10 weeks till NZ election – what does the political landscape look like?


So we are now 10 weeks until the 2020 NZ Election due on September 19th. The pandemic has generated an unforeseen unprecedented universal event that has generated a solidarity  and a genuine gratitude of Jacinda’s leadership which is translating into political loyalty. More National Party voters will vote National as their electorate vote and Party vote Labour than ever before in NZ political history. Here’s the landscape 10 weeks out.

• August 6: The House will rise

• August 12: Parliament will be dissolved

• September 2: Overseas voting starts

• September 7: Advance voting starts

• September 18: Advance voting ends and all election and referendum advertising must cease the night before election day with signs taken down by midnight.

• September 19: Voting places will open from 9am until 7pm that night when election results will be released progressively.

• October 2: Preliminary results for referendum votes on cannabis and end of life choice will be released.

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• October 9: Official results including special votes for the 2020 General Election and referendums declared.


Everything is now going Labour’s way. Jacinda’s incredible leadership and the unique political solidarity it has created has been followed by Winston’s illness and National’s latest dirty politics implosion. Labour are in line for the highest win of their entire political history and are set to gain 50%+ meaning they will win an out right majority. Herdism (NZ voters who just want to back the winner) alongside the new enrolment rules that allow enrolment on the day plus booths in malls and supermarkets can only help.

An outright majority brings with it risks. To date Jacinda has been able to blame a lack of transformative change on Winston being the hand break, but if Labour win an outright majority, Jacinda & Grant will be forced to deliver like never before.

Domestically we haven’t seen transformation in child poverty, the housing crisis, inequality or a cleansing of the toxic cultures inside Oranga Tamariki, WINZ or the prison system.

That said, after terrorism, volcanism and a pandemic, Jacinda has earned a second term and only the most spiteful and tribal would disagree. She is a political phenomenon with unparalleled emotional intelligence. She is on her way to a 4 term legacy before leaving for the UN.


How the zombie Christ has Muller, Hooton and Co managed to fuck this up so badly? I’ve seen nuclear meltdowns with less radioactivity than these clowns have managed.

There are 5 questions right now…

1: Hooton self mutilated his career as a commentator for this?
2: How smug must Simon Bridges be feeling right now?
3: Will Muller sack Woodhouse?
4: Will Muller sack Muller?
5: Can National get over 30% in the election?

…the only way National claw themselves back now is if John Campbell breaks a story showing the Labour Government bio-engineered the Covid-19 virus themselves with a photo of Jacinda in a lab coat and Grant passing her the test tube.

Muller can only succeed is if the virus gets lose inside NZ so National wins if NZ loses meaning National are a festering party of ghouls watching in hope for mass casualties. I think more National voters will party vote Labour than ever before.


With Winston ill, NZ First has to rely on Shane Jones to win Northland, but with Labour on their way to 50%+, no one cares. Winston can’t be the Kingmaker if the Queen crowns herself and there would be no more glorious political karma than NZ First returning to Parliament and not being needed.


Over the last few weeks pundits on the Right and the Left have taken my 3 year old argument the Greens won’t get over 5%.

The math part of the argument is simple. The Greens have gone backwards in every election for the last 9 years and they always over poll before the election. Todays 6% can easily by under 5% on election day. I’ve also added that the international vote that always saves the Greens won’t go to them this year because Jacinda is such an internationally celebrated phenomena.

The why the Greens have slumped however is a tad more controversial than the math.

I’ve argued that the Greens reliance on twitter praise has driven them to virtue signal their woke middle class identity politics so much so they have actually alienated voters rather than attract them.

The Greens have abandoned real environmental progress against climate change (promising to maybe do something in 30 years IS NOT A SOLUTION) and they’ve dumped a broad-church social justice platform in favour of pure temple mantras that manage to include via exclusion.

Remember Green attempts to use the terror atrocity in Christchurch to push their argument all white people were culpable for that violence because of micro aggressions and casual racism…

Christchurch vigil or political rally? Why some people walked out of Auckland Domain event

Speeches calling out racism, colonialism and white supremacy at an Auckland vigil for victims of the Christchurch mosque attacks had some attendees leaving early, saying it was “too soon” for such discussions.

…when your woke activists starting point is that all men are rapists, all white people are racist and anyone supporting free speech is an actual goose stepping Nazi, there’s not a lot of wriggle room.

As social media has become totally ubiquitous within all our lives, those easily identifiable woke green activists screaming abuse at you in your social media feed for the latest outrage doesn’t ‘wake’ you up, it simply creates alienation.

This is why the Greens have barely managed to poll over their disastrous 2017 result and with Jacinda over shining everything they say and do, the Greens have become those people you actively avoid rather than engage with.

I say all this as someone who has voted Green my entire adult life.

Green Woke Activists think they can win the election if they simply cancel all the voters who don’t agree 100% with everything they have to say.

I’m not sure that’s a winning strategy.

While the Greens step towards a wealth tax and TDBs solar panels on every state house idea has made it more likely they will cross the threshold, the simple truth of the new reality we find ourselves in is will it matter?

Bryce Edwards says Labour’s fortunes rest with the Greens.


However I would argue that the new reality has set in motion a change in the psychology of the electorate, that voters new found solidarity and gratitude towards Jacinda could combine to create an unseen before wave of support for Labour that will be able to win them an unprecedented MMP majority.

With Winston unable to campaign for health reasons and the National Party Boag Dirty Politics meltdown, Labour have never had it so good.

The question on September 20th won’t be can the Greens get over 5%, the question will be who cares once Labour’s 50%+ landslide occurs.


Previously this was the most offensive thing ACT did.

When you twerk with the Devil in the pale moonlight, the Devil doesn’t change, you do. ACT’s flirtation with the gun fascists has ended with them taking his Party hostage the way Trump did with the Republican Party. The NZ NRA want to repeal the gun laws and are anti-1080 conspiracy fetishists. ACT have walked away from any ideological pretension that they are free market purists by going redneck on law and order with an appalling policy that would see the already outrageous proceeds of crimes act remove any safeguards and allow Police to seize private property. Who woulda thunk David Seymour would support State stormtroopers taking private property with no checks or balances other than the balance of probabilities?

ACT are now held hostage to a far more dangerous ideology than Milton Friedman, the NZ NRA makes Ayn Rand rational. At some stage a rescue mission will need to be conducted to save David Seymour from his faustian bargain.

He’s cashed his credibility in for 3 magic beans just at the time when ACT is gaining momentum. The woke’s inane super power of handing David free speech ammunition and making him politically relevant again is soul destroying and with National in freefall, ACT could expect 4-5% from disgruntled National voters.

David is the de facto Leader of the Opposition.


The Māori Party have a real chance in Te Tai Hauāuru and Tamaki Makaurau and with a small nudge up in their Party vote could end up with 2 electorate MPs plus a list MP.  The Māori Party could become an election night surprise.


Going no where fast. Only chance is Geoff Simmons winning Rongotai which is as likely as Todd Muller being named New Zealand’s sexiest politician.



New Conservative Party: Strip away any rationality, compassion and gentle sensibilities within Christianity and you have the New Conservative Party. Hateful of abortion, solo mothers, gays, solo mothers, cannabis and solo mothers, the New Conservatives love guns, patriarchy and more guns. Paranoid and frightened of any idea post the renaissance, the New Conservatives would represent a great leap backwards for New Zealand. It’s political thinking is so inbred, I suspect they would want to relax laws around cousins marrying. Banjo playing with your toes and burning books is mandatory to be a candidate. I suspect Solo mums are not allowed to vote for the Party.


Vision NZ: Hates all the same things as the New Conservatives but hates Muslims most. Brian Tamaki claimed yesterday at his central Auckland protest that Labour will make NZ a ‘Socialist country’ and I’ve NEVER been so excited & happy in my life. Reading through their policy, you suspect they consider eclipses to be inspired by Satan and believe Jacinda is the daughter of the Devil’s third cousin. I think Libraries and clitorises would be banned if Vision NZ came to power.


One Party: Now, you would have thought Vision NZ and the New Conservatives had covered off the entire spectrum of right wing crazy Christian, but lo and behold, there’s another schism and it’s the ‘ONE Party’. They talk ALOT about ‘The Kingdom’ which is bizarre for a democracy. Under ONE Party, I think Jesus becomes the Constitutional Head of State and God has to personally sign off on legislation. The NZDF would be given spirit spears to fight Satan with and anyone caught working on Sunday is put to death. I think under The One Party,  Gay Conversion treatment is mandatory for anyone who watches Glee. I think electricity and any singing that isn’t praising Jesus is also banned.

Advance NZ: Desperate for political relevance, Jami Lee Ross, the former Machiavellian Svengali of the National Party, has started his own Party for the advancement of Jami Lee Ross. Under Advance NZ, Jami Lees Ross advances his own interests and anyone who wants to donate vast sums of money to the right while being recorded for it. Advance NZ wants freedom, sovereignty and independence for Jami Lee Ross. Think of it as a really expensive public rebranding exercise so JLR can get a job in Banking somewhere.


The Integrity Party: Revolves around the leader who left the Sustainability Party. Wants to be the kingmaker of politics with lots of middle of the road opinions. It’s that ugly blue green colour you have when environmentalism gets hit by capitalism. Has the kind of Māori buzz words you get when Wellington Bureaucrats are opening a sustainable pet crematorium.

Tea Party: Fresh from his tilt at the Auckland mayoralty, John Hong, NZs most active cheerleader for China, has formed his own Party and is aiming at the enormous Chinese diaspora in NZ to propel him into Parliament. For all the tea in China, I’m not sure the Tea Party has read the tea leaves here. If the Tea Party syphons off votes from National and they don’t reach the 5% threshold, Hong damages National and wastes all that vote. It’s a win win for the Left, so I for one say, ‘Keep going Mr Hong’.

NZ Public Party: I love this Party, sure the Chinese puppet party is funny, various religious right wing nutters are entertaining and the vanity projects are a great self deluded laugh, but for pure insanity, the NZPP can not be surpassed. Their policy platform are a bunch of QaNON conspiracies all rolled into one vast narrative. The Covid-19 virus is a bioengineered weapon spread by 5G technology that is aimed to bring about a shadowy one world Government inside the UN. I can’t satirise this, because it seems to be what they actually believe. The existence of the NZPP is an indictment on our public education system.


With the enrolment rule changes and booths in supermarkets and malls, I think we will see a large turnout.

I think overseas votes will go overwhelmingly to Labour and not the Greens.

I think with the huge number of fringe parties we will see more wasted vote than ever before.

I think Labour will be 50%+.

I think National will be lucky if they hold onto 30%.

The Greens & NZ First won’t be politically relevant.

ACT will benefit most from National’s meltdown.



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  1. Ten weeks is a LONG TIME when economic, financial and social arrangements are collapsing at the current rate. And when the rate of collapse is accelerating, as is the case, ten weeks is a VERY LONG TIME.

    It is scary when we see grossly uninformed commentators on ‘Breakfast’ pushing barrows of BAU when BAU is over. Although Covid-19 appears to be the major setback to BAU, the reality is, the inherent fundamental flaws and inconsistencies of the system itself are what are demolishing the system, and the presence of criminals and clowns in positions of high office -most notably Trump and Bolsonaro- exacerbate those inherent flaws and inconsistencies into a ‘tsunami’ of mayhem.

    Pardon me for repeating what I wrote on another thread but we are ‘on the Titanic’ and we have collided with ‘the iceberg’ and we are sinking at an ever faster rate. The ‘pumps’ that have kept us afloat for the more than a decade are about to get overwhelmed.

    On the matter of ‘the case for Fortress Aotearoa’ and ‘We won’t return to normality because normality was the problem’, I first used the analogy of the Titanic in the year 2000, when I commenced writing my first book highlighting the ‘terrifying truth about the global economy’. I likened our predicament to being on board the Titanic, headed at full speed towards the iceberg, with the steering firmly locked in position and the captain determined to not change course or reduce speed.

    Well, we hit the iceberg in 2008, (arguably in 2001) and since then the ship’s pumps have been working hard to keep the Titanic afloat.

    It was around 2014 that I realised the futility of trying to alert the captain, crew and passengers to the need have lifejackets and to launch lifeboats: they all firmly believed the ship was unsinkable, and there was no need for lifejackets or lifeboats. Even as water was entering the hull, they remained firmly locked into denial of reality and believed the watertight bulkheads would prevent sinking.

    Around 9 months ago, when the US repo market ‘blew up’ the pumps were set to a higher speed. And since the coronavirus started to really bite (around 2 months ago) the pumps have been set on full speed. But they are losing the battle.

    And so now, as the Titanic starts to seriously list and passengers on the lower decks start to drown (being Third Class), I find it fascinating that the Titanic analogy is becoming widely used.

    …’The glancing blow that ruptured the Titanic’s hull over a distance of roughly 250 feet (out of a full length of 882 feet) and admitted water into six of her compartments sealed her fate.
    Considerable hullabaloo attended the attempt in the summer of 1996 to raise a piece of the hull from the debris field, but far more interesting was the ultrasound investigation of the area of the bow damaged by the iceberg. These images revealed six small tears or openings affecting the first six compartments. Just as we had surmised in 1986, the great gash was a myth and the actual openings into the ship seem to have been the result of rivets popping and hull plates separating.
    This offers a very powerful analogy to the fatal damage inflicted on our financial system by an apparently “glancing blow” with the pandemic shutdown. Just as the Titanic was mortally wounded not by great tears in its hull but by the buckling of steel hull plates, so the U.S. (and thus global) financial system is sinking from similarly “glancing” blows.

    The actual damage could have been contained–do you sense another analogy about to surface?– had the fifth watertight bulwark–shall we call it “the bulwark against systemic failure”?– extended a few decks higher. But inexplicably, this watertight barrier did not extend as high as the other watertight bulkheads.

    Though the water gushing through a three-foot gash in the forward engine room was held back by the ship’s great pumps, as the bow sank lower then water seeped over the fifth watertight bulkhead and gushed into the boiler room, extinguishing the fires that powered the pumps.
    This generated a feedback loop: the higher the water rose, the more boilers were extinguished and the less power was available to the pumps.

    And so against all “rational odds,” the ship’s apparently minor structural design flaw led to its inevitable loss as the mighty pumps lost their battle against the rising water.
    To all the “experts,” the risk of collision with an iceberg were considered low, while the risk of catastrophic damage were considered essentially zero. Hmm, does that remind you of our financial system circa September 2019, just as the great U.S. economy’s hull was buckling?

    Now we have the Great Pumps of Federal Reserve money-printing and Stimulus, which in a close analogy are pumping trillions of dollars into the sinking U.S. economy. But just as the engines of the Titanic lost power as the water extinguished the boilers supplying steam to the engines, so the stimulus is only keeping the rising water temporarily at bay– it is not actually saving the “engines” of the economy from sputtering.

    And what are those engines?

    1. Debt, which must increase to fuel spending, income and thus taxes

    2. Rising assets, which provide the basis for ever-more borrowing

    3. Government borrowing, which enables government spending to keep rising without regard to actual tax revenues or the health of those being taxed

    4. Rising employment as vast borrowing and spending creates new jobs

    The ice-cold water is splashing into each of these engines. As assets fall then there is simply no foundation (collateral) to support more borrowing. As debt is paid down rather than expanded, then spending falls. As spending falls, so do revenues, profits and employment, all of which crimp tax revenues.

    The last engine is government borrowing. To those still standing on the sloping deck, cheering the “good news” of Big Tech’s meteoric ascent to the heavens of bubble overvaluation, this seems like the engine which can never be extinguished. Through thick and thin the Federal government and the state and local governments (via muni bonds) have been able to borrow and spend stupendous sums seemingly without consequence.

    The demise of this last great engine will surprise as many as the sinking of the Titanic did, but it is as inevitable as the sinking of the great ship. The pumps can only hold the water back for a while, but the Stimulus magic will expire sooner than anyone imagines.

    As the government scrambles to find buyers for endless trillions in new U.S. bonds (and trillions more in new corporate debt, new mortgages, new consumer debt, student loans, new muni debt, etc.) then interest rates will rise and the great engine of ever-greater debt will hiss and sigh as the water rises and then go silent and cold.’…

    Full article here:


    The Zero Hedge link has a nice cartoon.


    • I have read somewhere that if all the bulkheads in the Titanic had been left open then she would have kept level until swamped and that all her pumps throughout the hull would have come into play and delayed the sinking for several hours enabling the rescue of most of the victims of the sinking.
      Perhaps this could add to your analogy the concept that if the rescue money printing going on were spread throughout the economy; ie. QE for the people, the sinking of the world economy could be delayed long enough to work out and implement a more sustainable monetary system.
      The trouble with that is that those who are becoming ever richer in the status quo are in control , and they would be comparatively disadvantaged by sharing the stimulus packages , so it is going to be taken to the point of unworkability . But just what that is going to look like it is hard to be sure. I think there might be terrible misery for the vast proportion of humanity while those with ever increasing wealth and control remain unaffected , and the “economy” by the arbitrary measures it is assessed by stays buoyant . It might take the violent revolution that the Marxists believe necessary to right the situation for the masses.
      How do you see the breakdown evolving AFKTT ?
      D J S

      • Remember how the Americans overlooked not-to -be-trusted warmonger Bill Clinton because the economy was supposedly booming. It was Clinton who promoted the overturning of regulations put in place at the time of the Great Depression to prevent financial shenanigans. So, under Bill, the shenanigans that have always been a component of finance went into ‘hyperdrive’, spurring the phony ‘derivatives’ market, collateralization and bundling -which led the MBS crisis that resulted in the 2008 meltdown- and hypothecation. All are fancy names for fraud. But since the vast majority of people are clueless, the scammers were able to get away with it for quite a long time.

        Some say that the root of the problem goes back to Tricky Dicky decoupling the US dollar from gold in 1971 to pay for the Vietnam War. But the real root of the problem is Fractional Reserve Banking and the charging of interest on money created out of thin air, on the assumption that there can be infinite growth [of resource extraction and generation of pollution] on a finite planet -the faux notion that every year the economy will be bigger than the previous year, forever.

        The Americans were able to circumvent the declining conventional oil extraction peak by promoting fracking, on the [false] assumption that junk bonds at close-to-zero interest could always be rolled over, and that at some stage the frackers would actually start to become profitable. Well, Saudi Arabia had other ideas, and fracking is in rapid retreat, like most other components of the American economy.

        Bearing in mind that the service sector (which includes the bloated and ineffective health system that delivers poor health outcomes at great expense to the purchaser) makes up 70% of the US economy, and bearing in mind that retail stores and shopping malls are closing at a record pace whilst the food processing sector is in dire straits because of Covid-19, I cannot see how the US can remain afloat for more t0han a few more months.

        As the saying goes, bullshit can get you to the top but it won’t keep you there. And most of what comes out of America has been bullshit.

        Sure, one American can outwit and outshoot a dozen or more well armed Vietnamese, Koreans, Russians, Chinese, Iranians, Iraqis etc. in the fantasy world of Hollywood movies.

        In the real world the average American is an overfed clown, to borrow from Kunstler.

          • I’m not sure that was a serious question. Maybe just rhetorical. But if you are looking for an answer, here’s my opinion on the matter.

            Kiwisaver is a component of the international financial Ponzi scheme. And when the international financial Ponzi scheme collapses -as it most certainly will- funds in Kiwisaver will be found to have the same value as all other phony assets, i.e. zero.

            Just when and how the Kiwisaver funds will reach zero in purchasing power is open to debate. It could be via falling property prices, whereby an apartment in a major city become valueless because no one wants to live in a major city; it could be because large corporations go bankrupt (as is already happening) because they can no longer juggle the finances or take out loans or be bailed out by governments; it could be because so-called inflation (the continuous devaluation of money by central banks results in a loaf of bread costing $5, then $10, then $20…; it could be because there is panic in the markets and everyone tries to sell when no one wants to buy, resulting in shares reaching to their true value -close to nothing (bearing in mind the markets have been morphed into something akin to a casino, where everyone bluffs and bids higher in the hope that they can out-gamble the competitors.

            Most likely a combination of all of the above. And very likely we will see a major shift in confidence in the system by the end of this year. But maybe the spivs and money-lenders and professional liars can stretch the game out for another year or two.

            • Thanks…it was a serious question….imo the only safe place to put money, if you have enough of it, is in land or a house( pay off the mortgage)…at least if their value falls you still have the comforts of a home and land which you can sort of subsist and grow turnips…or if you dont have much money then another option is KiwiBank ( with almost no interest)which should be govt guearanteed…(my KiwiSaver does not have much in it but I would prefer not to lose it)

              Maybe this Labour led government ( hopefully also the next one after the Election), needs to buy up land for collective food growing for those who can not afford it, to work it ….I do not want to see homeless people /swagger men desperate as in the Sugarbag years of the 1930s Depression


        • I have a book by Greenspan wherein he says his mistake was to recommend to Clinton (I think) that the head bankers knew as much about banking as anyone and the level of “reserve” under the fractional reserve system in operation could reasonably be left to them. He saw that he was wrong. The reason apart from greed that he was wrong that he does not say is not just greed , but it threw all the banks into competition with each other to reduce that reserve to meet their competitors or loose market share as they leapfrogged each other in reducing it to almost nothing.
          But the BOE has stated that they have not recognised or operated a fractional reserve for a long time, that deposits and loans are not connected at all. That is the same effect as a FRS with no imposed reserve.Otherwise though a sovereign banking system as Social Credit recommended way back in the 30’s and for which the BNZ was purchased by the then Labour government but hamstrung by the bankers in operation would be the ideal, I think that while the banks were under the govt through the control of the reserve bank under a properly run FR.
          The banks perform a legitimate service in managing storage and transfer of value to facilitate commerce, and in making the decisions on what enterprises are worthy of putting investment into , whoever is supplying the funds. And some remuneration is necessary by some route .
          Figuring out a completely different system for making these decisions and creating money, and managing the supply of it is not easy. A situation where some elected or non elected board decides would be fraught with opportunity for fraud and corruption . And the next step would be a completely managed economy from the top down which no population will ever vote for.
          Cheers D J S

        • just to add to America’s largely self-induced woes, the forecast is for hot, very hot and sizzlingly hot across much of the US, not just for a few days but for several weeks.

          ‘Extreme “Heat Dome” To Fry US With Record Temperatures Up To 121F For Several Weeks’

          …’What this means is that over 80 percent of the U.S. population – encompassing 265 million people – can expect sweltering heat over the next week with highs exceeding 90. Another 45 million people will be facing highs in the triple digits.

          Additionally, we can expect a full season of lethal heat ranging from 90°F to 121°F, not to mention extreme tropical storms, wildfires, and extreme weather related to La Niña conditions, reports the Independent.

          On Friday, the National Weather Service issued excessive heat watch alerts for “dangerously hot conditions” and forecast that between Friday and Tuesday, over 75 record high temperatures would be reached or exceeded, with heat expected to increase in the following week.’…


  2. Apart from my normal comment that you need to lay off the Jacinda cool aid, here is my thoughts:

    “there would be no more glorious political karma than NZ First returning to Parliament and not being needed” – This is totally off base IMO. If Winnie were still in parliament, at least he has a platform. The worst thing to happen to him is to become an ordinary pensioner because his narcissistic personality needs the attention that being “leader” of a party gives him.

    I think your assessment of David Seymour is reasonably unfair. His intentions at least seem genuine.

    I am hoping that the Greens will disappear. This will give Labour 50% of the RESIDUAL vote but I doubt they can manage 50% of the total vote.

    • NZF being returned and not needed but included anyway would appeal to me. In recognition of Winston being responsible for putting labour in in the first place and for what Winston and Tracy still have to offer. The admin would be strengthened by NZF inside rather than outside even though I foresee a Labour outright majority.
      D J S

      • Winston only ever offers anything to Winston.
        The sooner he is permanently gone from the political landscape the better.

  3. In my opinion national et al will be living in dread of becoming the government, what ever that is.
    labour will get in then slap a coat of paint over the last 36 years of neoliberalism, the criminals who most benefited from those 36 years of greed and thievery will slip quietly out the back door to make good their escape and we’ll all be just fine inside the wonderful little worlds of the hopes and dreams our imaginations must conjure up so as we barely survive on a land of wealth and beauty.
    Therefore …meh.
    Actually, the meh needs to be bigger… Make that a MEH would you?

  4. In 2017 Jacinda was new, she was a different beast than anyonehad dealt with previously and now we know, like know, know…, Jacinda is a Dragon. Know that you can not talk trash to Dragons. In 2020 in terms of support and momentum she is way way above her rookie season.

  5. Yoo hoo? Green Party…? Hello…? Yoo hoo…? Anyone home? Hello…?
    There’s green in this article and it looks like a party but no Green Party…
    “Farmers dig deep at Regenerative Agriculture workshops”
    Did I just hear monsanto go ” Oh, fuck no!”

    Here’s a funny story…
    I have an old house in the countryside. Is nice. Sheep for neighbours, big trees… is really nice.
    Unfortunately, my neighbours insist on farming intensively and by that I mean they insist their sheep snip the grass off at soil level whilst also eating their own shit one break at a time.
    Enter the dreaded cluster fly. Cluster flies lay their eggs at the entrance of worm casts handily exposed by a lack of grass cover for the industrious earth worm. The fly larva enter the worm, no doubt in a way that’d be less than polite conversation at a Herne Bay dinna paaty dahlings. Spaghetti? Awwf the menu sweetie-darlings”.
    The larva then proceeds to eat the worm from the inside out, thus more Cluster Flies and less worms.
    But wait? There’s more! The cluster fly then needs to cluster over winter. In morbid hoards huddled in clumps within the roof spaces of houses owned by people living in the country.
    I was preparing dinner a few nights ago and found one or two upside down on my kitchen bench so I got my trusty can of fly spray and gave them a wee squirt. ( I’m doing renovations so they’d a come out of the roof space. )
    I was writing here actually, while my new rice cooker did it’s thing.
    Then, I stood up and went into the kitchen to a Hellish thing. Thousands of cluster flies were either lying dying or flying then diving to die. The fuckers were everywhere, including all through my food I’d prepared, my tea towels, my cutlery and dishes. I leaped, like a gazelle to my vacuum cleaner and as I vacuumed they flew into my eyes, my ears, what little hair I have left and down my neck… To make matters worse, it was dark and I was using head torch to see into those dark little places.
    They’re a special needs kind of fly. They fly about then suddenly drop and play dead? What the fuck is that about? If you poke one thinking “Aw poor wee lamb. Off to meet your maker. ” It’ll suddenly leap into life and fly down the neck of you shirt as, no doubt, instinctively firing out eggs while aiming at ones arse hole!
    Wave after wave after wave of cluster flies came through a portal from a parallel universe because I’m fucked if could find out where they were getting in.
    Intensive farming practices will only lead to ruin, then in will come the parasites which brings me to the national party…
    Ever heard of the sheep nasal bot fly?
    A laugh of a thing. The female fly races onto the opening of the nostril of the sheep, lays an egg, then races off again. The egg’s stuck there by vaginal fly spit to hatch then crawl up into the sheep’s nasal passages where it lives feeding off the mucus it irritates the sheep to produce.
    Then, once it’s old enough to go outside and party, the larva crawls down the sheep’s nostrils causing much sneezing which propels the larva onto the ground, the larva digs into the soil, pupates then comes back out as a flying nostril fucker. Beware! Shepherds have been known to get them up their noses. Not a laugh at all, so I’m told.
    The reason for the sheep nasal bot flies success is too short a grass and general foliage cover. The sheep can’t get protection from grass cover to hide their faces and noses.
    Intensive farming practises are disastrous on all levels because [it] enables the proliferation of parasitic diseases and infestations.
    Which, again, brings me back to the national party…
    Aye boys?

  6. I wish I could wrap our Queen up and catapult her into a better time, that is how much I love her, but she is in for bad times, just pray she always keeps her pulse on the people, it is what she is good at…

  7. No David Stone they won’t be needed (NZF) they only have themselves to blame, not because they put Labour in power but because they have been a handbrake to there coalition partners. It is now time to take the handbrake of and put ones foot on the accelerator.

    • So without the hand brake Michelle , what do you see labour doing during their next term that they would not do with NZF interfering? What does putting thei foot on the accelerator actually mean to you?
      D J S

  8. Transformational change in AO/NZ

    – HTTP 404.

    There was not transformational change with the existing party set-up.

    There is no transformational change with the existing party set-up.

    There will be no transformational change with the existing part set-up.

    This can only be revised by accident, or by civil society organizations through an alternative ecological-socialist platform.

    Under the present circumstances voting for the Greens remains the most reasonable option for the Left in AO/NZ.

    PS…..the HTTP 404, 404 Not Found, 404, Page Not Found, or Server Not Found error message is a Hypertext Transfer Protocol standard response code to indicate that the browser was able to communicate with a given server, but the server could not find what was requested.


  9. ‘Climate calamity’ is going to change the way we all vote now.

    As in the next five years we will reap what we sowed folks.

    We actually are already reached the 1.5 degree over the global average others say so this makes the case for catastrophe far worse than the forecasters said two days ago to the media!!!!

    The World Meteorological Organisation says there’s a growing chance that global temperatures will break the 1.5C threshold over the next five years, compared to pre-industrial levels.

    See full article (Below) released two days ago on the BBC news.


  10. Unfortunately The main stream media will decide the election..it is sickening to watch as they fall hook line and sinker for National commentators click bait. Watch Duncan Garners interview with Muller after the leaks (positivley kind and sympathetic) compared with Chris Hipkins this morning where he was like a rabid dog

  11. N.Z.First, seen in so our bye party electoral, structure, the structure has been the main mover in government construct, although how temperamental their swing can be to term lasting compromise, this term they have been stalwart although with some warts. It seems to some commentators that their man up north is their best chance as the elected winner, (eh), and a future leader of their party, what a night for Winston to surmise this may be their future another Maori male leader, when to the right sitting in the house of him are two, possible better co- leaders, of his beloved party, Ron and Tracy or Tracy and Ron, a joint leadership like the Greens.
    So Labours other possible and also scapegoat bed partner the Greens, why scapegoat, well like N.Z. First, compromise has to be had, and what a compromise for our present would be Mickey Savage Labour Socialist Government, or should that right be bourgeois.
    Possible the Labour, elete would rather not have a outright self governing election win, why their would be socialist agenda may lose their if self- governing term at the next election, for not delivering.

  12. Bomber, congratulations! Maybe your petition worked?

    Just found out we will have one less CCP spy in our parliament.

    Still gutted about Morricone though…

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