What happens when Australian climate refugees start fleeing to NZ?


Australia’s ‘catastrophic’ future laid bare: 50C days, mass livestock deaths

Regular 50C days in Sydney and Melbourne; once-in-a-century floods every year; mass deaths of livestock; tropical diseases invading Australia’s major cities and a quarter of a million homes under water.

Climate scientists have laid out a “catastrophic” future for Australia, with the weather “flipping on its head”.

It now looks “virtually impossible” the world will meet a goal of keeping average temperatures to 1.5 per cent above pre-industrial levels, say the authors of a new report.

A far more likely scenario is that global temperatures will soar by up to 3C.

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This is the future.

As the planet super heats because of human pollution, more and more extreme weather events will occur. This apocalyptic fire season in Australia will become the norm and there is a point where living in some parts of Australia will simply become untenable.

Where do we think those Australians are going to flee to?


There are 24.5 million Australians.

There are barely 5 million of us.

How are we going to cope politically and culturally if swamped by our larger neighbour?

Currently Australia treats us with contempt. They have flooded our country with 501s and strip NZers living there of any rights. How do you think they will teat us if they flee here on mass?

Forget China and America having too much influence over us, it will be Australians fleeing climate change who will be the real problem.


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  1. Where’s that (oh I so want to curse this dude out) that used to tell me Australia was recording its coolest summers on record???

    I demand you fight me.

    • I completely agree Kevin. Im not sure about 10 degrees – I think you and Guy are a little pessimistic, but the broad principles of exponential change are at play and all bets are off. The lack of wider understanding of what exponential change is and how most biological systems follow it scares me. But 10 degrees or 5 we are screwed in the medium to long term. No one will accept a drop in their standard of living to save the planet, its not human nature. My politics probably don’t fit comfortable with most TDB readers but Martyn’s fortress NZ is the only way forward and the sooner the wider population figure it out the better. How many medications in common use in NZ are actually made from scratch in NZ? <1%. I don't think we realise how screwed we are.

  2. Oh, come on Martyn; Aussies are too stupid and too arrogant to shift to NZ. They’ll try to desalinate the Indian Ocean before attempting the obvious.

    I guess they are not all totally stupid (even of they have one of the highest carbon emission profiles on the planet) and may declare that the separation of NZ from Australia was unconstitutional and that NZ is still part of NSW, giving 6 million Aussies right of entry.

  3. Well OZ owns a lot of NZ land and assets already – between OZ and China/Hong Kong they both seem to send plenty of criminals our way (and NZ opens up our borders to their criminals and illegal activity with open arms, well China’s/Hong Kong criminals anyway, Jacinda feels empowered to complain weakly to OZ, but not China).

    I guess the fight is between China and OZ who gets first Dibs on occupation NZ. China used to be a sure bet but maybe the not so secret, secret is now out in the open and the boxing gloves are on and supporters forming…

    In terms of fiction, NZ could become the crime capital of the Pacific where anything goes and criminal cartels operate with impunity.

    Escape from New York .

    “The film’s storyline, set in the near-future world of 1997, concerns a crime-ridden United States, which has converted Manhattan Island in New York City into the country’s maximum-security prison. Air Force One is hijacked by insurgents and is deliberately crashed in New York City. Ex-soldier and current federal prisoner Snake Plissken (Russell) is given just 24 hours to go in and rescue the President of the United States, after which, if successful, Snake will be pardoned.”

    OZ could turn into ‘The Hunger Games’ with all the flames and snakes and coal.

    China would be ‘Altered Carbon’ where you can torture people continuously even after death, selling bodies is normal, the elite live in the sky, do what ever they want and the police can’t touch them.

    No reality seems very pleasant.

  4. A news.com.au ‘article’ sans hard data posted by the NZ Horrid is hardly definitive proof. What’s next a Stuffed article confirming all men are rapists?

  5. Interesting. I well remember ebates with a good friend of mine about the flood of Aussies coming to NZ as Oz ran out of water.
    He daily looked at dam levels near Sydney for his argument.
    The Warrangamba dam was running dry and rainfall could not fill it up.
    Worry, fear panic.
    That was 2010?
    Now the Warrangamba damn is full and overflowing.

    So, I recommend everyone take a deep breath and STOP PANICING!!!!
    Nature seems to be able to sort itself out over time.

    And yes Manhattan isnt under 20ft of water as Chief panic stirrers back last Century when Al Gore promoted his BS movie. (wonder how much he has made from Climate alarmism)

    • It’s not like Australia is short of cash, resources, skilled labour or fantastic ideas. Its that The Liberals are mean spiteful little tossers.

      • It would pay to remember that those “mean spiteful little tossers” still have the support of nearly half the country… I was living there until 3 weeks before lockdown, and the numbers outside WA are sobering.. I have been seriously disappointed with some of the childish rubbish NZers are chucking around in lieu of proper debate, but they are no worse than Australia for self centered stupidity…

    • The fact that is hasn’t happened yet is not indicative it won’t happen.

      ‘Between 1900 and 2016, the globally averaged sea level rose by 16–21 cm (6.3–8.3 in).[3] More precise data gathered from satellite radar measurements reveal an accelerating rise of 7.5 cm (3.0 in) from 1993 to 2017,[4]:1554 which is a trend of roughly 30 cm (12 in) per century. This acceleration is due mostly to human-caused global warming, which is driving thermal expansion of seawater and the melting of land-based ice sheets and glaciers.[5] Between 1993 and 2018, thermal expansion of the oceans contributed 42% to sea level rise; the melting of temperate glaciers, 21%; Greenland, 15%; and Antarctica, 8%.[4]:1576 Climate scientists expect the rate to further accelerate during the 21st century.’


      When Greenland ice sheets melt sea levels will rise about 7 metres.

      But that probably won’t be until 2050 to 2060.

      • Glad to see you quote that bastion of truth(sarc) Wikipedia.
        You know. The text that ANYONE can change….

        • If you use the observed constants that can be seen at https://sealevel.colorado.edu/ , it’s an elementary calculus problem to approximate what sea level change will be at various dates in the future. (2007 is used as the base year.)

          The derived equation is:
          Sea Level change in millimeters = 0.097 * ((Year – 2007)^2)/2 + 3.3 *(Year – 2007)

          Some sample results:

          Year Sea level change in mm Sea level change in meters
          2100 + 726 +0.726
          2200 +2443 +2.443
          2300 +5131 +5.131

          The bad news is that the acceleration rate appears to be accelerating. This will shorten the time spans.

  6. Seriously, no Ozzy will stay in NZ for more than a year. NZ is too expensive, too confused and too 1979.

    • I’ll let the current bunch of climate refuges, homeless, ect know about your major concerns. You think walking over homeless people in Auckland is bad. It’s at least 5 tes greater in Australia and a million times more grotesque. I’ll let em know what you think they should look out for so we can have a nice healthy laugh. Fuck anger.

      • Sorry but you are so wrong. Oz cities are clean, vibrant and full of young people who are happy with their future prospects, because they have a future. Nz is full of old parasitic miserable leeches just lucking for a young wage to tap. Over in Oz 20 year old tradies drive flash holden utes not 1986 ford fairlines. The goodness has been sucked out of NZ unfortunately.

        • yeah I know they were bloody good places to live in the 1970’s and 1980’s too. No wonder my grandchildren live there. Kiwis are miserable fuckers it’s fair to say so, BUT not without a long list of reasons to be so.

        • Dude, inequality hits different in wealthier nations. But inequality it is. Salvation army Austealia are even more over stretched and getting crushed under the weight of need that us orders of magnitude greater than your feeble ideas. The life expectancy of a black fulla is something pitiful like 50yrs. Again I ask, please agree with me that that is grotesque.

        • That is because they have decent wages and conditions in OZ. I remember going to a public library in OZ a few years ago. It was brand new, with special areas fully outfitted for toddlers and babies and many floors of wonderful spaces for the community. Fast forward 5 years to Auckland, weird renovations of libraries that look like 1980’s cinemas, massive library fines in Auckland (apparently people taking out books has dropped so much since the introduction of $1 day fines that they are thinking of removing them, after putting off a generation of readers to using libraries)…. $6 to borrow a new library book etc…

  7. So… they’re sending the 501s over here to test out the ground? – If they survive it then everyone else in Aus can follow?

    …Like sending people to try out living on the moon or Mars.

  8. Just nonsense, it may well be a problem. But this is not going to happen anywhere near in the immediate future. I have faith that we will sort out the climate challenges before it gets to that worst case scenario. Just scaremongering from TDB with this post.

    • What do you mean by sort out? The greatest logistical challenge in human history is right infront of us. Vaccinating 6 billion people and exerting just enough coercion in all the right places with God like timing. That’s not scary to us. The left have an abundance of experience coming from unwinable positions like that. Look at the daily blog and look at kiwi blog. There’s no comparison. Conservatives online are pure trash.

    • Because it’s taken 25 COPs to get to the point where countries promises (not even actions) of emissions reductions are inadequate to keep us under 2 degrees warming let alone the 1.5 that scientists are advising we should be aiming for.
      Who precisely is doing what exactly to make you think we’re on top of this?

  9. Its happening already. I met two two separate men from Queensland a couple of years ago. Moving here to Dunedin and looking for houses for their families.

    • been a flood of retiring aussies to the Far North for 15 years. Especially in the coastal settlements. Of course the Far North is not important to the rest of NZ and stats like accurate population growth don’t even get collected. Our infrastructure up here is shit ,always has been, and it just gets more dysfunctional each year.

  10. Indeed, it’s our “mates” over the ditch that will pose far more of a threat than many other sources of refugees.


    The second invasion will be the coastal dwellers moving inland.

    Clusterfuck don’t even begin to describe it.

    The good news? With sperm counts dropping, penile length shortening and reducing libido across the population from various chemicals (phthalates, PFAs etc) that pervade everything, there will be fewer of our offspring to suffer this shitstorm.

    • Hmm. The NZ birth rate already down to 1.61 per female.

      I guess the operators of the Ponzi scheme will be desperate to get people to migrate here, provided they have money (well, digits in computer systems).

  11. When the situation gets dire enough, a Dr Strangelove (they’re everywhere) will order a nuke to be popped down a caldera. Problem solved.

  12. Forget OZ, NZ water is dying up –

    Auckland drought: How did we get to crisis point and what do we do next?

    Consent granted for Chinese water bottling giant to purchase Otakiri Spring

    Chinese water bottling plant’s proposal to take water from Whakatane aquifer ‘sustainable’, court hears

    Canterbury water on way to Chinese market as bottling plant starts production

    Whakatane locals outraged on government’s encouragement of Chinese water bottling investment

    NZ Government Secretly Funded Water Bottling Companies

    State of the Gulf: Auckland Council report finds estuaries choking in sediment, shellfish dying

    “A dam illegally constructed in an Auckland Council reserve is set to be lowered before Christmas, but not removed
    The impact of an illegally-constructed dam has been described by the Environment Court as “critical” for New Zealand’s most endangered bird but its removal will be a slow process, with the company which built it unlawfully setting most of the terms.”

    No plan to tackle environmental degradation by increased tourism – Commissioner

    Protesters are vowing direct action in southern waters after oil giant OMV was yesterday cleared to drill up to 10 exploration wells off the Otago coast beginning this summer.

    Waihi runs out of water, council distributing water bottles

  13. It’s not only Australia, of course. I read recently that Taiwan (population similar to Australia on a land mass much smaller than NZ) is in the midst of the worst drought in decades. Recently reported was the sand that covered much of Beijing, blown in from the increasingly desertified western China.

    And the US looks to be in dire straits as far as the western half is concerned.

    It could well be a very ‘interesting’ Northern Hemisphere summer.


  14. They outnumber us 5 to 1, they’ll have their way with us like they do now. Stupid plus power is still power. Hopefully they’ll diffuse their desperation elsewhere also so we can refute them to an extent.

  15. Australia is, (or was until very recently when China cut them off for offending them) the world’s biggest coal exporter. And proud of it. Their current Prime Minister Scott Morrison held up a lump of coal in parliament as he sung a hymn to its praises.
    Mind you coal is the single biggest cause of CO2 emissions globally, so in effect Australians are deliberately and callously wiping out the Great Barrier reef one of the world’s greatest natural wonders.

    99 percent of Great Barrier Reef could be wiped out by 2025 – report
    Matt Burrows 15 hrs ago

    https://www.msn.com/en-nz/news/world/99-percent-of-great-barrier-reef-could-be-wiped-out-by-2025-report/a sar-BB1ffQqD?ocid=msedgntp

    Due to average elevation and surrounded by large oceanic heat sink New Zealand is likely to be the world’s least climate change affected large land mass.

    New Zealand and Australia have visa free travel between the two countries.

    Because of this New Zealand has a lot of leverage, (if we chose to use it).

    As the global climate goes sour New Zealand is Australia’s back door escape hatch.

    We need to close that escape hatch and keep it closed until Australians rethink their climate destroying coal habit.

    New Zealand should rescind Australian visa free entry into New Zealand, until they clean up their act.

    We need to wizen up.

    You say Australia treats New Zealanders ‘like shit’

    That is how New Zealand treats the Pacific Islanders.

    Instead of allowing free entry for climate refugees from Australia, we need to open our borders to our PI neighbours. Innocent of causing climate change our Pacific Island neighbours are worse affected by it than Australians they need and deserve visa free entry to this island country.

  16. Oh golly-gosh, the first daily atmospheric CO2 above 420 ppm:

    Daily CO2
    Apr. 3, 2021 = 421.21 ppm
    Apr. 3, 2020 = Unavailable


    The next target to be broken through by the political-economic system is 430 ppm, but that won’t be for a few more years….2024 or 2025.

  17. It’s always interesting to look at actual data presented by CO2.earth in this society of consumerists, run by clowns, criminals and professional liars:

    Daily CO2
    Apr. 8, 2021 = 421.36 ppm
    Apr. 8, 2020 = 416.96 ppm

    Up 4.4 ppm on the anniversary

    March CO2
    Mar. 2021 = 417.64 ppm
    Mar. 2020 = 414.74 ppm

    Up 2.9 ppm year-on-year.

    There are seven more weeks of emissions far exceeding photosynthetic activity plus acidification of the oceans in the current cycle.

    I wonder whether the NZ government Climate Commission has commenced deleting (throwing in the rubbish bin) all the responses that challenge the absolute bullshit they churned out.

  18. Probe After Selling “Worthless” Offsets To JPMorgan, Disney

    ‘….Carbon credits and so-called “green” bonds are some of the most popular ESG-focused products that are being purchased by corporations, or ESG investment funds. But as Bill Blain pointed out in his Morning Porridge a couple of weeks back, it looks like the ESG craze is already becoming too ‘woke’ for its own good, as companies and institutional investors are chiefly concerned with virtue signaling, and less concerned with whether the products they’re buying are actually making a difference in the fight against climate change.’


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