LATEST ROY MORGAN POLL: Labour 54.5% National 27%


The latest Roy Morgan Poll is the kiss of death for National.

Labour are 54.5%

National 27%

Greens 9%

ACT 5%

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NZ First 1.5%

‪Dear National‬

‪Please, please, please, please, please elect Judith Collins as Leader. The way the blood gleams on her fangs in the pale moonlight will terrify middle NZ the way a capital gains tax & glutin does‬.

‪Labour will form a majority Government in September.

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  1. Lol, they are circling the drain.
    Yes with Collins in place I see the real possibility of a Labour majority government.
    Not sure I believe the greens are on 9 percent, but who knows. I do believe NZ First is still well gone.
    ACT will go higher than 5 percent with JC heading the Nats

  2. Nice poll. Labour governing alone as expected. National wiped out. New Zealand First having its headstone engraved.

    Judith Collins the new latrine rodent party leader. I’m sure she’s already had a text from whaleslime, Cameron Slater. Anyone who thought a new leader for the sewer rats would bring an end to dirty politics will be disappointed. National will now sink to an even lower level under the completely untrustworthy and vile Collins. They just don’t far king get it….mind you, they had fark all to choose from.

  3. I read the stuff press release on this pull;

    This poll is not reliable the press said as it was over a longer time and Morgan is the least accurate historically it said.

    National should be far lower in this poll if it was taken a week ago.

  4. Martyn, what waa that about Act on 9%? I think yours and Damien’s source got their parties mixed up.

  5. The most interesting stats of this poll was ACT on 5%, which Martyn has been predicting recently, and the Greens on 9% which he hasn’t.
    It is only a poll of course, so should not be taken as gospel but if these trends are repeated might indicate that coalition government may continue.

  6. “Labour will form a majority Government in September.” Hope so too.
    Oh! please please please NOT National.

  7. I think nationals polling with judeath as leader will lift by 3-5% hopefully that will all come from the Act party that nine percent is looking good for the Greens.

  8. plus 100 Iainz, why? because we need to build on our Covid gains, why do we think so many Kiwis are flocking home and why are so many others trying to get into our country?

    • I don’t have any chickens Gary but under national i wont have a home cause if national get back in they will let in every man and his dog and his dogs body into our country

      • I dislike the term ‘dogsbody’, michelle.

        I had an Aussie shepherd ( cross between an Australian shepherd and a German shepherd ), – and you could not get a more family member, guard and stalwart than she was. Her name was Beth.

        Absolutely lovely personality. I had to give her away after the 2007/2008 crunch. Happily to my Dad. She adored him and he adored her. He brushed her till her coat gleamed. And she loved all the grandchildren.

        Apart from that?- keep on keeping on michelle 🙂

        But dogs to me ?… are part of the family in my book. Working dogs, hunting dogs ,guard dogs , … they are all the same.

  9. “…fangs in the pale moonlight…” Interestingly, Collins presented yesterday attired in the biggest hounds’ tooth check pattern that I’ve ever seen imprinted on a garment, and the significance did not escape me.

    • Yes but that’s Collins, and it appears she is more aligned to having a cat scrap with the incumbents colleagues.

      Lets keep it to cat scraps and leave the noble Canidae heritage and all the good they have preformed for humanity out of it…

  10. I don’t have any chickens Gary but under national i wont have a home for my chickens if i had any cause if national get back in they will let in every man and his dog and his dogs body into our country.

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