Complaint of racism against the spokesperson of the Israel Institute Dr David Cumin


We are writing to ask the University of Auckland to investigate this complaint of anti-Palestinian and anti-Arab racism by Senior Lecturer in the University’s School of Medicine, Dr David Cumin.

Dr Cumin was speaking at a debate on “Different perspectives of Israel” held at Auckland University on Thursday 3 October last year. During the debate Dr Cumin attempted to defend Israeli brutality against unarmed Palestinian protestors in the Great March of Return protests by saying Palestinians engaged in

“…violent riots on the border with Israel to which they bring children to use as human shields. The quote of Israel’s first woman Prime Minister sums the situation up beautifully. Golda Meir said: “there can only be peace when the Arabs start to love their children more than they hate us””

Video of Dr Cumin delivering these comments is here.

In our view this is a particularly vile statement of anti-Palestinian racism and a repugnant slur on all Arabs.

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An important way to identify racism is to reverse the ethnicities in a statement and then evaluate it again. If another employee made the same statements in relation to Jews they would quite rightly be condemned as despicable anti-semitism and the employee would be sacked. Similarly if these statements were made in relation to Maori, Pasifika or European peoples they would likewise be condemned as deeply racist and the staff member sacked.

We request this matter be investigated by Auckland University and disciplinary action taken.

We look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Scraping the barrell here Mr Minto, desperation in trying to get someone sacked for stating a fact!
    You hate Israel…well known fact, and Golda Meir had some blisteringly powerful truthful quotes that again are all fact. You defend the local arabs with rose tinted glasses even when you know they are in the wrong in many instances.
    Are you standing for parliament/local body politics this election, or have you realised that your views are just not as popular as you believe when you leave the echo chamber of blog sites and niche subject meetings and enter the real world and get embarrassingly low votes each time.

    • Golda Meir was a Ukrainian squatter who lived for decades in the stolen house of a Palestinian family that she had ethnically cleansed.

    • Bravo. Couldn’t have said it better. Since when is delivering a well known quote evidence of racism? Even the anti-Israel ICC has accused the Palestinians of using their own as human shields and targeting israeli civilians, including children…both war crimes. Hamas also employ kids in gaza to dig the terror tunnels and many have died in collapses.

      • But Gaby, when you openly state that black South Africans should never have been given the opportunity to participate in the governing of the country in which they are citizens i. e. open support of apartheid, its difficult to take anything you say seriously. And I’m quite sure that the 56 Palestinian children killed by the IDF in2018(link below) vastly outnumbered any killed in tunnel digging. In fact, I would challenge you to find any children killed by tunnel collapses in 2018. You state that Palestinians target Israeli children and yet no reported deaths of Israeli children in 2018. Only 6 injured Israeli children in 2018 but more than 2500!! injured Palestinian children. Would you say that 56 murdered Palestinian children is more or less than the usual average? And human shields? Shielding what? Armed soldiers? No. Children and women mingling as the normal population of Palestinians in peaceful protests against the continued harrassment by the IDF and illegal settler community as they go about their daily lives.
        You and others commenting here seem dead set on making the two words Jew and Israeli interchangeable. Which makes your contradictory mental gymnastics to deny that Israel is an apartheid state even more laughable. If Jew and Israeli are the same thing then Israel can only be an apartheid state since Palestinians have no hope of participating nor of being a part of the state in which they live. They can only be seperated out and walls built around them because under this definition they can not be Israeli. Isnt it interesting how the more you sqirm and the more you yell antisemitism the more you demonstrate and make obvious the underlying apartheid nature of Israel?

    • Im Right: Will you ever get tired of spreading hatred and racist views? No doubt you would have no complaint with the key to John Minto’s complaint, “If another employee made the same statements in relation to Jews they would quite rightly be condemned as despicable anti-semitism and the employee would be sacked.” As for your personal attack, what have you ever achieved in the field of human rights? Minto inspired much of the nation and arguably influenced international opinion on racist subjugation.

    • Well I’m right so personal attacks are all good just so long as the messenger is slain. Trouble is that many of us were on the same side as John in his earlier battles against an apartheid state and totally recognise the same sorry methods of attempting to avoid the inevitable. You see its just not possible to pretend any kind of humanity when you have to support soldiers that stand behind a mesh fence and faced with unarmed protesters select women and children as targets. Its not even possible any more to try the old trope of using women and children as shields. You see we now live in a world where Julian Assange has shown us the true meaning of collateral damage. We have seen the deliberate targeting of unarmed civilians and the dehumanising chatter of the soldiers as they make it ok in their minds to shoot these people in cold blood. Not only this but also those that have chosen to look have also seen the same and worse callousness of the Israeli Army when faced with unarmed protesters whose only means of defence is fire and smoke. We have seen soldiers prone on the ground behind mesh fences in no way in any danger shoot to maim or kill and to joke about it. In a post below I have quoted some numbers of dead and injured children. Israeli dead children? None in 2018. Dead Palestinian children? 59. Number killed by IDF? 56. Now I know I’m Right that doesn’t make you angry. But some people it does and once you get to look through the lens the right way there’s no turning back. John looked through the lens the right way a long time ago. So the views of idiots like you really are quite irrelevant.

  2. It’s been a tough time for Minto with Arab states signing peace deals with Israel. And all he can come up with is a truthful statement and a quote that has truth behind it expressed in a debate almost one whole year ago to go after someone’s job. Perhaps it’s time to give peace a chance, cleanse the animosity for Jewish self-determination, and stop bullying Jews or Israelis who happen to want a thriving democracy in the ME.

    • Let’s get a bit of perspective on the Arab states signing peace deals with Israel. There are two, Bahrain which has a smaller population than the Gaza prison and UAE which is close to London by population. In total, that is not many not many out of an estimated 430,000,00 Arabs. The big question is, how much US taxpayer did Trump throw at the ‘peace treaties’ in order to get an international diplomacy fig-leaf for his re-election campaign? No doubt it is less than the $3 billion that the US puts in Israel’s coffers annually.

      • Are you suggesting that the Arab leaders are stupid enough to give up decades of animous for cash from Trump? Maybe Minto should write to your employer seeking investigations and disciplinary action. And how much money do you think it’d take to move from the agreement to an order that hotels in UAE serve kosher food?

        • Really, does UEA now serve kosher food without a bribe? One would have to be suffering from some sort of delusions to think that years of animosity can be overcome with peace and love between Israel and UEA’s Auckland sized population without some sort of inducement. Perhaps the US is using the usual bribe of arms instead of cash but that wouldn’t be much use unless the emirs buy an army of Asians. That aside, your repeated ad hominem commenting is only worthy of contempt and a sign of a lack of faith in the integrity of your arguments.

      • Apart from the lavish bribes there is a condition that Israel not annex Palestinian land. The propaganda doesn’t feature that.

    • Its not possible to build a thriving democracy when the foundations are an apartheid state. John has much experience in catching the venomous outpourings of apartheid supporters but has shown always the strength and courage to stand by the victims of apartheid. Arabs signing peace deals with Israel as you put it in no way changes the plight of Palestinians who are daily beaten and shot at by the IDF enforcers of the apartheid state. They still require someone somewhere to put in a word for them even at the price of all the vitriol directed at them by compassionless enablers of apartheid. Go John! It’s truly great to see you still with the energy to pick up the torch for this last great struggle against apartheid!

  3. In the same debate, John Minto said accusations of antisemitism leveled at activists like himself are all smears and part of an organized Jewish cabal. And when the deputy of his putrid group tweeted that Jews puppet the National party, a local Jewish man was a spy and that questions needed to be answered re Jewish involvement in 9/11, Minto replied by saying bringing attention to this racist trash was an attempt to distract from the conflict. He’s a gutter dweller. Look at this FB and you’ll read comments that could’ve come off Der Sturmer – none of which Minto ever checks. In fact, when a chap jumped on to call out the antisemitism on the page, Minto accused him of being on the Jewish payroll. Let’s talk brass tacks now – Minto was humiliated by Dr. Cumin in that debate, which is why now – a year later – he’s trying this on.

    • Please supply links to these accusations. Just because you say these are the words he said doesn’t make it so. Why on earth would I take the word of a supporter of an aparrheid state?

        • And no actual antisemitism. Just legitimate criticism of Israel. As pointed out above, your determination to equate the two words Israeli and Jew just make the underlying apartheid nature of the state of Israel obvious. Palestinians have no chance to participate. The simple answer is for the IDF to stop murdering unarmed protesters and instead remove illegal settlers from Palestinian land

        • Kia ora

          And here is my response to Giraud’s Litany of Lies that he wrote in a fit of Anger and Embarrassment after being proved to be Lying on Twitter –—long.html Showing how he changes my words to make his dishonest case.

          A response that Giraud’s partner in the Israel Institute of New Zealand and the Free Speech Coalition, David Cumin, refused to host in response to Giraud’s diatribe. That shows Cumin’s Dishonesty and his rejection of real Free Speech!

          Having read my response, Giraud went off again driving into the Personal realm trying to get at me using a vile attack my dead mother – Then saying he Stands by his Disgusting attack. Read what Giraud said folks. Then imagine the kind of mind that could deliver that level of crassness.

          This is the measure of the Pro Israel Apartheid Lobbyists here in New Zealand as they try to shut down the voice for Equal Human Rights for All in Palestine/Israel. Something they reject.

          Make no bones about it. The Video of Cumin caught him making a Deliberate Considered Racist statement. One he thought that he could get away with even though he Knew he was being videoed.

          He said that Palestinians hide behind their children to use them as Human Shields.

          Israeli Snipers who are trained to hit an eye at 200 meters Deliberately Kill Palestinian Children to terrorise their parents into accepting their Imprisonment in Gaza in silence. Israeli State Terrorism against Children!

          It is obvious that these Israel Lobbyists have a Palestine exception in their Human Rights Conscience.

          Such is their Racism. And their Shame.

          Nga mihi


    • Dane your line of faux attack starts to reveal who you are.
      Do you read Der Sturmer as bedtime reading or to bolster your standpoint. Its pretty old stuff, well worn and irrelevant.

    • This is Dane Giraud. A man who in a fit or Anger and Humiliation after being Proven to be not telling the truth on an issue via Twitter, Blocked me, shut out his account and then wrote a Smear piece where he had to change/strike out my words and replace them to make his case. He then brought his Twitter account live again. That is dishonesty.

      He had his dishonest smear piece published on the Israel Institute of New Zealand website where David Cumin, the man in the video, refuses to host my reply. Allowing Girauds Smears to stand unchallenged.

      People can see his Smear piece along with my response here –—long.html

      Subsequently, being embarrassed again, Giraud went on to attack my dead mother in the most vile manner. This is the measure of the man.

      Given Giraud has been Proven to Lie in support of his Racist positions on Palestine/Israel, one should be wary of what he writes.

      Make no bones about it, Girauds actions, and other NZ Pro Israel Apartheid Lobbyists, are a desperate attempt to shut down Free Speech on the Palestine/Israel issue. Free Speech that Giraud and Cumin pretend to back based on their membership of the Free Speech Coalition.

      It seems as if they back Free Speech except for their “Palestine exception in Free Speech”

  4. So when people claim that Europeans committed war crimes in WW2, they are being racist? Facts are not racist. This is bullying, plain and simple. I hope the University of Auckland responds accordingly – by taking this complaint straight to the bin.

  5. Interesting that Minto is the one who always complains about Jews orchestrating a plot to suppress criticism of Israel by manufacturing claims of antisemitism, and here we have Minto doxxing Dr Cumin over a statement he made almost a year ago in a campus debate with Minto. Bit desperate Minto, even for you!
    As to the substance of the statement, a 2009 Amnesty report said, “Palestinian armed groups have repeatedly shown total disregard for the most fundamental human rights, notably the right to life, by deliberately targeting Israeli civilians and by using Palestinian children in armed attacks. Children are susceptible to recruitment by manipulation or may be driven to join armed groups for a variety of reasons, including a desire to avenge relatives or friends killed by the Israeli army.” It is well documented that Palestinian children are indoctrinated into the “cult of martyrdom” in UNWRA schools and through regime-sponsored TV. This is why some states have no withdrawn funding and why NZ should do so.

    • “Children… may be driven to join armed groups for a variety of reasons, including a desire to avenge relatives or friends killed by the Israeli army”

      Wow… is that so? Relatives or friends killed by the IDF may be a motivating force for revenge. I wonder how many of these occurrences there might be?

      Last year(2018), the report verified that 59 Palestinian children had been killed – 56 by Israeli forces – and another 2,756 injured, while six Israeli children were injured.
      Hmmm… 56 dead Palestinian children from the guns of Israeli soldiers if thats what you can call child murderers and a staggering 2756 injured compared to 6 Israeli children injured in the same year. And you spout off about Hamas as a terror organisation? Laughable though not so much considering the topic under discussion. Children indoctrinated into martyrdom is it. They forced the “soldiers to pull the trigger did they. I spose the poor wee soldier was absolutely terrified by the stone a 6 year old or 10 year old was holding because they sure as hell were not holding a gun! They sure breed those Israeli soldiers tough….

    • Many Israeli children are indoctrinated to believe they are the chosen people above all others. Goyim are there to serve their wants.

  6. Having failed to beat him in an argument, John Minto is trying to get his debating adversary cancelled. This is stooping incredibly low, even for the man who assailed a young tennis player for the crime of being an Israeli Jew. I just hope that the University sees this for what it is. Kia Kaha Dr Cumin.

  7. John your voice is important as Israeli shils distort the narrative repeating Zionist propaganda that the world knows is utter bullshit.
    David Cumin is a shocking example of a willful propaganda merchant who tells a tale that does not reflect the anger of many NZ Jews against what crimes the Zionist have committed and still commit daily.

    Good on you John. You have opposed apartheid consistently for decades. NZ is behind you.

  8. This is a bit far… this was a debate… these were not his words. This is a quote.

    As a counter, you’re a vile anti semite…

    • The following, and what preceded them were Cumin’s own words, “…violent riots on the border with Israel to which they bring children to use as human shields.” which of course is bullshit. No child was behind a prison fence to be used as target practice by the IDF. As for Meir’s quote, she conveniently failed to acknowledge that the theft or Palestine was the reason for the justified hatred.

    • David Cumin had time to plan, choose his words, Practice them and deliver them in his opening address.

      The Racist words that he chose to put forward were well considered.

      But we expect little less from a Pro Israel Apartheid Lobbyist.

      David Cumin will, one day in the future, look back and hang his head in shame at the Racism he has been presenting over the years.

  9. This was the same debate where you called Jews child murderers (blood libel) and told Jews how they should practice their religion.

    A straight white male telling non-white people how to live their lives and falsely accusing them of despicable things.
    Your talk was fit for a Christian missionary in the 19th century who believed he was carrying the white man’s burden to educate the “savages”.

    The basis of your entire attack is a quote made 50 years ago by an Israeli Prime Minister, which every person who is not deluded knows is not a slur.

    Your anti-Semitism is not based on any logical arguments, and now you’re attacking a man’s livelihood because you know you have no real or logical grounds on which you can disguise your anti-Semitism.

    • If you’re going to make slanderous accusations please be so good as to supply a link. I tend to think that you are making this up and especially since you dont supply a link. In your mind the word Jew and Israeli may be synonomous but that is just a consequence of supporting an apartheid state whereby you understand that it is impossible for anyone other than a Jew to be an Israeli. It is an absolutely documented fact that members of the Israeli Defense Force have been involved in murdering children. In the year 2018 the number of these child murders was 56 as I have stated above with a link. So please put up or shut up as they say. In NZ criticism of Israel or of Zionism is not antisemitism. John is quite within his rights to call the Israeli Army child murderers. Just as we have seen evidence through wikileaks that the USA Armed Forces engages in the murder of civilians we have also seen in the Right of Return marches the IDF engage in the murder of civilian protesters and children

  10. This was the same debate where you called Jews child murderers (blood libel) and told Jews how they should practice their religion.

    A straight white male telling non-white people how to live their lives and falsely accusing them of despicable things.
    Your talk was fit for a Christian missionary in the 19th century who believed he was carrying the white man’s burden to educate the “savages”.

    The basis of your entire attack is a quote made 50 years ago by an Israeli Prime Minister, which every person who is not deluded knows is not a slur.

    Your anti-Semitism is not based on any logical arguments, and now you’re attacking a man’s livelihood because you know you have no real or logical grounds on which you can disguise your anti-Semitism.

    • Antisemitism – where.

      “attacking a man’s livelihood”

      A university has academic responsibility and asking for that to be observed is routine.

  11. Minto and Dr. Cumin participate in a debate entitled “Different perspectives of Israel”

    A year later…
    Minto requests Dr. Cumin’s employer take disciplinary action because Dr. Cumin has a different perspective on Israel.

    It has taken Minto and his bully group a year to find language to turn the Golda Meir quote into a campaign to damage the career and ‘cancel’ an opponent who bested him in the debate.

    • Well Walter that would be what I would guess you would say on who won the debate. Are you saying that it would actually be possible for you to make an unprejudiced assessment? Somehow I doubt it. Just on the subject of the human shields a small query. If these human shields did in fact exist who or what was behind them? Soldiers with machine guns? Tanks? Mortars? No actually. If these human shields did exist what would be behind them in fact would just be more ordinary unarmed protesters with a few burning flags maybe or potentially the odd rock. But the problem that you now have is that these days everyone carries a cell phone and we can see that the human shield is just another tired trope like collateral damage that the cowardice of the IDF use to be able to hide behind. We now get to see what is real and what isnt and no amount of twisting words to make it sound that John is antisemitic will shield the apartheid state of Israel from this truth. You see we all know John. We grew up with him. He’s our friend and our neighbour and we know he gets angry at the injustice that he sees but racist? Sorry, you’ve got the wrong John Minto

  12. Minto has been festering for a year over his humiliating defeat by Dr Cumin at their debate held at UoA. Minto made some of the most outrageous remarks, telling the Jewish people there how they should think and what the Star of David symbolises. He also suggested the NZ Jewish Council should change its name. Would he have dared to do the same to the Muslim community? Or the Maori community? Or the Sikh or Buddhist community? Why does Minto and his ilk feel that only Jews need to be told how to think, act and identify themselves? But hey, I’m sure some of Minto’s ‘best friends are Jewish’!

    Golda Meyer’s statement is a regularly quoted one. It is not racist but a reflection on the experience of many.

    This action by Minto is scandalous and hypocritical. He stands by the antisemitic and dangerous words and comments of his Secretary of the Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa yet then tries to do this. The actions of a despicable and desperate individual who has lost the plot!

    • Rubbish. You forgot to mention that the audience was selected to have mainly PRO Zionist / Israel members who heckled and interfered with the actual debate. The inquiry into that never proceeded. It was a stitch-up.

    • Rob Berg makes reference to a Smear piece written by Dan Giraud about myself.

      A Smear that Giraud wrote in a fit of anger and embarrassment After I proved that he had Lied about an issues we had been discussing on Twitter.

      A Smear hosted by the David Cumin at the Israel Institute of Nwe Zealand who is at the Racist center of the blog above. Then after hosting it, Cumin Dishonestly Refused to host my reply leavign Girauds Smear to go unanswered. So I had it hosted elsewhere.

      People can read Giraud’s litany of lies and my response to those lies here –—long.html

      After being embarrassed once again, Giraud went on to attack my dead mother in the most vile of ways. See here –

      To conclude. This is a man who Rob Berg works with on a regular basis as he carries out his Pro Israel Apartheid Lobbying here in New Zealand. Therefore, it is a reflection on who Rob Berg is.

      A last note on Rob Berg. Rob is a UK citizen, who knowing that the Israeli Military carries out Terrorism in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, travelled to Israel to Volunteer to Join that military in its repression of Palestinians.

      Not Conscripted but a Volunteer for Israel rejecting the British army. Rob now walks amongst us in New Zealand proudly carrying his Repressive Israeli Military History with him.

      PS. The Pro Israel Apartheid Lobby will do anything except discuss the Racism, Terrorism, Land Theft, Ethnic Cleansing and Apartheid of Israel. Preferring the Vicious actions of Colonisation to be carried in the dark!

      Nga mihi

  13. The debate took place almost year ago. This “complaint” would have been a lot more credible if it had been straight away. Obviously there wasn’t anything to complain about then, why wait? You might not agree with him, but this is not the way to solve it. You could have a debate instead. Oh wait, you did, you lost…..

  14. What an absolute load of bollocks, even for a vile antisemite like Minto. He clearly lost the debate just as he is clearly losing this attempt to discredit a man of high personal integrity for simply quoting facts? Sorry Minto, you’ve clearly lost it! A new low even for the likes of you! Go and crawl back into your hole and stay there!

  15. Pathetic. Really putting emotions as “facts” and attempting to distort and push a narrative. The PSN should really look themselves in the mirror… Never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

  16. Kia ora

    All you Zionists, have you read Marilyn Garson’s book yet. Please do this. Presumably you think that bombing schools and hospitals of which the Israeli army have the coordinates is okay. Where does this put Marilyn and all the other Jews in the world, many of them well known who are opposed to the State of Israel and the appalling prison like conditions in which the Palestinians live in Gaza and the West Bank.

    You say he is an antisemite, but I have never seen or heard proof of this, could you perhaps send me in that direction so I can find out for myself. Leaving something on facebook that is antisemitic is not the answer really, lots of people don’t monitor their facebook pages properly. I want something that Minto has said and where and when?

    Nga mihi

  17. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. John Minto hates Israelis and will waste everyone’s time trying to demonise them at every opportunity. This is a ridiculous complaint and the university should not even provide him with the satisfaction of responding.

  18. Slow news day Mr Minto. I was at this debate. Dr Cumin was measured and clearly in command of his subject. The same could not be said for you. You lost the debate. So now you are trying to twist facts to fit your narrative. Sorry- it won’t work!

    • David Cumin wrote, practised and then spoke an incredibly Racist Statement about Palestinians using their Children as Human Shields.

      Then went on to quote the Incredibly Racist statement by Golda Meir. That Palestinians don’t love their children enough.

      Imagine the same being said about Jewish Parents. We would all agree that such a statement was anti-Semitic!

      People coming out to defend the use of these Incredibly Racist statements are defining themselves by their Unconscious Racism.

      Why do I say “Unconscious”? – Because it would be appalling to know that they Deliberately and Knowingly support Cumin’s Racism!

  19. A lot of accusations that John Minto is “antisemitic”.
    John Is anti apartheid and put in a valiant effort to further that cause. His statements make a lot more sense that many of the comments above which look to have been orchestrated.

    Israel is hardly a victim. The apartheid is real.

  20. Why does John Minto always come from such a place of hate? The 2 of them had a public debate, and Mr Minto now wants to try and use that as a means to take Dr Cumin down? Is this not outrageously ironic? I don’t know Dr Cumin, but I feel very sorry for him that he is being essentially persecuted by, in this case, a very misguided Mr Minto. Please let’s not give this nonsense complaint any more oxygen – it doesn’t do anything of worth for anyone or anything. What a waste of time for the university to have to consider this.

    • “Why does John Minto always come from such a place of hate?” You seem to have this the wrong way around Lisa. Minto has endlessly campaigned against the hatred of others that manifests itself as apartheid. You might check the links provided above by John W to clarify your understandings.

        • Get a grip Gaby! Being opposed to violent and demonstratively murderous apartheid policies isn’t antisemitic. One should also eschew the use of terms such as ‘hatred’ and ‘venomous’ when one is demonstrating those exact traits.

        • Wrong again Gaby. Antisemitism is not just criticism of anything Israel.
          Israel can be and should be crticised like any other state unless of course they are busy hiding behind the Antisemitism slur, which as you should know but may not, covers all who have a Semitic language base as opposed to a Yiddish language base.

  21. Come on – please respond!

    You say he is an antisemite, but I have never seen or heard proof of this, could you perhaps send me in that direction so I can find out for myself. Leaving something on facebook that is antisemitic is not the answer, lots of people don’t monitor their facebook pages properly. I want something that Minto has said and where and when?

  22. Well John Minto you certainly have flushed out many repeating the same complaints, many whom we haven’t seen before but have very similar sentence patters to others we know well.

    Mind you David Cumin does have some backing and appears quite aggressive in attacking on minor detail no doubt precious to his stance.

    His attack through the media council on a well known journalist was rebuffed on several grounds notably his delusions about being Jewish.

    The Media Councils ruling
    [16] He warns that the complainants’ logic would stifle the media’s ability to write about any and all religions for fear of being gratuitous. The column is one man’s opinion and the complaints amount to an attempt to stifle free speech and censor debate.

    David throws the term “antisemetic” around also trying to stifle free speech.

    If you have read or watched John Minto’s contribution to the debate then it shows a step by step factual analysis of the emergence of Israel. The history and developments all simply put.
    Davids presentation goes into the well hammered justification of Israels existence in classic style with a flood of superfluous irrelevant information.

    Watch the Video.

  23. Dr Cumin has made a great point during those debates about the right of Jewish people for the land of Israel, it’s development and the continues terror means against civilians that the Palestinians are using against Israel as well as their own people.
    Dr Cumin may present a point of view that the author doesn’t like, but that just shows how the author is unwilling to listen and learn.

    • Please supply some links ro news of the well known terror used by the Palestinians. I believe it is the IDF that owns the billions of dollars of military hardware that is used to rain down bombs on the Gaza strip. 50 days of this in 2014.

    • How truly profound, have you thought that perhaps Dr Cumin is unwilling to listen and learn – aaah no because you are a Zionist.

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