Simeon Brown robs Simon Bridges of his tough on gangs thunder 

Mark Mitchell had seen many horrors while working as a mercenary in Iraq, but nothing prepared him for the pain that would be sharing a taxi with Simeon Brown. The dead sad look in Mark’s eyes says it all.

I love how Simeon Brown through shear attrition has risen to be something of a thing in National because I think his Mr Bean awkward foolishness is comedic gold.

He’s like a baby pretending to be an adult and I for one fall to the floor laughing whenever he appears.

You couldn’t mock up a greater soft chinned baby faced sadistic puritan right wing caricature if you tried.

I feel he only eats turnips and sits on a spike in case he enjoys sitting too much.

I would not be surprised in the slightest if he has an enormous pile of unaccounted for  children’s shoes in his basement.

Currently he’s trying to push through a whole bunch of tough on crime bullshit in Parliament and keeps announcing his shock that Labour and the Greens won’t support his public floggings and beheadings for shop lifting amendments.

Much to Simon Bridges obvious annoyance, Simeon has hilariously decided he’s rambo and took over a select committee public humiliation session this week by starting childish fights with the Mongrel Mob Kingdom representative over gun legislation…

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Gangs and guns: Waikato Mongrel Mob claims crackdown ‘racism’ and ‘dog whistle politics’

Giving police greater powers to go after gangs and their guns was racist and would breach human rights including freedom of association, the Waikato Mongrel Mob Kingdom says.

The kingdom’s public relations liaison Louise Hutchinson had fiery exchanges with National MPs this morning as she appeared before Parliament’s justice committee.

…Simeon squealing while Simon was trying to play the Crown Prosecutor was a prefect summary of where National are right now.  Simeon’s ego and bewildering sense of false self importance once again undercutting Simon Bridges, it’s like National MPs can’t help but elbow a Māori out of the way.

The one trick pony show out of the way, what this attempt to use gun legislation to have a go at the gangs misses is why there has been an enormous up tick in guns by the gangs in the first place.

Th introduction of 2000 501s who have flooded the NZ underworld have brought violence and tactics straight from their South American cartel meth contacts.  These stand over tactics and explosion of gang related violence is because of these 501s. Attacking identifiable domestic gangs and using gun law to go after them is a misdiagnosis of the situation.

Add that a a lot of the gang members are from a socio economic class where hunting is actually an essential part of the monthly food take and you have a classist law that doesn’t understand why gangs are stockpiling weapons in the first place.

Being lectured on drugs by National MPs who voted against Cannabis reform is like having alcoholics conduct breathalyser tests.

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  1. Ok. I get it now. Gangs, who are benign functioning members of society, are only stockpiling illegal weapons so they can feed their families while the meth trade and extortion racket is on a downturn due to Covid, cutting their exorbitant profits.
    It’s not about the law, or crimes committed, its about race and a class system. What a couple of fucking tossers.

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