MEDIAWATCH: Winston’s Facebook Q&A Scam


WINSTON: “You see. Half of this fish is donated to the NZ First Foundation who then loans it to NZ First. The other half of the fish is owned by a subsidiary of the Trust while this other fish is banked with the Party Secretary who also takes 2 more fish.”

JOURNALISTS: “But that’s a total of 4 fish Mr Peters.”

WINSTON:”Shut up you journalists! I’m not going to be lied to about how many fish I have. I’ve done nothing wrong! Whose fish are these?”

During the livestream, the sound was down too low and people are commenting in the comments section wicked burn after wicked burn all complaining about the low sound quality.

Oh we are all making lots of jokes. This has turned into a delightful evening.

As for the presentation, why is he sitting in front of the Gold card like this is some sort of late night TV advertorial?

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He looks tired, which isn’t surprising because we are all tired of this.

You would have thought since he got caught doing this in 2008 that we wouldn’t be here again.

Lo and behold we are.

The q&a based on self selected questions is just outrageous.

Instead of actually facing journalists, Winston has bypassed them for an advertorial. If the Right did this we would be cascading in outrage, but Winston does it and somehow this is clever politics and isn’t he being contrite THIS TIME AROUND.


Radio NZ are the ones with the material, say what you like about them, but they are the White Shark upper echelon of Journalistic predators and when they have you in their sights, you are screwed. The material leaked is obviously real, real enough for the Electoral Commission and Police to pass it all the way up to the SFO for referral.

To simply choose to bypass actual journalists inquiring about this in favour of chat with Poppa Winston time on the Facebook is not a serious attempt at holding the powerful to account.

Look, I love Winnie, you love Winnie, we all love Winnie, but this NZ First Foundation arrangement has been smelly from the beginning.

My personal belief was that any investigation would find that NZ First acted completely within the huge massive loop holes that have been crafted by those benefiting from those huge massive loop holes. That he had complied with the law while utterly breaching the spirit of the law.

However what has been revealed since requires actual scrutiny, not chat time with Poppa Winston on the Facebook.



  1. “…you love Winnie, …”
    Well I for one fucking don’t, for the record! I hate the little old prick.
    He’s the firewall between us and the Them’s. In effect, he takes the heat for the Them’s.
    OUR AO/NZ’s dying on its feet because if him. He’s the deflective mechanism used by those crooks who profited from that most fiendish and clever tool known as ‘neoliberalism’. Less a political concept, more a swindlers guide book to grifting billions.
    They hatched a plan, took our stuff and things, sold them to foreigners and now that we no longer have stuff and things left to sell, they’re off to fancy places with our money ( graham heart. Just bought a little bedsit in NYC for $50 mil U$A for example and so I read.)
    Any one turning down the sound and turning up the jokie-jokie’s will be a confederate minion to peters deposited by him at meetings etc to deflect and re route lines of inquiry.
    He’s a crook and I’m fucked if I know why anyone can like the little arse hole much less take him seriously.
    Why the fuck is he not in prison??
    To answer my own question; it’s probably because him and his deep-state, in-dark-shadows creeps own our legal system where only the hapless victims of the crimes of the now very rich get punished.
    That photograph of winston peters taking tea with don brash outside that cafe is a classic. You should put that up again? It was here that I saw that photo first after all.

  2. Poppa Winston.

    But at least he didn’t operate a Dirty Politics campaign out of his office like John Key did. And remember that old question?

    Where is Jason Eade?

    You’ll do worse than Poppa Winston.

    Far worse indeed.

    Whats for tea tonight?


    • Agreed, now where is Jason Eade again and what did Key say to Banks that made Key upset enough to file a police complaint and what about the $50,000 party docation to ACT that was split in two?

      • You seem desperate Bert your man is on the ropes and fewer and fewer are in his corner.The gold card in the back round was his only achievement of worth after 30 plus years of nose in the trough

        • Not desperate just giving balance . The Racing industry improvements put lie to your claims of other things he’s achieved so your generalization is just that. Speaking of noses in the trough, Nick Smith and Gerry Brownlee spring to mind. Now can you debate my post on Eade,Key and Banks?

  3. Winston’s trouble is too many journos are out to ‘gotcha’ him, and he cannot avoid running into them at Parliament.

    • The same journalists who are told by National dont ask us hard questions if you want to be on our side because we have big money influence.

  4. Poppa Winnie reads us another bedtime story once more.

    While I am a grateful recipient of the Gold Card and with respect, the setting for ‘storytime’ was blatantly advertising his one big achievement in well over 40+ years in politics! IMO this was totally unrelated to the topic at hand and quite unnecessary.

    Even though msm love to play gotcha games with present coalition ministers Winston in particular, he might have gained some credence of credibility if he had faced up to media and explained NZF foundation connection to NZF political party. What he did through Facebook, made him look ridiculous and seem evasive.

    • Totally agree Bert, i was here and read extensively on the subject. While i have never voted for Winston, i have always had a grudging respect for what he did with the wine box inquiry.

  5. NZ First is dead in the water without Winston and the media and their Nasty Nat allies know it.

    Which is why the concerted effort too every three years an attempt is made too wipe him out.

    The only MP worth her salt is Tracey Martin i wouldn’t give the others house room.

    Even Jones is as arrogant as they come and is hardly leadership material.

    Labour get the blame for the CGT but it was Winston that put a stop too that and i guess that is the price you pay for his support in a coalition arrangement.

    The CGT should have been a bottom line for Adern and Robertson after pushing it so hard for ten years.

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