Youth Income Plan: Petition released by Young Greens


The Young Greens have launched a petition today to raise attention to young people’s experiences of income inequality. The petition calls on the Government to make a series of policy and legislative changes to the different ways young people receive income in the face of rising costs of living.

The organisation believes young people in Aotearoa deserve a guarantee of having a roof over their head, livable incomes, and fair social services.

Young Greens Co-Convenor Mata Roche says, “by scrapping fee-free education, and underfunding the public housing sector and healthcare, successive Governments have left our generation with reduced access to public services. The cost of living, studying and working is increasing. Young people are not financially able to keep up with the ever-growing and demanding monetary stress we face in day to day in modern society.”

The campaign calls for raises to StudyLink Student Allowances and Work and Income Benefit rates, a living wage for workers and better protections for renters.

“This campaign is about more than just policy; it’s about changing the understanding of income inequality and poverty in New Zealand. It sheds light onto the unjust systems and realities faced by many New Zealanders. It is not as easy to survive or get ahead as it’s made out to be, or as it once was for older generations.”

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The Young Greens echo the calls for change from the Government’s Welfare Expert Advisory Group, The New Zealand Union of Students Association, Renters United and Living Wage New Zealand.

The Youth Income Plan petition will be presented to MPs on Parliament Lawn later this year.

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  1. Free education, free healthcare and a livable wage is a basis for creating our biggest asset – the younger generation.

    Accommodation should not depend on landlord investors who hold no responsibility except to fill their own pockets and lobby politicians behind closed doors.
    Do we need Bernie Sanders to spell it out.
    Privileged rich brats are not NZ’s future nor do they have an understanding of inequality and social justice.

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