Woke attacks on Muller’s hat is a misstep


Todd Muller is David Shearer without the guitar.

I fear however the woke activists will build him into something far more sexy and rebellious.

The woke on Twitter have gone into meltdown over Muller having a Trump cap…

New National leader Todd Muller doubles-down on Make America Great Again cap

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National Party leader Todd Muller has doubled-down on his decision to take a controversial Make America Great Again cap to his new office in Parliament.

A Muslim community leader said today the cap should be left at home as it represents something very different from when Muller bought it as a souvenir in 2016, as well as two Hillary Clinton pins.

Aliya Danzeisen of the Islamic Women’s Council said the MAGA cap had no place being displayed in a Parliamentary office.

“That hat represents the denial of the freedom of beliefs. That hat represents the denial of minority voices. That hat represents the vitriol that has been harming that nation and has been harming the world for the last four years,” Danzeisen said.

…I think I was one of the first to tweet it…

…for me it’s further proof of how out of touch he is, for the woke of course it’s a war crime against civilisation…

Golriz Ghahraman ‘exhausted’ at debate over Todd Muller’s ‘MAGA’ hat

Green Party MP Golriz Ghahraman says she’s “exhausted” at the debate over new National Party leader Todd Muller having a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat.

…this is the sort of counterproductive backlash that has kept handing freedom of speech ammunition to ACT.

Muller’s MAGA hat is in danger of biting the left in the arse. That hat represents to us on the Left all that is hollow & corrosive in Trump, however the woke’s over reaction to Muller having it will end up representing the intolerance of the Left and that’s exactly what Hooton would want.

Comrades, do any of you honestly believe, hand on heart moment now, that someone as uninspired, bland and intellectually flaccid as Muller genuinely loves the visceral, malicious and spiteful hatred of Trump and wishes to implement it in NZ?

Muller is a hollow businessman, a straw-man that desperate National MPs are clutching at to save themselves from drowning. Imposing micro aggression policing intolerance on his shallow hat collection will hurt the Left not the Right.

There are serious issues we need addressing in New Zealand, there is an economic meltdown that will force us to radically reform the neoliberal hegemonic structure while tens of thousands of Kiwis are made unemployed and what are the woke activists of our movement screaming about?

A bloody hat.

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  1. 100% correct Martyn.

    With you all the way, that hat is another “diversion”

    Just wait to hit him when he trips over his tongue.

  2. 100% Correct. That hat is the sort of thing kids collect – not politicians for their office; it’s a handy little indication of what the guy is like – remembered – but best ignored.

    • Ssshhhh…lest someone reminds her that she defends people who incite genocide, even posing for photos with them.

      Hey how come you lefties give her a free pass on that?

  3. Have to agree, bad optics as they say. This cap attack crap makes a chunk of the left look very desperate and if all they have to attack with is a cap then they probably have reason to be as desperate as they certainly do appear.

  4. Muller has a hat, actually 4 displayed and some Clinton pins ….. Islamic Women’s Council is out raged……….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Last time I heard Trump wasn’t personally rounding up muslims and putting them in re-education camps….

    Woke are weapons for the right, aim and fire constant outrage at the personal and the trivial while ignoring and diverting the massive scale of human rights abuses around the world and media silence to the worst situations.

  5. Meh – the hat shows a conscious effort to emulate Trump – an undesirable foreigner with no relevance to NZ politics. People who thought Muller might be a dickhead before the hat need look no further than the epic failure Trump has made handling Covid. Evidently Muller dreams of being as unfit to govern as Trump.

    • So what do the Clinton pins and other U.S election memorabilia represent? That’s right focus on the one item that triggers you…seriously get a bloody grip.

      • They represent a distraction from the hat Muller can use to whatabout credulous journos with.

        I’m not triggered by the hat but the anti-democratic tendency – no NZ MP can be a lickspittle lackey of a foreign clown and properly represent NZ. Game over.

    • 100%, trophy cabinet looks a bit shallow to me, although my 8 year old son likes Yankee caps and he’ll be voting in 10 years time.

  6. Sure, “the hat” should not be a major focus–however, it represents white supremacy whether people like that fact or not. US Racists to this day are murdering African Americans just for being in the “wrong” neighbourhood. Not everyone that wears Trump’s often Chinese manufactured merch is a genuine nazi, neo nazi, or extreme redneck–but they are highly likely to be reactionary and ultimately enable his creeping authoritarianism.

    No New Zealand politician serious about becoming Prime Minister, should ever have such an object on public display imo.

    Maybe it was Muller’s dad joke, or being as edgy as provincial tory could be–knowing MAGA winds up some people but having the “I was only joking…” and “I have democrat souvenirs too” fall backs.

  7. Well said Martin,
    Not often I agree with you, but you’ve got it in one this time. Unfortunately for Golly Gee and others, there is also a Clinton memento there as well.


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