If only we cared about hungry children and homelessness the way we do about Property Investors pain


The screams of anguish from the Property Speculators continue to fill our news headlines.

On and on and on they scream despite enjoying the greatest season of their untaxed speculation than ever before!

Housing: Landlords are still raising rents despite best financial circumstances – Swarbrick

The Green Party’s housing spokesperson says landlords are crying “crocodile tears” after a year of amazing capital gains and falling mortgage interest rates.

And the landlords are promising brutal rent rises to punish all those renters who are dancing and laughing at their pain…

Landlords who threaten rent rises ‘disingenuous’, should accept housing as public good, not a product – investor

Landlords who threaten to raise rents as a result of the Government’s new housing plan are being “disingenuous”, an investor says, and they should accept housing as a public good – not a product.

Property speculators are just like Casinos, booze barons and tobacco pimps – they are all necessary evils who require the jackboot of State regulation constantly applied to their throats to keep them in line.

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Just like Drug Cartels.

Fuck the greedy speculator landlords!

This is what the political muscle of Gen X + Gen Y being larger than the Boomer voter block looks like.

Now we have to take the greedy speculator landlords at face value, they will try and punish renters which is why renters need more urgent protections like rent freezes and permanent  tenancies.

This is just the start.

The reckoning is coming.

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  1. If the reckoning is coming, who is going to lead it? As I have previously said, this tickle up simply annoyed the housing beast. If Labour Greens give a shit, they have to slay it.

    Poor old Grant has no idea, he’s kind gone out on a limb guessing but in a very disjointed half arsed kind of way, hating every moment of it.

    Jacinda simply doesn’t want to know and clearly had to dragged into the latest pathetic attempt at looking like they were doing something. But super ironically, both think capital gain is paramount.

    Megan Woods is proving every bit as useless as Phil Twyford. And where oh where is anyone else in this government?

    Housing unaffordability is past severe, it’s off the grid.

    And will the National Party just shut the fuck up. They are the foundation party to this nightmare.

    I can see the inevitable however in that people are going to be pushed out on to the streets in even greater numbers to the point where Jacinda, Labour and the Greens simply cannot pretend it’s not a problem anymore. Maybe then when that critical mass occurs, it will be the reckoning.

    You lot want to be in government, no one made you do it. So stop hiding away and start governing!

  2. Corner dairies used to be a license to print money then supermarkets came and they had to reduce prices.The same applies to landlords .Their business is renting for a profit and are not a social service. The answer to lower rents has been stated many times STATE HOUSES. Quality built
    units at a reasonable price gor sale or rent what is hard in that
    Ryman & Bupa can do it for older people why can the state not use the same plan.
    National fell behind and Labour used solving the lack of homes as an election platform so why no action

    • There’s a certain irony in your comment – the latest moves have made it much harder for investors to make rental properties available yet you also acknowledge that the state isn’t making them available despite the fact that privately held businesses are quite successful at doing so.

  3. The screams of anguish from the Property Speculators continue to fill our news headlines…. lucky our government is not interested in stopping overseas investors investing in new builds (sarc) …. from what I can work out, if you can afford to buy a new build you are sweet, no 10 year bright line test on capital gain and if you are from Singapore or OZ no restrictions on buying as a foreign investor, or you can invest through a NZ property fund, and once you get NZ citizenship you can buy as much property as you like and don’t have to live in NZ. Permanent residents need to live in NZ for 1 year.

  4. A very simple solution would have been for the government to give housing NZ the 3 billion to build state houses for NZ’s poor instead of the private developers…. I can’t hear any peeps from the lefties advocating for this easy solution though.

  5. Housing NZ still needs to have enough builders and other tradies. I don’t think it is that straight forward. In the Hutt Valley lots of state land is yet to be built on.

    • What is the difference between state house NZ hiring the tradies and private business hiring the tradies, nothing! They both have the same issues with quality, but one is motivated to build affordable houses and one is motivated to make the most profits they can. Which is the better motivation to solve the housing crisis?

      As seen by Kiwibuild vs Housing NZ, I believe housing NZ managed to build more houses or a similar amount to Kiwibuild, with lower rents and they stayed in public ownership with Housing NZ, win, win!

      Housing NZ also traditionally made profits that they returned to the crown. If they wanted to upgrade the housing NZ houses then they could have just forgone the profits.

  6. ‘Property speculators are just like Casinos, booze barons and tobacco pimps – they are all necessary evils who require the jackboot of State regulation constantly applied to their throats to keep them in line.’

    I disagree, Martyn. I think they are UNNECESSARY evils. And they are products of a sick culture.

  7. RMA is a roadblock to councils/gove freeing up land to build upon. National tried but only tinkered as the left screamed and shouted, now the left have a house majority and the RMA needs to be pruned back so its not such a block. Building houses is the end result, RMA red tape is the starting line and the hurdles.
    I notice with a smirk the ‘9 years of neglect’ bumpersticker tag line Labour used almost daily in 1st an 2nd yr in govt has now almost vanished as they are now in their 4th yr and child poverdy is worse, homelessness etc etc (list too long to list lol)

  8. Now in a land that once boasted the largest man made forest in the world we are short of timber. We have stopped mining coal which will cutback the steel mills production but never mind the Times will run a story of how green we are and all will be well

  9. The social democratic countries no matter how they purported the supremacy of the people were always only about an equal relationship between power and the people, and THAT was just a mission statement, from Sweden to us. But Sweden rode the pricks harder for a good deal. Hard to do that when you BELIEVE in the powerful.

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