MEDIA WATCH: Rush Limbaugh is dead. Thoughts & Prayers.


And so the most powerful voice on the American Right has died and with him an era and broadcasting propaganda legacy beyond almost anyone else since Leni Riefenstahl.

Limbaugh’s early radio career was filled with sacking after sacking as his controversial and bellicose style clashed repeatedly with station managers and producers.

Limbaugh’s success was entirely due to Ronald Reagan rolling back the Fairness Doctrine in American Media which removed the requirement of editorial commentary presented with  opposing views.

In such an unregulated free market, Limbaugh’s acerbic grievance drenched rantings took off like Covid at a Florida Honkey Tonk all you can eat buffalo wings n ribs biker buffet and swingers shack.

His pro war, race baiting, tough on crime, climate denying, free market loving, Trump worshipping, homophobic commentary was the very intellectual spinal cord of the entire Conservative movement and with the largest radio audience ever he shaped the debate, especially when that debate was divisive.

His talent as a broadcaster and his skilful manipulation of the most petty of human insecurities made him a King to an empire of thought that made everyone who listened an ultracrepidarian.

As the free market media baby of Ronald Reagan’s neoliberal fantasy, Rush Limbaugh caused more to convert to a rapacious and venal American Capitalism than any other single person.

He didn’t tell the truth, he told A truth and for many it became the only truth.

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Thank Jesus he’s now silent.

Thoughts & Prayers.

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  1. I always though that Rush let in his darkest and deepest fears into his life, and then expressed them. At times I felt sorry for him, as I do with all people who think they can talk for, and know what God thinks. At other times I felt he was a heretic of the worst sort, one who worshipped money and false idols.

    I don’t know how God will judge him, but it would be interesting to be a fly on the wall in that conversation.

    Thoughts and Prayer for his family.

    • If you’ve been paying attention to modern times god is a foible of fools. It’s only reality is delivering votes to the powerful. Sucking your dick and supporting the shits who forced you to that.

  2. I’m sure his family will miss him. As for the rest of us…
    Sadly, I imagine there will be others ready to fill the void.

  3. Rush arrives in the afterlife;
    RUSH But, but, but you’re black!
    SATAN and Trans and liberal.
    You really will enjoy it here. You can spend all day talking to old friends. Ronald Reagan, Maggie Thatcher, Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman. You know – swapping success stories.

    • Can you elaborate with some facts please? What narrative are you referring to?
      False equivalence is a powerful tool in spreading misinformation and fake news

      • So you’ve seen nothing about the New York nursing home coverup? Yet here we are on ‘the other side of the story’. The narrative is orange man bad, Biden good.

    • Yet I see that quite a few in the “liberal media” are paying attention to the recent Cuomo development and offering very critical commentary.
      Your whataboutism fails at every level.

      • No Richard, whataboutism is the left celebrating the death of another conservative while turning a blind eye to the real stories.

          • This bullshit about the democrats aren’t left, are the worst and do terrible things just needs to be addressed. Of course they’re going to be like that when the republicans are so far to the right that they’re in there own bubble where science doesn’t exist and la la la. That’s why you will give the Democrats a pass and thank Trump for beating Hillary Clinton.

            For all his faults Obama read the rules in the constitution and followed them perfectly. He knew that with each president will come incremental change.

            Not a great president. Not even being the first black president makes you into a great president but no one was like oh blacks, I don’t think we should elect another bla k president where as everyone agrees no more billionaire presidents.

            • Just said they weren’t Left. They don’t cross their donors and they need to to care for the people. The American establishment is the establishment, leading to both Trump and Sanders, fascism and social democracy. It still won’t face that choice, and it is the only choice.

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