Is this the worst National Party Campaign in modern political history?


I think National are in a lot of trouble.

Those 1 153 334 advance votes aren’t New Zealanders rushing to vote for Judith, they are Kiwis fleeing her.

Pre Covid, Simon Bridges had built National a chance, but then a low poll spooked backbencher MPs into carrying out a coup with an MP who had all the false confidence of a tall man.

The Muller reign was a mix of cowardice and a woefully inflated sense of talent. Then the former President, Michelle Boag, passes privileged Covid patient information to a dickhead MP which implodes Muller’s leadership and in desperation the party turns to Judith, a dirty politics drenched politician with all the empathy and compassion of a hungry wolverine in a premature infants ward.

We all watched in horror as she blew Iain Lees-Galloway’s brains all over the set of the AM Show just to deflect attention from another errant MP who had been sending dick pics.

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On top of this was a policy platform that was all about amputating the State with the usual small government bullshit at a time when people were fleeing to the State for protection.

Privatise the border? How insane is that?

This was National’s border position…

…Judith’s campaign has always been wobbly, but now we are seeing more disunity in the last week with Team Muller operatives taking potshots at Team Bridges while Team Luxon openly mulls about the Leadership.

Judith knows the Party who turned to her in desperation after Muller will turn on her if she fails against Jacinda.

This campaign was triggered by coward MPs who turned on their leader in a frenzied selfishness to protect their own jobs. Stripped of their fake ideology the electorate has seen the National Party for what they really are, self serving arseholes whose sense of teamwork is as temporary as Trump’s sense of decency.

National dropped to 21% under Bill English in 2002, but the Chinese NZ vote will ensure Judith drops no more than 25% in 2020.

National will be lucky to get over 30% this election, their selfishness, their cruel tactics and their utter lack of anything remotely generous when crisis called rules them out for 2020 and 2023!

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  1. mate —National has a much chance of getting over 30% this election as you and me flying to Moon.
    Im going to call it 26-27% and I think the polls this week will be be close to my number.
    They actually deserve no more than 15% with such a train wreck of a campaign team. The team has let them down , much more so than Judith to be fair

  2. “…had all the false confidence of a tall man. ”
    I literally don’t understand that one. It’s like saying “…had all the false wood of a pile of short chickens…” ???
    National are done for because modern times have denied them further wriggle room.
    The can’t fuck our primary industry farmers over anymore because I’m here to say so and I say Nah Ah …
    They can’t hide their ill gotten wealth because the internet. They can’t melt into the shadows because, again, the internet and where the fuck is ron brierly? Kiddy Porn brierly? Anyone? No? Brierly? Titan of AO/NZ industry? Literally killed off good AO/NZ urban industry because peni$?
    The one thing that’s fucking national is that they’re crooks. They’re bent as Bro. And good people, real people, human people hate a fucking crook because crooks take all and give fuck nothing back.
    They’re lazy, greedy, they take and take and assume they’re so clever we’ll never suss them out.
    Well guess what Natzo’s? You’re fucked because we have.
    Do you really want good people snooping around in your dirty primary industry money underwear?
    Hear that? That oily clapping sound? A slosh-slap combo? That’s your arse holes snapping shut in fright.

  3. And below the picture an ad for National Party candidate Tim Costly.
    Not just a long shot.
    A costly one!

  4. As I commented on another post: I don’t think the Chinese vote will go to Collins like it has for National in the past.
    The Blue Dragons are conspicuously low key this election because there are a lot less of them.

  5. National has been like this for a very very long time .
    A wanton and willing media keeping them in the game thru the very damaging Key, English, Joyce years.
    The truth is now outing . The scum rising to the surface . A dead party walking..

    • Agree Grant. This started a long time ago in National party history.
      By electing certain well known psychopathic individuals into their hierarchy and ‘support groups’ (, a new pattern of behaviour (which we’ve come to know as Dirty Politics) became the modus operandi. It became seen as acceptable, even to the few good souls in the party, and the only means to survive politically.
      Power at any cost. And once acquired, the use of that power only to maintain power and the self enrichment that goes with it. Control information. Bend it, and the conduits of that information, to your will.
      This is the temptation that many politicians succumb to. World history is littered with examples.
      It’s why the world is the way it is.
      If they go for another shark-in-a-suit like Luxon, then they damn themselves to even more ignominy.
      The only trouble is, it’s not just the Nats going extinct.
      It’s all of us. 🙁

  6. “if she fails against Jacinda” Martyn?

    Impossible to see how she could have failed any more than she already has. She could stand in the middle of Queen Street drowning cute little kittens in a bucket and it make virtually no difference to the magnitude of her epic campaign fail.

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