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  1. An Air New Zealand passenger had to be restrained during a flight from Los Angeles to Auckland today, according to the airline.
    The passenger was met by police and taken into custody when the plane landed in Auckland this morning.
    Verbal and physical abuse and poor attitudes towards staff had increased in the past year, Air New Zealand spokesperson Leeanne Langridge said.
    She said some passengers consumed too much alcohol, while others were on medication or over-tired.
    The airline would not tolerate poor behaviour towards staff and other passengers, Langridge said.

    (Why don’t they limit acohol to one free glass and then $20 each for next glasses to a maximum of an alcohol volume for wine or just one glass per hour for spirits? Give them all a glass of water first, and then make them wait for the alcohol. Tell them it is a new health provision so that they don’t get altitude sickness responses or something. We are always having h&s controls in place. Forget about the profit airlines, come clean about that concern, and care about the staff and other passengers.)

  2. E scooter accident – 2 a.m. When we look at the cost of repairing the idiots and the careless perhaps we don’t get as much profit from the night-time industries as we need in order to balance the books between cost and available net tax and employment. There is an industry in just planning how to expand the nigh-time economy. I suggest that this is an industry that has more negatives than positives, more costs than profit for the country.
    And much of our tourism is around the night-life aspect for people who take chances with their health and life and want society to keep them safe – from themselves! Included in this group is Grace Millane, a tourist indulging in sex with anyone who appeared pleasing and exciting. Then there are those indulging in drugs; black-market dealing in meth etc which leaves the state with sad bodies of people unable to live life in the glaring light of day’s problems. Bring in a curfew, more of the closing doors at 1 am, and empty premises by 2 am. Special licences for rarer all-night events. We can’t cope as a nation with the daytime – encourage people to go to bed and sleep at night. Less buzz, but more busy bees being part of everyday society.
    Emergency services were called to the intersection of Williamson Avenue and Scanlan Street in Grey Lynn just after 2am on Sunday.

  3. That is something i hadn’t heard – ‘sanctuary cities’ in the USA trying to be humane to immigrants against Gengjhis Can’ts mate, Trump. Between Johnson in the UK and Trump in the USA, the sun is certainly going down on western democracy. It has so enhanced human living and civilisation – not! But some areas are trying to do better.

    Scores of Democrat-controlled cities and counties have adopted policies to limit cooperation with federal immigration enforcement, making them a target for Republican President Donald Trump, who has made immigration a centrepiece of his re-election campaign.
    The move to boost ICE support in the targeted cities, first reported by the New York Times, marks the latest escalation in the administration’s fight against these localities and comes just days after the Department of Justice filed lawsuits against the state of New Jersey and King County, Washington, where Seattle is located.

    The Department of Homeland Security said last week it would bar New Yorkers from obtaining new and renewal Global Entry passes – which allow pre-approved travellers to bypass immigration queues when re-entering the US – and from participating in three programs that permit faster travel between the United States, Canada and Mexico, which could affect hundreds of thousands of travellers.

    And does anyone else get a deja vu feeling reading that about sanctions? I read something about the methods of China to control its errant citizens. We do seem to be ruled by the One Ring as in LOR.

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