TWITTER WATCH: TDB salutes Comrade David Seymour’s $50 per hour minimum wage!

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It always pays to be aspirational!

TDB supports Comrade Seymour in raising the minimum wage to $50 an hour!


David’s right, the minimum wage should be $50 an hour so that welfare can be doubled.

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Working class people and beneficiaries spend their money directly in the local community generating more jobs where as rich arseholes getting tax cuts only spend it on buying more houses and pushing more people out of home ownership.

We can only ensure a $50 per hour wage with a Labour Green Government, but we should all thank Comrade Seymour for having the courage and vision to put this out there.

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  1. Yesterday a commentator on RNZ ‘The panel’ (I didn’t catch who), remarked $50 an hour is probably David Seymour’s minimum pay rate. Someone else piped up, Seymour probably gets paid a more than that.


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