There’s a 60minute (Channel 9 Aussie TV) going around which dramatically condemns China for being the start point of coronavirus, as a result of eating disgusting things like well fried bat’s wings and many other ‘China exotic’ dishes that Western’s find repulsive.

I find the probability that the China menu also includes rhino horns and tiger’s claws served in elephant ivory – among other endangered species, utterly contemptable.  Because I believe in, “Save the Wildlife”, and nothing to do with what a dead frog might taste like (oops -or is that French cuisine?).

I don’t like India curry dishes either.  But if denizens of China and India prefer food dishes, they have endured over more centuries than the ‘West’ has existed?  That’s their choice, m8.

Reverting to the WHO TO BLAME?

Channel 9 leads the damage control against claims America invented the virus.

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If China did by some unfortunate menu, mixed the cocktail COVID-19; that was (in my view) unintentional.   

If on the other hand, America invented the virus – let’s say in Fort Detrick; being one of many biological weapon pants operated by America; that outcome was intentional.  

Even if Fort Detrick is not the source of CORVID-19, that fact that the Americans admit that they were experimenting with Anthrax at that plant, leaves a sour taste in the mount (if you’ll excuse the pun).

Back to China.  

New Zealand claim they are not racist.  Yeah right m8. 

As the video demonstrates, Kiwi racism is alive and well and at the moment, focused on Chinese.

I think this is a bad idea.

Once upon a time, Mother England, later branded United Kingdom, was the source of investment capital and markets for New Zealand’s primary products.  We sold them our lamb, beef, butter and they sold us Vauxhalls, Austin and Morris Minis.

We also sent troops to fight their wars in South Africa, Gallipoli and Flanders; North Africa and Italy; and Malaysia.

But, in 1966 the POM’s deserted NZ.  They joined the EEC – later branded EU, and our primary products were locked out of UK and Europe. 

New Zealand turned to Japan, desperate for markets.  Japan obliged. They took our primary products and we took their Toyotas. Nissan, Mitsubishis and televisions.  

Were we grateful?   “Japanese Junk” was the commonly used phrase and many of my parent’s generation still regarded Japan as a potential military invader.  After all; the Japs bombed Darwin -m8. Japan was largely regarded with contempt – even though they saved us, commercially.

By 2000 a new wave was washing across the Pacific.  China! This tsunami swallowed most of Aussies mineral exports.

In New Zealand, China increasingly, devoured Kiwi meat, fish, powdered milk and logs.  We took their tourists and students. Without these later two contributions to our internal cash flow, NZ is in deep shit m8.

Back to the Future.

My advice to fellow Kiwis?

Know your place on the planet.  Pull your head in. Kick sand in the face of China when it is reeling and we risk China ignoring New Zealand as a destination once it comes through the virus crisis.

Our trade with America is negligible.  Our trade with UK – the same.

Take out China and Japan and that leaves Australia.  And guess what?

Yep.  Kiwis kick sand in the face of Aussies every day.

Is this racism?  Or is it arrogance?  Either way, its ignorance.

Time for New Zealand to be nice to thy neighbours, in my view.

Ross Meurant; a former high-ranking police officer, former Member of Parliament, formerly with commercial interests in Syria and Iran and  currently Honorary Consul for an African state.


  1. Well said Ross. How easy it is to blame the Chinese like Trump and his sycophantic, moronic, angry (have you noticed how angry they always present) believers of his fake news rhetoric, do. You ask if it is racism or arrogance. I say both and then add on the ignorance – not the naive ignorance of a child but uninformed ignorance.

    • Truth hurts.
      We depend on China for economic survival.
      (Before the virus) Play ‘spot the white fella’ walking across Queen and Victoria intersection, Auckland CBD!
      Truth hurts.

      The Chinese tsunami may be on hold at the moment, but it will re-emerge as a relentless surge.
      Our own foraging for foreign markets to stimulate our economic recover, will see to this.

      As the article suggest; we wll need China more than they need us.
      Truth hurts.
      “And that’s a fact”, to use a frequent throwaway line of the Rt Hon Winston.

  2. I agree , to a point.

    There have been more than a few times when I’ve heard a carload of louts racing by shouting abuse at Asians, – its not just cringworthy but it is downright WRONG. Aside from the fact that there is a certain cowardly aspect to do it from a fast moving vehicle, – they don’t know if those people and their parents they are abusing were born here ! That aside, – its simply an ugly display of callousness.

    I makes me quite angry.

    If you saw a child in the path of danger, – no matter what race, ethnicity, or creed – would you not rush in to secure that child’s safety if it were possible ? Of course you would. Only a craven reprehensible coward wouldn’t.

    Individually , we should treat ALL people as our fellow human beings, our brothers and sisters and, – cultural differences aside, we all have the same basic needs, – and that includes emotional warmth.

    However, on the political level, that is a different matter entirely.

    And this is where it gets confused.

    For example, the issue of unbridled immigration during a time of an ongoing incapacity to house these new arrivals and the pressure it puts on our local infrastructures…instead of a sensible approach we have a poorly planned and thought out approach , massive loopholes in our labour laws, inability to act fast enough to prevent rorts and the like regarding visa scams etc…

    But that is this country’s failings, not the fault of the immigrant.

    I would have preferred to see targeted immigration, and a per capita system in place for each country , and once reached, a slow down of acceptance of more arrivals, until stabilization is reached for that year. And, also a target for needed skills. The last goes without saying. That way we have some control over the general economic health of the nation regarding the ability to accept more arrivals without penalizing our own populace unduly.

    As for trade, I like what Winston Peters says about seeking further trade with other nations including Russia, – why have we not done this?

    To form a sizable chunk of our trade with Russia would be to offset heavy reliance on just one or two trading partners as well as create a buffer of leverage for bargaining. Trade links don’t last forever as we have seen with the examples you give above because of economic / political reasons and it is prudent to always be developing a network of trading partners instead of just relying on one. The fact that if China starts to get bolshey with our free trade agreement or tensions between China and the USA in the Pacific reach boiling point and we are forced to choose a side (5 eyes agreement obligations to the USA versus free trade deals with China ), – should prompt us to seek outside trade markets that will give a certain amount of political and economic extrication from that dilemma…

    I believe this is something we should be doing now.

    Although of course, that window of opportunity may have been lost or put on the back burner because of this viral pandemic,.. but it certainly needs to be looked at and taken more seriously in the future for our own nations economic stability and well being.

    Racism? – ridiculous and belittling to any human being to indulge in .

    Geopolitics and trade ?- something we should be taking into consideration with a view to trade and national / economic security.

    Two different things.

    The latter being the sensible and right thing to do, the former, odious and just plain WRONG.

  3. “Charity begins at home”
    The most important place for us to begin a broad spectrum curative process is here, at home, in AO /NZ.
    If we don’t? We’ll make the same mistakes again and over and over. We’ll build resources and the Scum will steal them off us and spend the proceeds on themselves and we’ll go ” Whaaaa…? What…? Where….? How….? Duuuuh…? ”
    BTW? Heard of haggis? Ox tongue soup? Eaten a barbi sausage lately? Snouts and Entrails sausages. Nummy num-nums. There’s a video on chicken sausages. A must watch for the whole family.
    [We] had enviable trade relations with the UK and Europe. We had great relations with the USA too.
    But the Kiwi -As Scum fucked it up for all of us.
    Made good coin selling us out though aye Boys?
    Trading with AU is hilarious. I always laugh when I hear that? Is very funny.
    The only thing we can do now is disappear within our Paradise. We’ll all regress back to scruffy hippies but we’ll be well fed, happy, independent scruffy hippies.
    It could be worse. We could be waxy crooks in suits doing sharp deals for ‘good coin’ at the expense of everyone else. But hey! Fuck it! Greed is good, right !?

    On the subject of ‘racism’. Well, let’s be frank. ( No. Not Frank Macskasy.) We all are. We’re all something now and then?
    Racist, bigoted, sexist, elitist, arrogant, sneering, dismissive etc. If we were not? We’d be bees building hives. Not, being the dreaded and fallible human building Cathedrals.
    The one thing we must never, ever lose is our right to be wrong.
    It IS wrong to be racist. And sexist and sneer at Mormons and as for early Sunday morning Jehovah’s Witnesses’s? OMG! They’re why God gave us paint ball guns but that, is being ‘human’.
    The nicest people I know are nice people. I’ve met some towering arseholes who are not nice and also don’t match my skin colour but I don’t care. Arseholes are arseholes no matter what their skin colour is and/or what their genitals might ask of me.
    Re Covid-19.
    America is regarded, by itself mostly, as the most powerful nation on Earth.
    How does a Nation get to be All Powerful?
    It’s simple. By BEING all powerful. And how does a nation remain all powerful ? By going balls-out and stopping at nothing.
    To become all powerful, much less remain that way, one must be prepared to go beyond the unthinkable.
    I think most would agree that coved-19 was previously unthinkable.
    Retro viruses? Schmetro viruses.
    We humans have been eating fresh meats off the monkey for millennia so why now, suddenly?
    Back in the day, if an iffy bug got out we’d be fucked.
    We humans wouldn’t be here.
    I think ‘retroviruses’ are a new thing. A brand new thing.
    I think the next 2 to 5 years could be ‘interesting’.

    • We humans have been eating fresh meats off the monkey for millennia so why now, suddenly? A very interesting question

  4. Bomber
    Apropos your blog subsequent to mine above: I agree you have a strong case with your post:

    “When the National Party has become little more than a front for Chinese Business interests with an alleged spy inside their caucus and Jenny Shipley, Don Brash, Ruth Richardson and Chris Tremain Director’s of the China Construction Bank, Judith Collins interaction with Chinese Officials to help her husbands Chinese Company, Oravida, to gain more Chinese money and Maurice Williamson’s love affair with Donghua Liu seeing him become Liu’s personal handyman when doing up Liu’s batch and heavying the Police to drop domestic violence charges it is more than fair to start demanding far more scrutiny and public debate towards China’s power over our economy and political system, especially when the academic who is highlighting this influence is being intimidated and having her house broken into by Chinese agents, and there is a current SFO investigation into political donations to the National Party after a wealthy Chinese Businessman asked how much to buy 2 Chinese candidates on the National Party list.”

    I stand firm on my warning bout kicking sand in the face of the economic giant (albeit so made as a the result of avaricious commercial lust by Western companies ignoring alleged working conditions in Chinese companies – as long as they got a product manufactured at a cheaper price than could be produced back home e.g. USA ).

    I say this because the kick start of our economy (to hell with America) will largely depend on China taking our exports of fish, meat, milk products and logs.

    Your attack (above) on my former caucus colleagues stands as a separate issue. Your above presentation may cause some to think that corruption, if it exists, is not so much a China problem but a problem for they who seek the pot of gold.

    I suggest tis may be the same cause of the problem Western countries now face – having outsourced so much manufacturing to China, is also of their own doing.

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