US Police racism and brutality – Are New Zealand police also being trained by the Israeli police and military?


Last week the Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa submitted an Official Information Act request to the New Zealand Police to find out if any of our police have received training, either in Israel or New Zealand, from members of the Israeli military or police.

Our OIA request comes after revelations thousands of US police from numerous cities have been trained in Israel in policing and crowd control methods used against Palestinians. Israeli police are well known for the sheer brutality and racism which drives their policing and military responses to unarmed Palestinian protests.

Jewish Voices for Peace have documented this exchange in their report Deadly Exchange and describe “the dangerous consequences of American Law enforcement in Israel” and Amnesty International have highlighted the same problem.

US cities getting this Israeli training in brutality as the first line of defence include: Baltimore, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, Arizona, Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, North CarolinaGeorgia, Washington state, DC Capitol police while thousands of others have received training from Israeli officials in the U.S.

Is New Zealand also receiving Israeli training in the most brutal law enforcement methods?

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New Zealand police have a well-known history of racial bias in policing and we have seen determined moves over recent years towards general arming of police in New Zealand.

New Zealand Police have tried to “soften up” the public to accept generally armed police through policies to introduce tasers, carry weapons in squad cars, police being generally armed in Christchurch and elsewhere while the police searched for a wanted person and more recently have sprung a trial of “Armed Response Teams” on us.

We don’t want racism, violence or brutality to be the hallmark of policing in New Zealand based on the violence, racism and brutality which permeates the Israeli state.


      • The only idiots are MAGA fans from NZ that thing we live in an egalitarian society and believe that their venerated Idol buffoon of an American president represents some sort of great white shining hope to protect their snowflake demented dreamworld resurgent of an aryan race.

  1. Aw man ! Don’t you hate it when you write a great missive/rant combo then you lose the lot because you’re a dumb ass with fat fingers? Garn and piddle on it all !!! ( Sorry for the fruity language.)

    A bi-product of fiscal enslavement is societal dysfunction and that dysfunction becomes inter generational.
    But we all know that, don’t we?
    What we might suspect but are not quite hip with is that those of us who, shall I write, may be unwary of, is that as a direct result of that dysfunction, we, those of us who might fall victim to such a thing then become a resource to be easily exploited .
    In short: They fuck us up then make money out of us from their up-fucking while we’re trying to pay the bills they keep sending while some of us go all vulgar and feral at street level.
    Some of you might think you’re smarter than to be exploited simply because you’re hard up. Well, you’re wrong. And if you think being richer rather than being poorer will save you, then you’d be mistaken there too.
    We normal lot are being exploited shamelessly so as they can hoist us by the petard we built for ourselves for as long as it takes to give our planet the spring clean it desperately needs.
    Have you watched ‘Bruno’ by Sacha Baron Cohen?
    ( The irony seems appropriate…)
    Watch… then watch again with Cohen’s narration turned on. At about 30 minutes in he mentions Professor Stanley Milgram. Is very interesting IMHO.
    Now. Read this. There was once a YouTube video of this but it’s disappeared. Clearly a ‘conspiracy theory’ then.
    The Lab
    A unique insight into the world of Israeli arms dealers selling weapons and experience around the world.
    Editor’s note: this film is no longer available online.

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    Yep. You read that correct. I did digress, but so what?
    I also think the minds and machinery that’s behind the israeli war merchandising industry is well and truely balls deep in a bigger scarier thing than we can even dare to imagine.

  2. “Surveillance + Run-Away Capitalism”

    Combine the products and actions of Elon Musk with those of Peter Thiel.

    What will you get?

    A few excerpts…

    Elon Musk: “Starlink” – now totals 420 own satellites.

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  3. That’s a very unpleasant image at the top. Where was that taken and what happened to the agonised victim?
    The policeman doesn’t seem to have any reason to apply such pressure, there does not appear to be any
    violence threatening him.

    I have noted that the Australian police and ours sometimes work conjointly on projects – one I think doing an in-depth stop and test for drink-drivers a few years ago. I think they would be up got for tougher training. The police around the world are becoming militarised it seems, turning citizens into ‘persons of suspicion’ whenever they decide on some line in the sand and someone steps over it.

    Everyone should read Chris Trotter’s post that appeared here earlier.

    • Still quite different policing, but beware getting too close to Aussie methods. I remember a book from 3 decades ago “Police Killings in Australia’. Treatment of aborigines is considerably worse than Maori here, but John is right to emphasise that all aspects of our justice system target Maori disproportionately. Now we appear to have the Israeli state in the mix. Horrendous. Thank you to John for alerting us to the possibility.

    • Mate You have no idea why the cop has that bloke by the throat, he may have killed his own grandmother or just bragged about being C19 positive and been spitting at all and sundry for all you so non nonsensical comments along that line are a waste of oxygen.

      • Ahh Charlie I see your familiar with nonsensical arguments you poor subservient indoctrinated drone. Have you not been listening and watching carefully? Obviously not! Obviously sir you are part of the problem. Let me take a stab in the dark and make the assumption that you have never been arrested, let alone spent the night in the cells lest your uneducated opinion would change. Sir I can only suggest that you stop commenting on subjects which you have little to no real knowledge.

  4. On the practice of NZ aligning itself with Australia, and perhaps more often than the reverse, this comment about immigration and one prominent intellectual refugee is worrying the good ‘ol boys of National and girls, who have never been overly concerned in their education by learning the principles of the Enlightenment or any of that guff and probably have never even had to learn enough to spill it out in an examination that had it included in acompulsory question.
    The National Party is surprised New Zealand immigration officials didn’t consult their Australian counterparts before granting a visa to refugee author Behrouz Boochani.

  5. John well done on seeking some answers on this.
    So much regarding Israel and its influence seems to hover under the radar.
    If there is Israeli involvement it must be made public.
    Keep us updated please.


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