The Waterstone 2020 Election Podcast – Todd Muller Bombshell


The Waterstone Election 2020 Podcast on The Daily Blog with Damien Grant and Martyn Bradbury discussing the Todd Muller Leadership bombshell.

Simon Bridges has been invited.


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  1. I wonder what terrifying and horrible thing made muller run for his life while casting aside all considerations and responsibilities to his beloved national party at such a critical moment just weeks out from a general election? ( I nearly wrote erection. That’d a been funnier…)
    I’m intrigued and yet I’m fearful. Is this how bomb disposal experts feel?
    Does the plant know something we don’t? Should we, in fact, give a fuck?
    Turn the tele off and take your dog for a walk and see that nothing changes.
    Muller should have taken this opportunity to really fuck things up. You don’t get given an opportunity like this every time you become the ‘leader’ of an opposition just prior to an election.
    Muller should have gone on a sacking rampage instead.
    collins ? Gone just because she’s hideous.
    walker? Gone because he’s just too stupid to be in charge of anything.
    woodhouse? Gone because he did that toilet seat thing. Is he like 12 years old?
    bridges? Gone because he’s just so… ordinary. He makes Jehovah’s Witnesses seem exciting.
    I remember reading something somewhere by someone who believed that the devil was in the beige. In the boring. In the callous blandness of things.
    Friedensreich Hundertwasser once said ” There is no God in straight lines.”
    Muller should have gone fucking crazy. He should have booted out all the money fetishist drones in Natzo’s caverns then went out and got into a fight then got pissed and crashed his car into a school bus. ( Making sure no one got hurt, that could be connected to that or anyone doing it.)
    The bleak natzo voters would have dropped their jaws down onto their highly vacuumed polyester carpet then leaped out through their ranch slider to rush next door to shag the neighbour. There’d a been glorious bedlam!
    But instead? muller makes yawning seem exciting.
    You watch? Some Mope will dawdle in, sit while looking stern then go mouldy. I guarantee it.

    • CB’s first sentence: Yes, that’s an interesting question, ain’t no doubt about it.

      (I’m just not buying the ‘fainting at the first blush of trouble’ line that’s around.)

  2. Yeah boi !! Boomer is going to be in such a good mood lol. Can we please be respectful of Muller though .. sounds like the guy has had a mental breakdown.

    Even if his Trumpian ambition has lead to his current state.

    • Yes I note the post the other day mocking him for needing a cup of tea and a lie down didn’t age well.
      Very progressive.

      • Still wondering, Who spiked his cuppa.

        Or, what message did he receive that caused him to commit hari-kari..

  3. Damien: “Now that we’re going to get a “brand new, fresh, clean National party leader…”

    Ms Collins “brand new”? “Fresh”? “Clean”????

    (Doesn’t compute…)

  4. Crusher Collins on newshub today 15/7/20 said “I respect Jacinda but we will crush this current Government.”

    That sounds as soft and cuddly as you would expect from Judith Collins isn’t it????.

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