Judith’s Brain Drain as insane as National’s Border Policy


Oh come on!

There are many reasons to be concerned about the black hole of debt that the Prefu has imploded our political solar system with, but claiming that we are about to suffer a ‘Brain Drain’ to Australia is not one of them…

Election 2020: Judith Collins fears ‘brain drain’ to Australia after Covid-19 economic shock

National Party leader Judith Collins says ​New Zealand risks losing Kiwis to Australia as its immediate Covid-19 economic hit has been smaller.

Treasury opened the Government books ahead of the election on Wednesday, estimating a 16 per cent contraction in the economy in the three months to June, compared to a 7 per cent contraction in Australia.

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Collins said Australia’s lighter lockdown had kept the economic damage more limited, meaning the Government had “a lot to answer for”.

“We’re not only going to see a big drop in activity, but we’re going to see a loss of skilled people as soon as they can shift to Australia, because they will be in a far better situation to get jobs, good incomes and having a future that doesn’t involve welfare,” Collins said.

…this is nonsense.

The fundamental problem for National is that no matter how hard they attack Jacinda and criticise the response to Covid, the stark stats in comparison to everywhere else overshadows anything National have to say.

Most NZers have access to the internet or have family overseas. They can see the news headlines, they get told how awful it is over there by whanau.

We just had our 25th death.

Australia has had 824.

No one is fleeing to Australia Judith, if anything the returning diaspora will prop up property prices and cause more stability, not drive Kiwis offshore.

This hot mess of criticism is as confused as National’s ever changing position on the Border…

…it ver much feels that Judith and National are just going through the motions now.

This election is being based on feelings, not policy and that’s because people are frightened, and how do those feelings rate?

I’m no political psychologist, but could I humbly suggest that if 1 in 5 voters claim to be afraid of you, that’s not a great start.

National will be lucky to get over 30%.

‘Brain Drain’ in the age of Covid isn’t a thing! Judith is fighting a 2020 election with 1990 fears.

I get why Hooton jumped off this sinking ship as quickly as he did now.


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  1. Judith is woefully yesteryears politician. Strong team (lol), more jobs, better economy, is something from her political heyday back in the 20th century, not 2020, as is being spiteful, as is dirty politics, as is being relentlessly negative.

    And what the fuck is it with National and tar sealing everything, everywhere? National annouce more tunnelling than Colditz at its peak and a kagillion gazillion dollars on more fantasy highways. Still waiting on their Roads of National Significance promise from 12 years ago. Unadulterated bullshit!

    Base ZB calling Nats love this shit, the rest of us can’t be arsed listening to this rain cloud any longer.

    • It’s good fun XRAY.

      Not sure which load of twaddle Chucky is vomiting out is the funniest. Money for special needs kids, free dental care or injecting funds into our hospitals. The audacity of their cheek knows no bounds. It appears Chucky and co have forgotten they didn’t give a flying fuck about them during their 9 long years at the wheel where almost all of our infrastructure was underfunded to make it farcically appear we had a “rock star economy. When the latrine rodents were in power, they were incredibly divisive and displayed total indifference to their “victims”. Now, they suddenly care. Haha. The other one plays jingle bells.

      • Jacindafan – It is good fun isn’t it. I had a genuine laugh when I saw Judith’s brain drain bit.

        But I could be wrong. People could be running thru’ the streets wailing,” OMG Not another brain drain … not another brain drain…” but somehow I doubt it.

    • Agreed. What National needs is a list MP who does nothing for nine years apart from appearing in woman’s magazines and polishing up her social media profile.

      So they can parachute her in at the 11th hour hey?

      • Yet if as Judith stated, there will be a brain drain( so 80’s National) her staying in NZ says it all really.
        An up and coming list MP turned leader compared to a tax prosecutor turned career politician/ ambitious leader/ crusher/ border extortionist, give me the up and coming list MP anyday .
        However if your looking for photo ops look no further than the NZ Herald, it has Collins plastered all over it but then I get that the Herald is owned by the National party.

    • “strong team” refers to the acrid stench of fear emanating from every single person attached to this broken down “land crab” … (Morris 1300) ..

  2. Nationals time will come again, but not with “aunty Jude’ at the helm. New Zealanders happy to vote Labour when they need them and just as quickly vote them out when they feel they don’t. Good news is that National now playing ‘the time warp’ at their meetings…’it’s just a jump to the left, and then a jump to the right’. Hoping for no pelvic thrust from Aunty Jude. Seymours twerking still an abhorrent image…we don’t need more.

  3. Housing at record highs = let’s leave ASAP. NZFirst is already talking about using military aircraft to bring in slave labour.

    Employers have already said this is a great idea.

    A vote for Labour or National is a vote against those who rent. After this election I won’t listen to complaints form such voters.

  4. See- more said Jacinda is feeding the children while Judeath is brushing their teeth. And what is he doing? turning of their power.

  5. NZ deaths from COVID-19 0.45 per 100,000 people
    Australia deaths from COVID-19 2.95 per 100,000.
    Yes, the government has a lot to answer for – and they answered it.
    National is prepared to gamble with Kiwi lives for the sake of money.
    Labour isn’t.
    National once again shows that they are unfit for government of New Zealand.

  6. With high unemployment Australians are hardly going to roll out the welcome mat to us.
    Kiwis are barely tolerated now and treated like second class citizens by law.
    Kiwis who have no status and no rights in Oz are hardly going to head over there.
    Judith is the only brain drain here.


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