If Destiny Church cultists won’t take the Vaccine, then God can heal them and not our hospitals if they catch it

Tell your story walking God boy

Come on folks, simple solution to this one eh…

Covid 19 coronavirus: Destiny Church leader Hannah Tamaki unrepentant over travel, reveals she is shunning vaccine jab

An unrepentant Hannah Tamaki, who “escaped” Auckland with her husband on the eve of the latest Covid lockdown, has attacked her critics and declared she will not be getting the vaccine.

The Destiny church leader and aspiring politician has this morning lashed back at critics who have lambasted the couple’s decision to leave their home with just hours to spare before the city’s borders were closed to curb the spread of the latest community outbreak in south Auckland.

She also revealed in a post on her official Facebook page that she is deliberately choosing not to be vaccinated when it is rolled out to the general public.

…If Destiny Church cultists won’t take the Vaccine, then God can heal them and not our hospitals if they catch it!

No coming to hospital begging for medicines, you made your choice and put everyone at risk by refusing the vaccine and put your fate in the hands of your magical invisible flying wizard, so HE can heal you, not our public health system thank you very much.

Try to die quietly.

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Thoughts and prayers.

Next issue please.

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  1. Newsflash, Bomber: God doesn’t exist. Every day the argument to belittle, defund and generally laugh in the face of all religion grows stronger.

  2. I hope once the vaccine is available to all that AIR NZ make it compulsory for passengers to have a vaccine before air travel.
    That would sort out this small minded groups who refuse the vaccine.

    • The “vaccine” is an experimental mRNA technology that has many risks. Forcing experimental medical treatment on people is prohibited under the nurenberg code

      • What’s with the scare quotes Andy? and have you ever looked up the meaning of forced?

        • Trevor, the issue is not that “life has risks”, but that the medical treatment is experimental and forcing such a treatment on people violates their human rights under the Nurenberg Code.

          Those that were found guilty of such crimes in 1946/7 were executed by hanging.

          • Andy, are you a trained epidemiologist? Physician? Pharmacist? Chemist? Any form of scientist?

            No. You’re a peddlar of an anti-vax conspiracy theory.

            Your comments should be dismissed accordingly.

            • How is referring to the Nurenberg code and experimental medical treatment a “conspiracy theory”?

              Nurenberg is a documented historical event, and the code is a documented result of that.

              There are many well-researched and credentialed scientists who have significant concerns about the experimental mRNA vaccines

              My own personal expertise has nothing to do with it.

              • The vaccines are not “experimerimental”.

                That is conspiracist garbage.

                “There are many well-researched and credentialed scientists who have significant concerns about the experimental mRNA vaccines”

                Oh really? Just as there were “many well-researched and credentialed scientists who have significant concerns about” climate change?

                Same dis-information, different day.

                “My own personal expertise has nothing to do with it”

                True in more ways than you realise. Stick to your ‘knitting’, Andy. Leave the science to those versed in sciencey things. (Otherwisde, I look forward to you getting your car mechancic to tend to your dental needs.)

                • mRNA has never been used on humans at any scale, ever. Poly ethylene glycol has never been injected into humans at scale before, ever. yet both these materials are ingredients of the Pfizer vaccine

                  I have a personal friend whose sister is a PhD qualified genetic engineer working at a biotech company in California, who is gravely concerned about these gene modifying technologies. Her job is modifying genes in foods.

                  I’m not trading any more insults. I don’t really care if stupid people want to get injected with substances that may kill them

                  I just object to these same morons insist that I take the advice of all these “experts” who may perhaps be part of the biggest medical misadventure in human history.

                  I certainly hope not for all our sakes,


                  • I’m inclined to agree in spirit with the Church and Andy here. And some of the dubious responses only seem to, ironically, underscore his position and my feelings about it.

                    There is a recent scientific study that I’ve quoted (among others) elsewhere online that concerns the issue of mRNA vis-a-vis the Covid-19 vaccines. I might try to dig it up if I arrive back here and am asked about it.

                    Covid-19 may have been a government-funded lab-escapee, incidentally (as if we’ll get any sort of transparent admission to that effect) while measures to deal with it appear very disproportionate to the disease.

                    Too many things surrounding this disease seem wrong.

                    And I don’t care if so many people are being swayed by the legacy mainstream media outfits through what one particular writer called agitprop, for example.

                    If we want to break/brake a disaster-for-a-global-economy for the sake of the planet, then lets do so honestly and straighforwardly, rather than sideways with diseases and whatnot for excuses.

      • Life has risks. The risk of dying from Covid is about the same as driving 30km, for most people.

        The mRNA vaccines have many unknown issues as summarised here:

        More Excerpts from Dr Sadaf Gilani’s article “Synthetic mRNA Covid vaccines: A Risk-Benefit Analysis”
        Amidst the plethora of Covid-related issues, the Covid injections are the most imminent. Two formulations have received interim approval from the FDA, and Health Canada: Pfizer/BioNtech and Moderna.
        Both these injections are employing the same technology, synthetic gene therapy (SGT), which is being dispensed to the populace for the first time in human history…
        The Covid synthetic gene therapy injections employ synthetic, thermostable nucleotide sequences which are wrapped in PEG (polyethylene glycol)-lipid nanoparticles to protect from destruction in the bloodstream and facilitate entry into the cells. The claim is that the cellular machinery will engage with these synthetic sequences and produce segments which code for the SarsCov2 S1 spike protein. It is believed that the immune system will mount a sufficient antibody response…
        Interestingly, Moderna describes its technology as the “software of life,” not a vaccine…
        It is difficult to embark on a comprehensive risk-benefit analysis, as there is no safety data beyond a couple of months. New vaccines typically take about 7 to 20 years of research and trials before going to market. Pfizer/Moderna ran all of their trials simultaneously, including their animal trials, instead of sequentially. As retired Health Canada research scientist Dr Qureshi elaborated, it is during proper animal trials that meaningful toxicology data is obtained.
        The anaphylactic reactions observed in some people is also worrisome, worthy of analysis. Children’s Health Defense submitted a request to the FDA to address PEG allergies, as up to 70% of the populace has antibodies to these compounds. PEG has never been a component in a vaccine before…
        Many doctors and researchers around the world have promulgated concerns about the well-documented phenomena referred to as Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) seen in some viruses such as coronaviruses.
        In previous SARS, MERS, Dengue fever and RSV virus vaccine trials the exposure of wild viruses to vaccine recipients resulted in severe disease, cytokine storms, and deaths in some animal and human trials. The phenomenon of ADE did not present initially in vaccine recipients, rather it presented after vaccine recipients were exposed to wild viruses.
        This is the reason we do not have a vaccine for the common cold, MERS and SARS which is 78% homologous with SarsCov2 (based on analysis of the digital genome). Immunology Professor Dolores Cahill warned that this disease enhancement may cause many vaccine recipients to die months or years down the road. Esteemed German infectious disease specialist, Dr Sucharit Bhakdi opined:
        This vaccine will lead you to your doom.”…
        Clearly, we are in the nascent stages of understanding the complex field of epigenetics. The S1 SarsCov2 spike protein is highly homologous with HERV (human endogenous retrovirus) protein knowns as Syncytin-1. There is the potential for autoimmunity, as the Spike protein antibodies might attack Syncytin-1.
        Whilst natural infections are benign and self-limiting for the vast majority of affected people, autoimmune diseases are mostly irreversible. This is even more terrifying with the mRNA treatment.

        If the translation of SarsCov2 S1 spike protein persists there is potential to cause amplification of the expression of autoimmunity. As the SGT recipients’ cells are now producing the viral spike proteins, there is the potential for explosion of auto-immune diseases in coming years.
        Syncytin-1’s primary function is in the placenta as well as sperm. Dr Wodarg and Yeadon’s Stay of Action, included concerns that the potential for antibodies against Syncytin-1 proteins (part of the placenta) may result in permanent infertility in women and possibly men as well.
        The PEG-lipid nanoparticle is highly lipophilic, to cross cell membranes. Renowned aluminum and neurotoxicity expert Dr Chris Shaw, stated that these nanoparticles do cross the BBB (blood-brain barrier) and cited evidence from Moderna’s previous animal trials.
        On social media, there have been many documented cases of bizarre neurologic symptoms in the SGT recipients. Could one mechanism be dysregulation of Syncytin-1 in the brain?…
        Let me emphasize: The spike protein which the mRNA Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are designed to make our cells produce has the marked potential to stimulate the production of antibodies which can possibly attack a natural protein which protects the cells of our brains as well as sperm cells and the placenta barrier which protects unborn children. Since a trial is now under weigh injecting pregnant women with these mRNA (so-called) vaccines, the political potential for the general approval of “vaccinating” pregnant women is very real. Even “vaccinations” of women of child-bearing age is alarming once you realize the potential for permanent genetic and antibody production changes in these so-called vaccines.
        A second concern is the injection of PEG along with mRNA sequences. The reaction of the immune systems of injected people should produce antibodies against the PEG (polyethylene glycol) which coats every nanoparticle of the mRNA. PEG is known to produce serious allergic reactions in some people who use some of the many products (shampoos, laxatives, etc) which contain PEG but never has PEG been injected into human blood streams before. Antibodies to PEG would potentially be permanent and any contact with PEG for the rest of one’s life would have the potential for fatal reactions.
        The approval of these mRNA, PEG-laced injections is a crime of vast and historic evil. This crime against humanity should fatally indict any government which commits it.

        Not my words, but the issues discussed here are raised elsewhere.

          • Source for which bit?

            A simple Google search will allow you to establish the veracity of some of these statements at least.

            Since when did being a “progressive” mean being a shill for Pharma?

              • I have no intention of engaging here again.

                I’ve spent years engaging with low-IQ climate activists who have now all switched to becoming shills for Pharma, unquestioningly accepting all the “single source of truth” offered by the NZ govt, and either ignoring or being unaware of the many scientists who question many aspects of the Covid narrative

                I will remind you again. Those that forced medical experimentation during WW2 were executed by hanging.

  3. I have to agree with Brian on this one. He didn’t break any law, and he was one of ten thousand households that left Auckland before the lockdown. Lisa Owen spent fifteen minutes on RNZ smearing the Tamakis today and whinged like a little boy that they didn’t follow Jacinda’s ‘recommendations’ that they stay put. Ardern’s mantra has been to follow the facts concerning Covid, not celebrity opinion, and the facts are that people were entitled to move freely around the Auckland region in a time period, and that the only people found to have been acting unlawfully with respect to Covid restrictions in recent times have been the Labour government, when they issued a stay at home notice which wasn’t legal.

    • The old “it may not have been moral, but it’s legal” malarkey…. Nice bit of juvenile posturing with the mixing of genders there, but nothing that adds anything to anything but your own self image… Boring..

  4. Nah. Put them in permanent MIQ at their own expense. They are old enough to know what it means to set a social example – one that doesn’t involve a god.

  5. Nah. Put them in permanent MIQ at their own expense. They are old enough to know what it means to set a social example – one that doesn’t involve a god.

  6. They need to be placed in indefinite MIQ at their own expense. They are presumably old enough to know the rules and the moral framework. Using a god as a justification doesn’t cut it. They are parasites.

  7. Tamaki madness illustrates the struggle for reason in South Auckland: ‘There is an option that allows you and your family to have a chance in the face of this fear and pandemics, and it has already been proven. This community was protected by what I call the “PS-91 Policy”, as all others around them at the time were devastated by these plagues. The “PS-91 Policy” could also be known as “The Secret Place Protection Plan.” I boldly declared this PS-91 policy over our Destiny Church movement, New Zealand and Australia, back in March 2020 at the beginning of this outbreak. Since then we’ve had a large number of our people involved in testing stations throughout New Zealand, we have thousands of members across the movement, and not one person has contracted the virus.’

  8. Normally I wouldn’t sully my brain pondering a pair of greedy fakes but this is hilarious.
    “Tamaki’s hunting trip in Te Anau riles mayor”
    My beautiful dog died recently of pancreatic cancer. If a human being can have an animal soul mate then my dog was mine. My mum died relatively young from bowel cancer. Never drank, never smoked, was otherwise funny, fit and healthy and she shrunk up like a dish cloth then died pumped full of morphine after a years worth of proper Hell.
    Now? God? Can I ask? What the fuck’s that about?
    Can you send brian tamaki over with his small-cock-shot deer on the roof of his free Tesla and have him explain those things to me? Cheers in advance.
    ( Steven Fry? Credit to you son. )

  9. Agree. If people flout rules and. won’t have a vaccine let them deal will consequences when or if they get sick.

    Sign a refusal to comply form, which includes a statement saying, I understand if I get covid 19 I will be for early be sent to MIQ and will not receive medical/hospital care should it be required.

    Tamarind is a fake and a greedy one at that

    • It needs to go further than that Anker. Tamaki and fellow Destinists need to be isolated from the general populace. We don’t need f-wits on the loose as super-spreaders. Not much of a problem if the only harm each other!

  10. Fascinating to watch what fear does to peoples emotions and the way they would like those who think outside the narrative treated.
    For the first time in human history, fear is now considered a sign of intellectual superiority, while the choice to resist panic is seen as stubborn foolishness.

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