Sigh – in defence of Trevor Mallard – sigh


National’s no-confidence motion against Speaker Trevor Mallard fails

The National Party has failed in its attempt to move a motion of no confidence in House Speaker Trevor Mallard.

Mallard has been under pressure since it was revealed more than $300,000 of taxpayers’ money was spent to cover a legal dispute, after he falsely claimed an accused rapist was working at Parliament.

Shadow leader of the House Chris Bishop tried to move the no-confidence motion in Parliament following Question Time.

Put aside for 30seconds, just 30 seconds, the righteous outrage at this appalling fuck up regarding this insane woke definition of rape that Trev used to defame a civil servant that has cost us $333k – put that just to one side for a moment.

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Every political geek recites that Lockwood Smith is the benchmark for NZs greatest Speaker, and that is a fair and righteous claim. Smith believed in Parliament and its role to hold the Government to account and actually forced Ministers to answers questions.

Mallard is the same type of trailblazer.

He has made Parliament a better debating chamber and his enthusiasm to explain the democratic process to the masses is actually beautiful.

Mallard has been a reformer and a powerful new voice for an independent Parliamentary process and I for one acknowledge and salute his leadership.

I also acknowledge that he was responding to allegations of bullying inside Parliament when he mangled his attempt to be new and down with the kids by using a woke micro aggression policing definition of rape as a ‘hug from behind and glancing at breasts’.

In the hyper real moment of the now in woke world, all men are rapists, all white people are racists and anyone defending free speech is an actual uniform wearing Nazi.

In such a nuanced post Me Too cultural landscape, ALL women must be BELIEVED, the evidential threshold is anything said on Twitter and due process is a heteronormative white cis male privilege.

You would have thought that after The Spinoff and Feminist journalist hit job at Stuff  insinuating that Jacinda and Labour had covered up a serious sexual assault that Trev would be a tad more sceptical, but jaw droopingly he wasn’t.

Trev went woke and accepted a radical new definition of rape…

The man claimed the three allegations were related to hugging a colleague, complimenting another colleague on her hair, and kissing another on her cheek as he said goodbye to her after she visited him and his wife for tea.

However, the first complainant alleged he hugged her from behind, pushing his groin up against her, and that he was staring at the breasts of the woman who’s hair he complimented.

…that’s apparently the definition now.

Trev’s attempt to get down with the kids and their new trigger threshold definitions was akin to GrandDad mistakenly doing a Nazi salute tic tok dance and accidentally sending it to all his contacts.

So based on how well he was actually doing at his job, I think we should forgive this bewilderingly poor judgment call as the sad over compensation cultural virtue signal it was.

I know, I know. The guy who was called a rapist by the Speaker of the House has had his career destroyed and mangled, but this is the new cultural landscape of subjectively perpetual wounds and a bonfire of reputations and careers will be burnt before that rage has been sated.

Just be thankful it didn’t cost as much as that bloody slide.

I vote for Trev to stay.

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  1. I disagree.

    Mallard isn’t a trailblazer he’s between a continuation of David Carter and a throwback to Margaret Wilson. Like our current political system is a combination of the worst facets of socialism and capitalism, Mallard represents the obtuse, dictatorial nature of Wilson combined with the bias and “use-the-rules-to-suit-one’s-mates” approach of Carter.

    To compare Mallard to Smith is to compare climbing Mt Eden with climbing Mt Everest.

  2. And probably the easiest thing for him to do now is just to come out and say “On this occasion, I got it wrong”

    • A little late for that isn’t it? He knew within 24 hours he was wrong yet instead of setting the score straight he doubled down, burning through $300,000 of tax payers money (not his) to deflect???

      Then stumbled an apology at the end of the year to try and hide it.

      Notwithstanding, destroying a career while at it.

      Sorry Martyn you are well off the mark here. You screamed bloody murder for a pony tail tug, yet you’re ok for someone abuse his power (with the ok from the Prime Minister I’ll add) to destroy someone’s reputation and you say, ah it’s ok, he’s doing good things.

      And by good things, you really mean, he protects Jacinda don’t you?

        • Ruined her career? Have any evidence of that?

          Key didn’t falsely accuse the young lady of rape, can you imagine for one second how that would feel? To know you’re innocent but accused of the heinous crime of rape!

          Also, he apologized and tried to make amends. He didn’t change the law to have the tax payers pay for his defence.

          Boy talking about about drawing a long bow. Try again

  3. There is much we don’t know about this case.

    But we do know for certain that Mallard was worse than useless as Energy Minister -which is why we called him Daffy Duck- and that he is partly responsible for NZ being totally unprepared for the energy meltdown that is on the horizon, and that he is partly responsible for the increase New Zealand’s in greenhouse gas emissions (amongst the worst in the world per capita) that have contributed to, and are contributing to, the accelerating Planetary Meltdown.

    As such, I regard him as a criminal, whatever anyone else may say.

    But hey, criminal incompetence seems to be a prime qualification for admission into the parliamentary system. James Shaw certainly matches Trevor Mallard in criminal incompetence.

    We were at just over 370 ppm when Mallard made his inordinate contribution to planet-fucking.

    We are at close to 420 ppm as James Shaw makes his inordinate contribution to planet-fucking.

    There are those who embrace the truth, and those who run from it and try to conceal it.


  4. I think Mallard is one of the worst examples of the parliamentary pig with his snout in the trough. He has been in the parliamentary service for 37 years coming in Lange’s landslide in 1984 as MP for Hutt South. He should have been gone during that debacle that involved Hone Haraweira but he has endured. As a speaker he couldn’t have been any worse that that odious individual Carter who was a corrupted individual who supported Key and his henchman who never defended the sanctity of parliament and let that shyster Key get away with some of the worst abuses of power in the history of our supposedly sovereign parliament with a smile on his face not unlike his bosses . Mallards actions are a perfect example of what happens when you make decisions when you have become institutionalised in this case with parliament. On another point how hypocritical of the Nasty Natz to demand his resignation when their track record is far from exemplary like for example the Saudi sheep deal , English and Todd Barclay , Orivida , Key and the onslaught against Hagar , Ponytail assault and Sky City to name a few.

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