The David Wakim Memorial Lecture 7pm Livestream TONIGHT


TDB is proud to livestream the David Wakim Memorial Lecture tonight at 7pm.

David was a well known activist and human rights campaigner who was tireless in his pursuit of justice. His memorial lecture series is a commemoration to his work.

This years Lecture will be given by our very own John Minto who will be taking about the future of the Palestinian Solidarity Movement.

Livestream starts here, 7pm.


      • I wouldn’t cross the road to listen to Minto spewing forth his antisemitism. It’s because I have an ‘open mind’ and am so well read that I support Israel, always have always will. You haters are on the wrong side of history because Israel is the victor, and the ‘Palestinian’ fakers and you, the BDS advocates, are the losers.

  1. Can I just say @ John Minto. You’re a fucking inspiration. Your resolve to help where you can is without reproach.
    And I’m sorry for the two little fleas above who are, one would assume, human beings and since we humans are all in this together please allow me to apologize to you on their behalf.
    Gaby and Im right. Stealing good oxygen in these times of need.

  2. Apart from the hilarious Freudian slip with the title of his lecture, it needs pointing out to Minto that there is no country called ‘Palestine’, never was, never will be. It was only ever a provincial backwater. Highlights the fantasy world the Israel haters live in.

    • Israel haters. Who are they.
      People who don’t agree with you Gaby and your misconceptions deliberate or otherwise.

      Gaby you set yourself up as an expert on Middle East affairs so outline what part the natives Arabs, Muslims, Christians, Jews and others who had lived there for centuries, took in discussions and agreement to have their homeland designated as Israel and what part were they to play in its governance.
      At least try Gaby even if you have to do some homework.

        • I though the simple questions I put to you may have just been too hard.
          They are pretty basic though. Perhaps you just don’t know.
          Would you celebrate Palestinians loosing more land and homes.


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