Another New Zealand Middle East military deal fails Prime Minister’s ‘sniff test’


Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa says the Prime Minister should apply the ‘Middle East sniff test’ again.  This time to a New Zealand government military deal with Israel.

The follows revelations Air New Zealand was servicing equipment for the Saudi Arabian navy, while Saudi Arabia attacked civilians in Yemen, precipitating a severe humanitarian crisis.

PSNA Chair, John Minto says the Prime Minister’s nose should sniff the New Zealand Defence Force purchases of military equipment from Israeli arms manufacturer Elbit Systems Limited.

“Elbit Systems is acting illegally under international law in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.’

“This was too much for the New Zealand Superfund which withdrew its investments from Elbit Systems in 2012.”

The Superfund found Elbit was helping build Israel’s so called ‘security wall’ inside the Israeli Occupied West Bank.  In 2003, the International Court of Justice declared the wall illegal under international law.

John Minto says Elbit Systems boasts its weapons have been ‘battle-tested’ on Palestinians.

“However, despite the stance taken by the Superfund, and the ACC as well, the Ministry of Defence ignored the requirements of New Zealand and international law, not to say basic morality, and continued to purchase military equipment from Elbit Systems.”

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“Previous Defence Minister Ron Mark thumbed his nose at international law and the brutal suppression of the Palestinians.”

“The purchases went ahead,” John Minto says.  “There’s blood on this equipment.”

“The PM must follow her nose and sort this out quickly – the new Defence Minister’s office has not responded to four PSNA communications on this issue since last year’s election.”

“New Zealand defence and foreign policy must have an ethical and moral basis which aligns with international law, United Nations resolutions and specifically New Zealand’ obligations under the Fourth Geneva Convention.”



  1. There is an obvious reason for the Saudi deal failing the sniff test while the blindfold is kept on for the Elbit deal – expedient politics. No PM could ever resist the opportunity to kick an aspirant PM from the opposition. The fact that she was dependent on NZ First and had the Peters/Mark thumbscrew tightened to form the previous Government meant to hell with morality – power takes priority. The big disappointment is that so far, the Labour members of Government don’t seem to have any qualms about maintaining the status quo and tacit support of the Zionist driven atrocities of the Israeli Government.

  2. Totally agree. Always the same thing. Follow UN rulings only when it suits. I guess you just know that media will print stories against Saudi but never against Israel. Why they have carte blanch to trash whatever international law they choose is something difficult to understand. Why we then feel it’s ok to purchase equipment used to commit human abuses is even more difficult to understand. And all this from a “politics of kindness” Labour government. Some are deserving but lots just ain’t

    • Aren’t you missing the point Paul S? The issue is supporting the commission of war crimes, not legitimate trading. Of course, you might have a point if Allot Limited has a back-door system and is providing illegally obtained information that could be used for the commission of war crimes against vulnerable children.

  3. God to know that the powers that be in our country are ignoring Minto and his fringe lunacy. That is how it should be.

    • ‘God to know’

      So are you going to tell God, Gaby?

      There was I thinking he knew everything already, was omnipotent, and everything was going according to his plan.

      Of should that be according to her plan?

      Or maybe it’s plan?

      Okay, let’s forget God and face the reality we all face on a daily basis: lunatics are running the show, which is why everything is in such a mess and being made worse [by the government, the banks, the corporations and the opportunists].

  4. The truth about Israel’s security fence, which is legal in International Law despite Minto’s claim to the contrary, and which has saved countless Israeli lives since its inception. After the fence was erected the deaths of Israeli men, women, and children from terrorist Palestinian suicide bombers infiltrating from PA controlled areas in Judea/ Samaria dropped by 94%. Horror scenarios like the Sbarro Pizza restaurant massacres were largely halted.

    • Excuuuuse me. We know that in your mind that Israeli laws are ancient, divine and supersede all other laws but God never said to Moses that the separation walls are legal. Neither were they ever recognised under international law.

      That aside, what the hell does your comment have to do with the topic under discussion.

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