MEDIA WATCH: Mike Hosking’s latest douchebag rant  


At this stage, Mike Hosking is less a broadcaster and more a personal cheerleader for the Hard Right.

If Jacinda Ardern today announced that she had personally developed a Vaccine in her bathroom at home overnight and had resurrected Elvis, Frank Sinatra and Jesus Christ to front the public health campaign Mike would describe it as, “An Incompetent Government desperately trying to wrap itself up in cheap publicity”.

His latest douchebag rant against looking after everyone post this unprecedented pandemic with a Universal Basic Income is funny because you can smell the fear.

Listening to a selfish multimillionaire complain about allowing poor people into the lifeboat is ZBs bread and butter, so there are no surprises that he is bitching about looking after poor people in the middle of a pandemic, but the true joy is the panic in Mike’s eyes as he feels all that neoliberal certainty shift dramatically under his feet.

The free market dogma that has cemented into place the neoliberal social, political and economic experiment in this country is fracturing with every passing day under lockdown.

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The people turn not to the fucking free market at this time, they no longer pray to Milton Friedman, they have fled Adam Smith’s ungloved invisible hand and scream for the State, they demand the State, they cry for its protection and collective wisdom in a way that terrifies Hosking.

Neoliberal free market capitalism was built upon lies and deceits for cheaper trinkets and trickle down standard of living. The hollowness of its promises stares at us bleakly as the options are boiled down to culling the older workforce and the sick to restart the economy or risk Socialism by stealth.

The neoliberal foundations of Capitalism are collapsing, new socialist foundations with egalitarianism and solidarity at their sustainable green heart are the only way forward for the all and not the few.

Expect Mike’s rants to become as breathless as a Covid19 victim. A vaccine to his brand of neoliberalism is coming whether he likes it or not.

It’s not Socialism by stealth if the entire country is calling for it.


  1. Mike Hosking represents the face of the shit-scared right-wing egotist.
    Shit-scared that his freedom of being a prick urging people to also be pricks may be coming to a finale.
    I presume, although I don’t know for sure, that the emergency regulations has some provisions for people who incite disregard for the law – like urging people not to observe lockdown laws, etc.
    I’m not saying that he is doing this right now, although I think he won’t be able to resist the temptation to do this as time goes by, and he will think he can get away with it.
    He will think he is a great NZ hero fighting the bad socialist jail mentality.
    In reality he is just a selfish egotist who is willing to risk other people’s lives to further his own career.
    RNZ should show some forward thinking and isolate him, without a microphone, for the sake of the many who do take this pandemic seriously.

    • Not RNZ, Mike the Lefty.
      The Bolger National government sold the ZB network in the 1990’s to private interests, NZME Radio.
      The only blame you can lay on RNZ is when then – CEO Sharon Crosbie, thought that Hosking was worthy of a (mercifully brief, as it happened) spot as a co-host of Morning Report.
      His politics is well-known – as far back as 1990 he told the North and South mag that he is “a capitalist, to the right of Roger Douglas”.
      No surprises there!
      Why anyone who doesn’t need their far right views stroked and stoked would listen/read him, is a mystery.

  2. I confess to looking on-line for something to say about the ineffectual MH because all that can be said about the fool has been pretty much all said. So I found a quote from Joseph Heller’s Catch-22 and it portrays MH superbly. I have changed the name in the quote from Major Major to MH:

    “Mike Hosking was born too late and too mediocre. Some men are born mediocre, some men achieve mediocrity, and some men have mediocrity thrust upon them. With Mike Hosking it had been all three. Even among men lacking all distinction he inevitably stood out as a man lacking more distinction than all the rest, and people who met him were always impressed by how unimpressive he was.”

  3. “Neoliberal free market capitalism” obviously completely fails in these sort of conditions. It simply isn’t “designed” for a situation where a life and death threat treats everyone exactly the same regardless of social status, wealth, or resources. The notion of “user pays” quickly collapses. The same is true for war btw. I can’t quite hear the drums yet, but I’m pretty sure you can already hear them a few valleys over.

  4. Hosking is just NZ’s ‘$2 Shop’ Alan Jones (without the cottaging). I don’t doubt he believes most of the bullshit he spouts. However, it’s important to remember that his rants are just a 2-for-1 deal for NZME whereby he recycles his morning diatribes from Newstalk ZB (which have always been designed to get the phone-lines ringing hot with the enraged middle-aged white men who make up his audience) in the NZ Herald.

    Best not to give the wanker oxygen really; and keep some popcorn handy for his inevitable messy “celebrity” divorce.

  5. The typical retort and personal attacks from the left because you have no actual argument and hurts your credibility actually this whole opinion peace reeks of lack of substance other than resorting to typical lefty name calling, Mike is absolutely correct UBI is a failure and targeted social schemes are much better, and this article just proves his point

    • Completely and utterly wrong, your lack of evidence other than “Mike said so” proves the point.
      Remember Mike said only idiots crash their cars, I suppose this was the first time he was right, given he crashed his $150,000 “car” the following week. Mike’s far right wing ideology is evidence he has no open mind.
      Now, speaking of a lack of substance, what did you say again?

    • You’ve got a fair point there Dave. I’ve never heard anyone on the right make ad hominem attacks before. Stuff like “Cindy”, “Princess” and “Part-time PM” are all just a bit of light-hearted fun and not misogynistic or petty at all! Those woke left crybabies should just over themselves right?

        • I remember John. I also remember hearing that the fuckwit who made that “hilarious” sign had about eight kids and no problem with receiving full ‘Working for Families’ benefits. He was also accepting a very generous whack of dosh from the government for his family’s accommodation supplement.

  6. Christ! Look at the state of it!! Mike I mean – in that photo.
    I used to see better looking alkies in the Courtenay Place bus shelter/public toilets 30 or 40 years ago

    Still, I spose it was only one step down from what was the 4th Estate club in Hobson Street (Auck) and various other haunts where the likes of a raspy-voiced, gin-soaked hack would hang out around Wellington.

    • I’ve met some very nice alkies around the Courtney Place bus shelter and they in no way deserve to be compared to a tosser like Hosking!

      • I agree = they’re far more honest and engaging than the superficial Hoskings, and usually have far more interesting life stories that aren’t based on an egotistical plastic veneer with sweet fuck all of any substance behind it.
        It’d be great if our media told some of their stories sometime instead of a ZB Mike’s rant. Unfortunately the people that need to hear some of their stories are often just “Like Mike”

    • I agree! Mike’s not taking well to this enforced isolation. Hopefully he’s remembered to put his trousers on.

  7. I’d like to know why his equally opinionated wife Kate Hawkesby is used as a curtain raiser to his show.
    Seems wrong when you consider the Concert Program was going to be scrapped and Radio Sports has gone.

  8. Good read.
    However I absolutely refuse to abuse my psyche by listening to Capt. Conceited aka Mike Hosking.

  9. Sad Mike really needs to let it go, as it is clearly having detrimental effects on his mental wellbeing. John is gone, and no amount of bitterness towards the coalition will bring his weaselness back.

    • Maybe Mike could really put his money where his mouth is (though an MP’s salary will cost him but I’m sure he’d be willing to make such a sacrifice for his country?) and stand for Parliament.
      Always easy to say it from the sidelines, Mike. Let’s see if you’ve got the genuine courage of your convictions and get into the game itself – in Parliament. Not too big an ask for you, is it?

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