The fiasco in Iowa makes the Democrats look like they couldn’t get laid in a monkey brothel while wearing a banana costume


I haven’t seen a self inflicted meltdown as bad as the Democratic Iowa results since Chernobyl!

The inability to provide a clear cut result to the Iowa Caucuses is incredibly damaging to the Party who look dangerously incompetent.

It means no one can generate the momentum the Iowa win is supposed to provide, it doesn’t cull the laggards and in this age of social media, it allows for conspiracy to flood the  feeds of everyone.

In 2016, the Democrats maliciously kneecapped Bernie Sanders in favour of the terrible Hillary Clinton, and their hierarchy is again frightened that a positive populist like Bernie would damage the Democratic Party’s relationships with vested corporate interests, so I’m not ruling any level of scumbaggery to twist or manipulate a result.

Trump is laughing all the way back to the White House.



  1. 100% Martyn.

    It could be they’re still busy redistributing Bernie’s votes to other candidates. It’s very socialist in nature so I’m sure he’d approve. 😉

    Stalin: “It’s not who votes that count, it’s who counts the votes”

  2. Sound like a party we know? Suffice to say its no better in US than here and I’ll add that applies to a lot of other nations too Australia, Canada and more….Coke and Pepi politics in the service of big business and banks….

  3. Chill. That was US pundit Robert Reich’s advice this morning, he cited the pervasive effect on people these days of the speed user like need for “instant news gratification”, and 24 hr attention span. Twitter outrage–and then the facts emerge, but people have moved on to the next hit.

    Bernie Sanders has not gone ballistic so far either. Was the Iowa aborted count a plausible if vastly embarrassing glitch, or a DNC fix? Pete Buttigeig contributed funding it is claimed to Shadow, who developed the software in question, but he is wealthy just helping out the DNC and local Democrats perhaps. But then there is the case of the Des Moines Register “gold” poll that was pulled, after allegedly Buttigeig was somehow left off it! Who knows for sure yet.

    Look there could be no fixing involved at all, but make no mistake, the DNC is out to smash Bernie’s campaign.

    • G.A.P.: “I blame THE RUSSIANS!!!”

      Hahahaha! So do I, so do I….

      Headline today on Moon of Alabama website: “Putin Prepares To Release Iowa Caucus Results”


  4. Meh. Who cares?
    I think that, as a rule, we invest far too much effort worrying about the ‘mericans, their ‘merican politics, their worthless currency, their hideous, odious circus act lifestyles. And all the while we have inbred ‘merican banksters and their hangers on money fetishist minions trying flat out to convince us to copy them in all their lurid, fatuous, greedy, wasteful ways.
    Iowa? Who cares?
    ‘merican politics is a sherade anyway, I think most people know that.
    ‘merica’ is all about the money and is run, as such, by the Rothschilds, the Federal Reserve and when the shit hits the fan, it’s the tax paying American public who foot the bill.
    Is that not so Jimbo BNZ Bolger? Jonky? Sir Pete Jackson? Warner Bros? Is that not so?
    Personal profit / Public liability?
    We should keep as far away from ‘merica as we now do Hong Kong except the yanks have a disease that’s far, far worse than coronavirus. It’s called ‘greed’.
    Give me the Bwitish Monarchy any day of the week. At least they’ve got Class dahlings.
    ( Sorry Maori. I do sympathise with you in [that] regard ( I’m half Irish, half Scots so… ) but unfortunately it is what it is.Until it isn’t, of course. And if, one day [it] isn’t? You’d best have a very, very good back up plan. The deep dark woods are full of very, very scary monsters with deep pocketsesssss and soulless hearts. )

    • Agree, who the fuck cares? I don’t give a fuck about the Americans, corporate or working class.

      The American working class are the biggest enablers of US imperialism, keenly going out to fight its wars for a few crumbs off the table. Fuck em. They are scum. Screw em! Get the popcorn out as their ship sinks!

      I do prefer Trump though and will be rooting for him, because in the end and in spite of his reckless actions against Iran, he is instinctually is less interested in what happens in the rest of the world, supports Dutertes war on drugs, gets on with Putin and Xi Jinping, and in this sense is not a Western ‘exceptionalist’. He does have an air of authenticity and he is funny. So yeah, I’ll go with Trump over Bernie anyday of the week.

        • You heard Mark. He “doesn’t give a fuck” about irrelevant stuff like lies and war crimes. Just so long as you’re mates with Xi Jinping. He has our best interests at heart and solemnly promises not to stamp on our faces when the PRC eventually occupies the Pacific.

          • “I’ll go with Trump over Bernie anyday of the week.”

            So the statement indicates where Mark is at and what he prepossess that he stands for.

  5. Could the Iowa Democrats could organise a booze up in a flipping bottle shop next door to a party hat shop? From a mildly interested party half the world away it reeks of unprofessionalism from what is supposed to be of of the two major parties in the world’s most powerful of democracies.
    Your last sentence is spot on, this will be fodder for Trump and his ilk.

    Anymore word from that aged bikie who was going to come around and beat you up?

  6. I’m wondering how long it is before America decides to invade itself given the current propensity of its citizens have for voting for the ‘wrong’ people…

    “Although Pete Buttigieg leads the caucus results, Bernie Sanders is leading the popular vote count, at 28,220 over Buttigieg’s 27,030.
    Elizabeth Warren collected 22,254 votes and Joe Biden has 14,176, with 62% of precincts reporting.

    In terms of percentages, here’s how the popular vote counts break down:

    Sanders: 27%
    Buttigieg: 25%
    Warren: 21%
    Biden: 13%
    Klobuchar: 13%”

  7. If Iowa was a third world nation ruled by some authoritarian figurehead a similar delay in getting these results out, regardless of what they show would be raising eyebrows. Neither a great advert for the Democrats or indeed the democratic process.

  8. At 97% of the caucus vote counted and only a 1 percent margin.
    Why dont they just accept the popular vote and make that the determining factor of picking the winner? Oh, that’ll be Bernie too!

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