TDB lockdown tips & hacks – Thursday 26th March


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Todays gratitude – shout out to the incredible shelf fillers at our Supermarkets – previously these workers were the least respected but in a pandemic lockdown their duty is our oxygen – let’s never sneer at them ever again, their courage at this time is our lifeline

Inspirational Heroes with the courage of Taniwhas.

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  1. I’m part of a 2 person bubble. Can we go out for a drive outing for non essential reasons with no contact with others?

  2. I have to say that this pandemic seems to have brought out the best qualities in many people.
    Checking on their neighbours, friends, family and just reminding them you are there and can help them if they need you means a lot to them.
    Isolated acts of kindness like a cafe owner giving away his unsold product to neighbours and anyone he saw because otherwise it would go to waste.
    The patience shown by most people waiting to go into a shop. Saying thank you to the volunteers restocking shelves and managing numbers in stores. They are doing a great job and deserve to be reminded that they are.
    I suppose it will get more stressful and difficult as time goes by.
    At Easter time Christians will not be able to go to church and take comfort in communal worship as they usually do.
    We will learn a lot from all of this, I hope it makes us a better people and better country.

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