, I can tell you unequivocally, that 50% of what is produced by police spies aka Criminal Intelligence, is either exaggerated beyond reason or totally “invented” to ensure their paymasters i.e., gullible politicians who thrill at the ride in police car with flashing lights or a tiki tour helicopter ride over denizens below trying to get some sleep before work in the morning. 

These C.I.S. and their associated agencies like GCSB (which invariable fills its ranks with police who have failed to make grade A as a cop, and other legal cast offs who were unable to make it to the top in the Lawyers Club or Judiciary) understand very well: 

 “If there is no threat, we have no job.”

This latest disclose demonstrates that you have a 40% chance of being under police surveillance.

Next time you are at dinner with friends; look around.  If there are five at the table, the chances are that one is under police surveillance.

Is this the New Zealand you want?

Is it realistic to believe that forty per cent of Kiwis are in need of police surveillance?

Is this the best use of police resources?

Ross Meurant, graduate in politics both at university and as Member of Parliament; formerly police inspector in charge of Auckland police spies; currently Honorary consul for an African state; Trustee and CEO of Russian owned commercial assets in NZ and has international business interests.




  1. I think it safe to presume Ross, that you will be one of the 40%
    Diplomat for an African country – Middle East based in my school geography.
    Trustee and director of Russian owned assets in NZ.
    Former Russian bank director.
    Previous commercial interests in Syria.
    Been to North Korea twice (surprised you were not kidnapped and renditioned).
    Been in Beijing recently – when China is No 1 enemy of the West.
    Have blogged supporting China (I concede this support was for trade)
    And publishing stuff like; When Good Cops Go Bad?
    That’s 8 lives by my school arithmetic!
    Maybe time to tread very carefully?

    • @ basil ( as in brush?)
      “Maybe time to tread very carefully?”
      Is that a threat? Who says the people who Meurant deals with are any dirtier, or are more dirty, than the americans and their allies? The americans are the festering sore of diplomatic dysfunction on the arse of the world. They’re so far up anyone with money you can’t see uncle sam for the haemorrhoids. Right now? Palestine? Heard of? There’s more money being made by the usa military industrial complex for slaughtering children than any Russian money laundering scam, I bet you son.
      Our four major trading banksters take billions out of our relatively struggling economy every year.
      ( Where there are homeless people and hungry kids then surely I think it’s fair to observe that we must have a struggling economy? If not? Then why do we have homeless people and hungry kids here?? )
      [They] are owned by the greater four Australian banksters who are in turn owned by four USA banksters who are beholden to the fed reserve which is owned by the rothschild dynasty and should the banksters get the speed wobbles the Fed Reserve simply run blubbing to the USA Mint who simply prints more money which is secured by the tax paying USA working Joe.
      Is that any dodgier than anything the Russians, Koreans, or Chinese can dream up?
      Glass houses and stones mate.

  2. Clearly security in NZ have too much time on their hands if they think that they should be watching 2 million people but repeatedly fail to find anything wrong with people like Tarrant and all the other criminals flooding into NZ and helping NZ criminals get worse!

    Many people complain they can’t get their burglary investigated so something is wrong here, where so many people hide behind ‘security’ but when someones security in breached in NZ, there are never enough police.

    Sounds like they need more hands on police and less security ‘watchers’ of the 2 million.

  3. I moaned to the Auckland Police dept about that bloody chopper flying Vietnam style over the civilian populace in the early hours about two years ago, always thundering overhead and shaking the windows in Avondale.

    I said it was intimidatory as I was sure they were operating below their legal ceiling of 1000 feet. I said ‘you have infrared, dog handlers, and a Police base in Avondale…and you can get several I car’s there in minutes… what’s the problem?’…

    Seemed like an ongoing never ending crime wave all centered in Avondale,… and yeah ,… we all know they are doing highway, motorway and street observation’s as well , yeah , yeah , yeah… but still the bloody thing thundering overhead waking up shift workers, the elderly, and mothers with babies.

    0:100, 0:500, and on and on it went, and is still that way as far as I know to this day. Anyone would think they were tracking bloody Al Capone, Billy the Kid, Ma Baker, Clyde Barrow and John Dillinger all in one suburb! Made me feel like starting up a chainsaw outside those chopper pilots houses while they were trying to sleep during the day in preparation for nightshift…that’d learn em!

    And that’s also one of the reasons I left security,- while I was looking out for one of his innumerable property’s at 03.00 for some rich bastard screwing his mistress in some overseas resort and saying to his wife ‘he’s away on business’ , – I was helping the cops to bust some poor ( usually brown) kid who was desperate for cash and took risk taking measures to get it. And risking my life for a minimum fucking wage to boot!

    Thank you, all you miserable shit for brains minimum wage neo liberals.

    I’m not ya bloody serf, ya pricks!!!

    Go wander around your own fucking property’s by yourselves in the early hours with a flashlight and risk getting your head stoved in . See how you’d like that, shitters.

    So yeah , that’s why I complained.

  4. and where were the gscb and all those other hopeless acronyms ( sis , odesc . . ) on the waikato DHB hack

    they were warned well ahead of time that this sh#t was going to happen

    perhaps they were trying to catch up on last years news from TDB about Jian Yang

    do these guys do anything useful , maybe J Key should be paying their salaries out of his own back pocket .

  5. So at any time, 2 million kiwis are under Police surveillance? Can someone explain how? Two million men in grey trench coats, one million or so house bugged with electronic devices, tracking devices in our cars, neighbours informing on us?
    PS, I have a bridge to sell you

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