How does alarm monitoring work with naked broadband


Security is an important aspect, be it for a home or a business and having an alarm system offers both protection and peace of mind. While research shows that intruders and burglars avoid homes or businesses that have a security system in place, serious intruders are known to disarm alarm systems and carry on with their job. This is where alarm monitoring can be beneficial with quick detection and action taken by professional alarm monitoring providers. 

What is alarm monitoring? 

Alarm monitoring is the active monitoring of your home/business by a professional security provider. An alarm monitoring system works by detecting intruders or any unpleasant situation and then send signals to the central monitoring system. It acts as a quick communication medium between your security system and security provider. 

For instance, when the alarm goes off, a signal is sent to the monitoring station, who then contact you. If you are not reachable, they contact the authorities, who can then take action by visting your home and handling a situation if need be.

The biggest advantage of alarm monitoring is someone does the monitoring for you when you are away, leaving you at peace, but rest asurred that someone is looking after your property for you.  

What can alarm monitoring be used for?

An alarm monitoring system provides round-the-clock protection against break-ins and burglaries. It enables you to operate playback functionality using your security cameras to protect your home or commercial property. 

Your alarm monitoring can also be used to detect fires, floods, or specialised temperatures or with any other sensors in your home. Any time the sensor is set off, your alarm monitoring company will get notified. They can then call up the fire department, or police, or you, depending on the event.  

Older individuals, or people with health conditions also use medical alarm monitoring, which can be quite handy. This type of monitoring activates by pushing a panic button, which then sends a signal to your alarm monitoring company and they immediately notify medical professionals to come and help you. 

Is Alarm Monitoring Worth The Money?

A stand alarm monitoring package for your home or business can cost you somewhere between $30 to $40, which is about $1 to $1.5 for a day, which is quite reasonable for round-the-clock protection of your property and assets. 

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If you get an alarm system installed by your alarm monitoring company, you could get some a good deal on your alarm system, and in some cases free installation too. 

Another advantage to alarm monitoring is, it has the potential to reduce your insurance premiums, so make sure to check with your insurance provider if this is a possibility. You could end up saving much more on your premium by investing in monitoring.

How does alarm monitoring work with naked broadband (without phone lines)

Previously, home security systems would use home phone lines or hardline to monitor the system. Today, we have wireless monitoring, which has become the new normal in the home security system. It means you don’t have to worry about phone lines or internet connection to monitor or maintain your alarm system. 

A wireless alarm monitoring system uses radio technology that allows its sensors to communicate individually with the central control panel of the system. Likewise, the control panel communicates wirelessly with the monitoring station through a cellular network. 

If you are wondering if wireless security systems are reliable, it depends on your needs from your home security system. A hardwired system wins when it comes to reliability, while a wireless alarm monitoring system provides a more streamlined installation. 

The best option would be a hybrid security system that combines both a hardwired landline connection with a cellular backup for loss in wired connection.