GUEST BLOG: Bryan Bruce – Why are we still selling land to foreign buyers?


The sale of a Rangitikei forest to a Chinese buyer was approved by the Overseas Investment Office last Thursday.

222-hectare of Pinehills Forest, near Hunterville will be sold to China Forestry Group New Zealand Limited.

The land is currently owned by Pinehills Forest Limited, an 80 per cent New Zealand-owned company.

If we are determined to have foreign investment in forestry then why are we not leasing the land for, say, 99 years to overseas interests? Why are we selling it outright?

One day our grand children will look around and discover they are strangers in their own land and ask why we allowed this to happen.

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The answer , I think, lies in the unchanged neoliberal mind set of the current government (which National also shares) which believes it’s clever business not to own an asset such as land when you can profit ( at least in the short term) from the sale.

This,by the way, is how the few become wealthy at the expense of the many.

About a year before she died the great Maori land activist Dame Whina Cooper allowed me to film her life’s story. The message I took away from that privileged interview was how land and identity are tightly bound together like the two strands of our DNA. We unravel them at our peril.

Yes we should welcome overseas investors if we must , but as guests and partners. Not financial invaders.

Bryan Bruce is one of NZs most respected documentary makers and public intellectuals who has tirelessly exposed NZs neoliberal economic settings as the main cause for social issues.


  1. … ” If we are determined to have foreign investment in forestry then why are we not leasing the land for, say, 99 years to overseas interests? Why are we selling it outright? Yes we should welcome overseas investors if we must , but as GUESTS and PARTNERS . Not financial invaders ” …


    I have said this exact same thing time and time again. About the leasing , NOT the selling. And clauses that if the relationship turns out unworkable from our perspective , then we are the premier decision makers and leases can then be revoked at OUR discretion . NZ is not a bloody free for all for every Tom Dick or Harry foreigner OR NZ neo liberal to sell off and get rich off.

    We are the stewards and caretakers for OUR future generations, – not some overseas corporate’s kids. OUR future generations.

    This is NZ , – WE are the people of NZ and WE are the stewards of it and WE make the decisions about it . Not the politicians, – they are merely the executors of OUR WILL. And certainly not any foreigner. The NZ public have shown they are against asset and land sales .

    End of story.

    This sort of bloody shit brasses me right the hell off.

    • Wild Katipo – Agree 100%. It brasses everyone off, except for politicians incapable of thinking beyond the immediate future, and their own immediate futures.

      We, and they, as you say, are stewards of the future. Trotting out a PM’s cute toddler for photo ops is a little sickening when the children of the future are being tossed to the winds in such a morally reprehensible way, for dubious short term gain.

      Labour is worse than National here, as they pretend to have a caring face, when they do not, but hey, at least we can tell tomorrow’s children how they hugged everybody – and then they hugged them all again.
      Hypercritical little ratbags.

  2. We are selling our land we are selling our water, we are selling our citizenship. Can anyone tell me anything we aren’t selling? Time to honour our TOW and realise this document can save our country from going down the proverbial toilet.

    • Michelle ?… I’ve always liked your posts. And your comment on the TOW is something I always said back in the day. Collectively? , – the Maori people have a tremendous edge to be used in this regard. But they are fractured , some opportunists, others,… more traditional in thinking.

      I support the traditionalists.

      I support the traditionalists because they are more inline with the way humanity is supposed to live. The opportunists, … are more in sync with modern ( I call ) grabastic thinking. However , when it comes to the worldview of those opportunists that believe it creates opportunity’s and jobs for their people, its hard to deny them that. We see examples of hard nosed Native Americans and First Nations people who are solely pragmatic.

      And they are fierce and they are formidable in oratory.

      But one recurring theme I notice is the repetitive theme of tribal / national sovereignty. I fully support that. It serves both the indigenous people and the latter day colonialist settlers equally as well. It protects all of us from modern day take over by modern foreign interests.

      Please do keep posting.

      I enjoy reading the heart felt posts you make.

      Do not stop.

      • Michelle usually supports a different view to me but I agree you can feel her passion in her comments and they always make you stop and think.

  3. Simple. Non residents can not own NZ’s Taonga, Minerals, Metals, Naturals, Whenua,Water and all that originates within NZ’s 200 mile economic zone.

    They also have to live in NZ for at least 182 days per year and all of their businesses and investments must be domiciled in NZ and are subject to NZ’s Tax system.

  4. “Why are we still selling land to foreign buyers?”
    Another question could be ” Why are we allowing foreigners to buy our [sic] land? ”
    If we do ask those questions then they’re clearly not answered which should cause us all grave concern because our politicians are no longer ours, but theirs. And ‘They’, the foreigners, can be defined as simply those with more money than us.
    Focusing on the foreigners who’re buying our land is a mistake. We should be focusing on who of our politicians are brokering those deals.
    Lets knock on their doors? Lets find out what’s what? Where are they? Who are they?
    It’s our right to know and it’s their responsibility to tell us what the fuck it is that’s going on?
    My fear is; are the Chinese, as in this case, going to on-sell what were once our lands to, say, the fucking israeli’s ? Imagine that? Jesus Christ! ( I know. Irony.)
    I do a lot of driving. I mean, a lot. I also take photographs. I drive and I do a lot of looking from a creative point of view and do you know what I see? I see astounding beauty in our beautiful Aotearoa-New Zealand.
    The countryside from Auckland down the west coast to Wellington is stunning.
    The lands between the Clutha River and Riverton are breathtaking at this time of year and if one had a mind to, one could grow hedge rows of spuds along side the roads simply by putting them in the ground then coming back a bit later, such is the naturally fertile nature of our AO/NZ soils.
    And we can watch poor old Aussie burn and as the Northern hemisphere’s oceans conveyor systems fail, the North will freeze and snow and hurricane.
    And while the above joyous event takes place, we’ll have to stop using fossil fuels which will mean the middle east will drop down into a Hell Hole of biblical proportions. So where do you think the Zionists will take their war machines then? After what they’ve done to the Palestinians, who’ll have them?
    Some of you might think I’m being anti semitic. What would you say to me then if I told you I was Jewish?
    Right now? We need a British aircraft carrier loaded with fighter aircraft and drones in every port.
    Or? We could just show the enemy our day time TV? That’d have them wailing for mercy within the hour.
    On that note and going back to the original question: “Why are we still selling land to foreign buyers?”
    Perhaps it’s because our politicians are told to do so by the foreigners?
    These, are heady times remember?

    • … ” Focusing on the foreigners who’re buying our land is a mistake. We should be focusing on who of our politicians are brokering those deals.
      Lets knock on their doors? Lets find out what’s what? Where are they? Who are they?
      It’s our right to know and it’s their responsibility to tell us what the fuck it is that’s going on? ” ….


      Ooooh ! , – I loved Otago the most,… and Tekapo …wow !… such desolate beauty ! I loved the clean dry atmosphere near the Alps, the hot baking summers and the snowy winters… not the sticky crappy humid atmosphere of Auckland…

      The only other place I loved perhaps even more was the Waitakere Ranges,.. in particular,.. my lil’ hometown of Huia. I was a millionaire growing up there without a cent to my name. And the bush was cool and the sea was refreshing. And the shellfish were great !

      But its good ( yet again ) that you remind us all of the root cause of the problem: our own home grown traitors and treasonist’s. They are the enablers, they are the benefactors and they are the back room dealers and the mis-users of their elected positions. Despite their opulent and handsome salary’s we pay them.

      Yes,… you are dead right. Questions need to be asked. Individuals need to be asked, – nay grilled , – as to why they have allowed this to happen.

  5. The Overseas Investment Office was supposed to be a check on the wanton handover of NZ assets to foreign owners but it is, and has always been, merely a rubber-stamp for assets to be sold off, and profits to disappear into foreign hands.
    Labour or National, it matters little – the mechanics of government continue on their merry neo-liberal way without reference to anyone or anything.

  6. “One day our grand children will look around and discover they are strangers in their own land and ask why we allowed this to happen”

    One day Bryan? That day is already here. We live on Auckland’s North Shore in Browns Bay. The balance is all wrong. I went into the ASB branch last week. Six staff on duty. All six were Chinese.

    Every house that has gone on the market in our street over the last six years has been purchased by a Chinese buyer. Nearby schools are now dominated by Chinese students. Spoke to an ex Plunket nurse before Christmas. She told me 17 out of 20 new baby cases she dealt with were Chinese.

    The bird has already well and truly flown in our neck of the woods.

    • +1 Jacindafan

      Reminds me of Cuckoo’s that get other birds to provide for their young. (and old in NZ).

      At the end of the day, the new forests/farms/land/businesses purchased will probably be run by the Chinese children of the future, although what is the government’s plan for the rest of the population. Re-education camps?

      What is worse is that there is a self censorship that Chinese Nationals have from being in a dictatorship and their history, which has spread faster than the coronavirus to NZ commentators, because nobody mentions anything bad being caused by Chinese Nationals! Even their crimes are dismissed in the courts

      Queen St money remitter discharged after laundering Polish and Russian crime syndicate’s cash

      Chinese man who ‘tweaked’ boy’s penis blames ‘cultural mistake’, escapes criminal conviction

      Don’t mention the war (and Chinese)

      Name suppression for laughable ‘hardship’ when millions is found in cash in paper bags and one of them trying to catch a plane to China once caught.

      With a mandarin translator now needed in the courts , it is not hard to guess that it’s an arrest of another upstanding (sarcasm) newly minted near retirement NZ passport holder who like more of more people coming before the NZ courts has somehow got into the country without speaking the language and now before the courts. he gets name suppression too…

    • Did you check the passports of the 6 tellers?
      Are did they just “look” Chinese which satisfies your Xenophobic sensibilities?

      • I heard there were two Chinese and two Indians and maybe a Filipino or two. I couldn’t decide which was best.

      • Gordo,

        How dare people have the audacity to offer anecdotal evidence of what we now live with 24/7. If we do we are described as xenophobes/racists by online warriors.

        45 properties have been sold on our street over the last six years. Every buyer was Chinese. No need to check passports to confirm this.

        No, I didn’t check with the six bank tellers on duty at the ASB on Clyde Road Browns Bay to see passport activity. Blind Freddy could see they were unmistakable “Chinese New Zealanders”. Does that satisfy your trolling sensibilities?

        The ex Plunket nurse I spoke to in December had retired three months earlier. She described how 17 out of every 20 newborn baby cases she dealt in the area were of Chinese descent. Staggering numbers. Many spoke very limited English and an interpreter was often required. Even someone with your obvious limitations can do the maths and work out the tidal wave we are already living with is only going to grow.

        School rolls in the Albany / Browns Bay / Mairangi Bay areas are now dominated by Chinese students.

        Go to the A n E at North Shore Hospital and look at the waiting room. It looks and feels like you have arrived in a country other than NZ.

        Should people just ignore what they are seeing all day every day with their own eyes in case some online troll throws fluff at them?

        Wang, Li, Chen and Liu are now the most common surnames in Auckland. Migration expert from Massey university described how old Anglo-Saxon family names in Auckland have been “swamped”. Much more of the same to come.

        • You miss the point- you you have made a judgement on on someones origin based solely on how they look. A generalisation that judges a person of certain ethnicity in the exact same way regards of their ties to this country – it’s possible that those six individuals could range from multi generational NZers to recently arrived migrants- yet to you they are simply “Chinese”.

          • With comments like that Gordo I wonder if you are able to dress yourself in morning or does your (Chinese) mother come over in the morning to give you a hand?

            • You know what they say about assumption James Brown? I’m very much in the stale white male category- no chance of me being maligned by the likes of Jacindafan if he saw me in my place of work.

              • So what do you gain from all this?

                Do you have Chinese students paying rent somewhere’s?

                Of course you don’t want the gravy train to end,- your comfort funds in your retirement would end.

                Got nice place in Australia you have picked out to spend your golden years in?

                F@ck off you drooling coont.

                • None of the above actually. Your anger is fuelled by a number of incorrect assumptions.

                  My comment did not imply mass immigration like we have seen in recent years is okay- to the contrary I believe we need to close the gates.

                  It was intended to point out that simple generalisations are dangerous. Yes the Chinese population percentage wise has increased in recent years- but so have have migrants form many other countries- some of those just happen to look more like white “NZers” (i.e. South Africans, Australians, Brits) so don’t generate the same us/them casual generalisations that Jacindafan has made.

          • Gordo,

            I don’t feel I’ve missed the point at all. I do however feel you’ve missed it.

            I’ve lived in Browns Bay for 30 years. Why would you think that on the day I visited the ASB on the main street of Browns Bay, 100% of the staff were at least “Chinese” in appearance? I would assume the bank believes the staff should reflect the demographic in the community or they want to attract customers that are at least Chinese in appearance, or both. You can tie yourself up in knots attempting to explore how long these folk have been in NZ bla bla bla but that will achieve very little apart from people not unlike yourself feeling justified in saying nothing while this tidal wave continues.

            PS…when I witnessed the staff demographic at the ASB, I went next door to the Westpac bank out of curiosity. They had two staff on. Both were Chinese in appearance.

            I could very easily relay hundreds of negative experiences in our community involving extremely arrogant people that are Chinese in appearance but things to do, people to see.

            • @Jacindafan, Gordo is part of the stale, male self suppression movement to stop freedom of speech about the issue and anybody questioning ethnic displacement in NZ towns and businesses is shut down by ‘racist’ and xenophobic. Most of these people don’t have a clue what is going on because they don’t live in the community. While the reality continues…

              OIO consents Chinese-owned company’s 175-unit Auckland apartment development


              (They might also like to do an analysis of how many state homes in the area are now in new migrants hands)…

              Or the pollution levels of the neighbouring beaches (including Long Bay marine reserve) from the rampant developments in that area, that nobody is allowed to talk about and the council ignores.

              • Not sure you are going to save anything- let alone NZ with the conclusions you are jumping to there champ.

                I have no interest in shouting down or anyones freedom of speech- everyone is entitled to their beliefs and has the right to express them (within reason)- which also enables me to express my views that mass generalisations of a xenophobic nature are dangerous, misinformed and don’t help anyone.

                Sadly I’m not part of any movement, I prefer to think for myself rather than blindly follow others.

      • Gordo, I think it’s the bankers than get to check the passports, not the other way around…

        I don’t think China would be as stupid as to allow overseas nationals to populate Chinese cities and towns and be on Chinese super and welfare and free health and education.. they tend to work it the other away around, think Tibet, (another Xenophobic country to you no doubt, Palestine (more xenophobes)…

        NZ has to support more aged asian migrants than Maori and Pacific Islander migrants and our immigration was supposed to be to support Kiwi taxpayers retiring, not the new comers parents! Another trickle down lie strikes again… Don’t forget Gen X paid for and are indebted with user payer education, paid eye watering interest rates on student loans and many boomers lost their jobs in the 1980’s and were paying 22% mortgage rates.

        There is a difference between multinationalism and displacement and downright stupidity… in NZ in many areas around Auckland it is displacement not multiculturalism due to stupidity because Maori and Pacific Islanders and beneficiaries and the working poor are being displaced our of where they used to live, and not by choice.

        I don’t blame migrants for coming here, why would you not when you get a much better deal than in your own country which has little social welfare and our government is ok with giving hospital beds and benefits to new arrivals who don’t have to have paid any taxes here.

        I blame government stupidity and greed agenda, for the most part and woke thinking. People like Jenny Shipley are well looked after by the Chinese on their boards etc, giving away ‘loans’ and bankrupting small contractors here when Mainzeal goes bankrupt. Those at fault that can escape to China, ain’t gonna pay the money back!

      • To be honest they probably were all Chinese . . good try but it is clear that we are literally being flooded by Chinese immigrants and trying to suggest otherwise is ridiculous.

      • Yeah well , … John Lennon got shot for speaking against national sovereignty and endorsing the ‘ brotherhood of man’… but what he didn’t factor in , … in that simplistic concept was also the abuse of the ‘brotherhood of man’ such as is practiced under the modern day Communist Party of China ( CCP).

        Do we really have to go there?

        I think you know what I mean.

        You are not that stupid or cryptic.

        So lets drop the pretense.

  7. One of the best articles of the year.

    Selling massive amounts of NZ land, is very foolhardy when leasing is a better option.

    Land sales are also driving up the prices for locals who pay taxes here who can’t afford to buy their own land, anymore on our driven down wages and business opportunities.

    It makes it even worse when the taxes are introduced that make it even harder for locals to be able to afford their own land, while international taxes are full of loop holes and not an even playing field!

    • Actually 99 year leases (with an end to all freehold purchases) for foreigners wanting the privilege of using New Zealand land was a Maori Party policy at the last election. Of course by then most of the Maori population had had enough of them propping up the ponytail puller and his merry band of kleptocrats and booted them out.

  8. Kia ora Bryan
    Legally, the land sold was not “your” land. If it had been your land that was sold, then you would never have written this post. You would be on your way to bank your cheque.
    I have known many who rage against the alienation of “our” land, but who, when it comes to the point, will sell their land – be it a farm, forest, or residence – to the highest bidder who as often as not is a “foreigner”. And you would be a fool not to, because if you sell to a “New Zealander” at below market price, then he or she will almost certainly sell to a “foreigner” at full market price when the time comes.
    People argue, logically enough, that the government should ban sales to foreigners. The problem there is that hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders are heavily indebted, some have very little equity left in their farms, forests or homes, and if they can’t sell to foreigners then they will have to suffer having their wealthier New Zealander neighbours benefit from their misfortune (or if one chooses to be harsh, from their financial misjudgment).
    The colonial chickens are coming home to roost for European New Zealanders, and some of them are most unhappy about it.
    They have to learn, as Maori have, that the only thing you can do in a colonial system is to hold on to your own land, by which I mean quite literally, your own land, and not to worry about what happens to the land of others who happen to call themselves New Zealand citizens.
    Most of all, do not imagine that a colonialist parliament, or any of the parties which constitute that parliament, can ever advance the national interest of the people of Aotearoa.
    If you give sovereignty to a foreign monarch, how are you going to argue that foreigners should not gain title to the land?
    Remember the fateful words attributed to Nopera Panekareao “Ko te atarau o te whenua i riro i a te kuini, ko te tinana o te whenua i waiho ki ngā Māori” followed a year later by “Ko te atarau o te whenua ka waiho ki nga Maori, ko te tinana o te whenua ka riro i a te kuini”.

    • Good point about the hypocrisy behind it. I know dyed in the wool Winston supporters and Green Party members who all for their own reasons decry foreign land sales – for other people. But they are delighted about the fact that the market value of the apartments/houses they are in have skyrocketed (I live in a suburb where house prices have essentially doubled in 9 years, and my neighbour downstairs and neighbour a floor above are Greenies).

      Everyone will sell at full market price to a foreigner, should they get the opportunity, probably including Martyn and Wild Katipo

      • The issue, then – and I’m guessing Bryan Bruce would agree – is that successive governments have promised to put a brake on overseas sales but it never happens. I wouldn’t have a problem with overseas buyers if it didn’t sideswipe the poor’s ability to own their own home. Even Key said he was going to do something about it but of course lied. One would think a Labour government would have the balls to do it properly, but of course that’s never going to happen, either.

      • I live in a broken down rental sleepout where half the electrical wiring doesn’t work and is a fire hazard, the plumbing leaks including the toilet, have already spent a grand on a plumber for the shower / external pump , told the head tenant that the roof leaks and that there’s going to be problems if he doesn’t tell the landlord and get a proper plumber ( he didn’t and as a consequence the rest happened because he says he has a ‘deal’ worked out with him ) ,- then the place flooded twice as it poured in down the walls during the bad storms we had about two years ago. Then , as a grand finally ,… a hairline crack opened up next to my bed in the ceiling , now it is a metre long , a centimeter wide and I have to use two buckets to catch as much water as I can, – they fill to 3/4 in a bad downpour overnight.

        Its like living next to a dripping tap.

        I’ve lived in a few derelict dives in my time since the credit crunch but this one takes the cake. Its one down from living in a cave. And the rents a couple of tenners down from $300 per week.

        And speaking of the credit crunch , I had a painting business I lost because of that and a half million dollar section near Karapiro I also lost through the Australian banks selling it out from under me and my real estate agent without telling us when we put it on the market. I was all positioned to put a 5 bed-roomed house on it and live in / do up . Pretty unethical and pretty illegal of them to coin a Stephen Joyce saying , eh?

        Yeah I thought you’d agree.

        And how did I manage to do all that ?

        Because I had a tiny nest egg saved up despite paying child maintenance that amounted to $50.00 each on a working mans wage (then , – and despite paying a mortgage in an effort to provide a place fro my two sons ) and I had the wisdom to buy a derelict place in the Waikato (my ex had taken my sons and relocated back there from our place in Auckland ) and do it up. As my son had cancer , I decided to do a Dip in Science and Technology at a Polytech , so I sold that and bought another dero house in Hamilton to be nearer the Polytech , and with a mate, we did that up too and sold for a large profit. We sweated our literal rings off’s doing that, – a full nine skip bins of rubbish we cleared and we did that place up inside and out and even replaced the roofing.

        It now would take its place in a swank part of town in Auckland. Ponce – On – By comes to mind. ( Except with a dog friendly 6 feet high partially wooden trellis fence complete with raised gardens bordered by Lavender’s now surrounding it ) From a place where skinheads once lived ( with a Rottweiler chained to a lemon tree permanently out front), we designed it to be clean, modern and refurbished and a place where a young family would be happy to live in. And that’s exactly who bought it in a desirable part of Hamilton East.

        All that from a tiny wee nest egg I had.

        Lost the lot.

        Even had to give my two wonderful dogs away. One an Alaskan Malamute ‘wolf’ boy , the other a fantastic female Aussie shepherd / German shepherd cross. Dad got the shepherd. He was scared of her at first despite having had shepherds before at first, … but he wound up claiming her as his dog and brushed , manicured and fed her to the point of human toddler affection. Her coat gleamed . As he dozed in the hammock under the cherry tree in his retirement, she would keep the cats off the garden and loyally lay down to sleep right next to him. And lie on the couch with him at nights with her head in his lap. Always on guard. She loved children . Couldn’t get enough of fetching sticks. Mad on sticks. And tennis balls.

        I did all that in an effort to get my family back together and to be with my two sons. No thanks to the state and the neo liberal machine. I worked my butt off and compressed a stressful lifetime into a few short years. And still got shat on.

        I was no spoilt brat from overseas with a guaranteed place in life supported by a rich family. I made something from nothing. And neither was I some fat rich corrupt American banker who onsold rotten debt that precipitated the global neo liberal credit crisis.

        But I will survive. As country folk do. And while townies perish like fly’s in a global economic downturn or a nuclear barbecue,… I , like the rats and cockroaches will come crawling out of the clouds of building dust and debris and wonder ‘what can I do to find adequate food, water and shelter?’

        * Much respect to COUNTRYBOY as I feel that dudes heart and agree almost to a point exclusively with what he / she posts. I been there too in a way.

        So don’t you ever ,… EVER again ‘ MARK ‘ ,… presume to know shit about me you arrogant grabastic piece of moldy budgerigar shit.


        * In loving memory of my son Jack Hendrick R ,…. who passed away in December 2005 from ALL, – Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. One month shy of his 12th birthday. I will see you again. You spoke in tongues at an early age and I know where to find you.

        I built and carved a viking style coffin ‘ship’ complete with head and aft prow raised carvings in the shape of angels with wings for Jack on his request , and while doing that, I saw a light in the sky one night . It was a bright white light that stayed in place for ages that rose up silently juxtaposed against the stars, changed colours from white to scarlet red halfway up , and after going behind some wispy summer clouds split in two , with one going north over the eaves of the house , the other going at a straight trajectory down the Waikato valley.

        And if that was a sign of an afterlife,… or a kind of gloating, I do not know. All I know is that it left me angry as it was the last thing I needed one week after Jacks death after medical incompetence by Waikato hospital. Even Starship agreed with me on that fact.

        So here’s a tribute to all country folks,.. albeit with the ‘Murrican’ slant on things . My grown up younger son introduced this to me .

        Hank Williams Jr. – A Country Boy Can Survive (Official Music Video)

        • So sorry to read about your son Wild Katipo, I have 6 kids myself and I can’t imagine losing any of them.

          • I’ve repeated this story many times here and on The Standard,… as an example to those who get carried away with typing trite political blogging irrespective of the human quotient.

            Now I wouldn’t wish my later life on anybody,… but the fact is,.. all around the globe there are folks who have suffered far worse.

            I enjoyed the most blessed of childhoods,…living in Huia.

            My time came much later on ,… when it was my turn to raise a young family. Ever wondered why I post most virulently against neo liberalism? ,… working for a shitty minimal wage and trying to support a young family?… and then dealing with childhood cancer? A divorce and then the death of a child?

            A preventable death that was caused by the microbe Pneumocystis carinii?,- a common garden variety microbe that lives in the soil , but with those that are immuno compromised due to chemo therapy is deadly ?

            Jack didn’t die from cancer , – but from that microbe that Waikato hospital brushed off as ‘ asthma’ , saying he and his mother were ‘non compliant’ and that he wasn’t taking his ‘asthma medication’,… like f@ck he wasn’t, – he didn’t have asthma. Waikato hospital were lazy , inexpert and not specialists in childhood cancer. They never bothered to read Jacks Starship notes. They kept sending lab samples like insane people expecting different results from the same tests and yet coming up with the same conclusions . I have to this day kept all the records. They’ve done the same to many other Waikato people.

            The main childhood Oncologist was in holiday in Fiji while this was all happening. I said to his mother ” I’m taking him back in”. When I finally DEMANDED action @ 1 am, Jack and I were in an ambulance within an hour to Auckland Starship. I’d had a gutsful of their bullshit.

            Jack was a big strapping lad, half Dutch and half Kiwi and prior to that was helping me lift sheep over a fence when housesitting a mates small farm. He was robust , tall for his age and the pinup poster boy of success for beating cancer. And he was the shield and protector of his younger brother Finn.

            And that was because I stuck him on a diet roughly equating to the ‘Hallelujah diet’ . Consists of brassica , seafood , liver and fresh fruits… common things you get from the supermarket,… basically a Mediterranean diet,…things I found on my first computer and in which the internet was a veritable library to me when I was doing the science diploma…

            Jack died 6 weeks later in Piku ward. It was described by a brilliant South African head nurse at Starship ( she was fucking furious! ) as like ” trying to breath through concrete lungs”…

            So yeah,… if I could drive a shiv into the guts of neo liberalism and kick it in the head as it bled out,… I would.

            But we don’t do that here in NZ.

            We forgive.

            Even though after 18 months of dealing with Roger Patterson of the Health and Disability Commission and receiving a smarmy final letter which contained a bogus nurses ‘I’m so sorry it was my mistake ” admission.


            Do they think I’m that gullible?

            I still haven’t opened that follow up letter from them asking if I want to pursue it any further. Yet this is what goes on in this country now.

            Protect and love your kids.

            Always get a second opinion.

            Don’t trust any ‘ expert’.

            Go with your gut instinct.

            Trust no one.

            • So don’t you ever ,… EVER again ‘ MARK ‘ ,… presume to know shit about me you arrogant grabastic piece of moldy budgerigar shit.

              I’m very sorry to learn of what happened to your son, but my point stands.

              Kiwis, like most people in the world, will sell to the highest bidder regardless domestic or foreign. And that makes sense because we all have to survive in economic framework that is not of our own choosing, and NZ is but just a very small cog in that framework.

              • …” Kiwis, like most people in the world, will sell to the highest bidder regardless domestic or foreign”…

                Which is ,… an incredibly cynical revelation and admittance. Have you had prior experience?,… if so please share it. And which also shows for all to see that you are using the Chinophile excuse as a Trojan horse for all to see.

                You are not in fact a Chinese CCP lover but a neo liberal grabastic. Similar to the blood sucking mosquitoes we endure with the summer months.

                Are you an Asian paper tiger ?,… or moreso a tiny blood sucking tiger mosquito?

                I think the latter is more the case.

                A free trade opportunistic globalist with vested interests in seeing a borderless NZ.

                That’s who you really are : an Anglo Saxon sell out masquerading as some Chinese nationalist. All in the interests of greater personal profits and an inflamed bank account.

                A leech.

                A parasite.

                A blood sucker.

                Something we can all do without.

                Why do you even come here to post?

                When you are so easily outed for who you really are?

                A crummy National party supporter who hasn’t even the courage or gumption to declare themselves…

                Stop with the pretense, and stand up like a man and take your medicine. You’ve been outed. We all see you for who you are. You don’t give a shit about China’s Uighur population, you don’t give a rats arse about political dissidents being murdered for organ transplants, you couldn’t give a flying f@ck about Muslims being detained in ‘ vocational training centers…

                You are ,… nothing more than a cruddy, seamy pasty faced National party minion. And a bad one at that.

                Stop posting.

                Slink back into the shadows where you belong.

                No one here takes you seriously anymore.

                Goodbye , lovey.

                • hmmm…an amusing rant in order to deflect and avoid the point…. btw it was the Labour Party who got the ball rolling on neoliberalism in NZ

                • …You don’t give a shit about China’s Uighur population….

                  Actually I do, as does the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) which has actually commended “China in providing care to its Muslim citizens”…

                  I would hazard a guess that the OIC is more aware of and understands the true situation of Muslims, not only in China, but worldwide than you do.

    • It’s self suppression now! They even have Winston organising the Chinese private charters and accomodation in Auckland for the potentially virus stuck Chinese NZer’s , even OZ are able to leave their Chinese Australians in NZ to quarantine out the virus.

      A friend was listening to a big discussion on the radio about infrastructure spending and all and the billions for the roads and what they should do about it, (included Greater Auckland spokespeople, NZTA, and others).

      There is such self suppression about immigration in NZ from the media, that nobody mentions immigration numbers at all when discussing anything from infrastructure to housing and therefore look like idiots.

      Being too gutless to point out that immigration is an easy way to control numbers into NZ, then pretending that infrastructure is not effected by hundreds of thousands of new people living here each year is crazy!

      Like Kiwibuild, zoning changes, blaming landlords, meth levels, and what have you, all these things are being presented as causes and being ‘fixed; but housing/infrastructure just gets worse and worse, because the main source of the problem is not being discussed and addressed and is suppressed (just like certain subjects in China like Tibet).

  9. Why indeed Bryan. Its another example of the hypocrisy and lack of integrity of government in NZ. On the one hand blaming private property speculators for the housing shortage whilst still allowing foreign ownership of land and property. Its two faced nonsense that demonstrates, yet again, that big business, the wealthy and banks are the core focus of government in NZ and have been for the last 30+ years.

    Joe average Kiwi is the scape goat to be blamed when thing inevitably turn sour. To be taxed into the ground and even have any private assets they accumulate through sheer hard work over a lifetime come under attack from these characters.

    Time to face facts and stop voting for the same bad actors. To do less is to let ourselves down.

    • Don’t you know that the whole anti foreign buyers thing run by NZ First and Labour was just a charade to get votes?

      Once they are in, they realise the extent to which NZ relies on foreign capital flows.

      Agree that is fucked up, but that’s the way it is.

  10. Why are we still selling land to foreign buyers?
    For the same reason building supplies, and NZ produced food is cheaper overseas than it is here.
    It’s the (often) unintended consequences of MM and the Fish and Chip Brigade having drunk the cool aid of ‘the market the market’ unrestrained, and then stacking various institutions with disciples of the grand neo-liberal religion.
    NZ Pinus Radiata cheaper to buy offshore than within NZ; Pig farmers (the producer) getting $3 per kilo at the gate – check out the markup at a supermarket; NZ Salmon cheaper in every outlet between Sydney and Brisbane than it is in ‘lil ‘ole NuZull that punches above its weight. It’s all very efficient and effective.
    It’s my belief that it’ll probably take the big crash before many (possibly most) realise TINA was the biggest bullshit artist the planet has ever known and that there is, and always was an alternative – and it doesn’t involve the likes of Overseas Investment Commissions or a variety of other stacked agencies, who, over a generation, have come to know nothing else, other than what they’re almost robotically accustomed to.
    And btw……no point in now blaming the immigrant. WE DID IT TO OURSELVES and the worst part is we keep on doing it.

    • It is not cheaper overseas, it is that in NZ our companies are allowed to rip people off here and many well known former NZ companies like Wrightons are majority owned by overseas and most NZ companies and institutions are run by overseas born CEO’s and staff.

      NZ people did not do it to ourselves at all, we were shat on 40 years ago and it’s continuing, which is why the neoliberals need to bring in so many new foreign people to vote and control things here and not give a damn about NZ, aka foreign business, CEO’s and Universities Vice Chancellors “educating the next generation”, now foreign MP’s buying list seats, so the neoliberal experiment can continue.

      • saveNZ…..there are a hell of a lot of New Zealanders making a good living overseas as well …..I have run into them in Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Shanghai, and Beijing. Heard of this billionaire? Made his fortune in Russia:

        In fact in per-capita terms, there are more New Zealanders investing, working, and having a good time overseas than probably any other nationality.

        Globalism goes both ways, as the British are soon to find out.

        • @ Mark Yes I agree with you and am not against people living and working overseas. I think it is a great idea.

          Traditionally most nations have had the opportunity to go to other countries on 2 year work visas which is a great way to visit other countries and pay for it by working.

          Working holiday visas however are different to giving people from overseas the same benefits as locals within short time frames aka voting in NZ within one year of living here, benefits like jobseeker and the DPB within 2 years of being here, free health and education for everyones kids and relatives, superannuation when you have not paid anything into the scheme, only lived in NZ for a few years and have much poorer local folks paying for the folly with their taxes going to other nationals parents while your own are still working in many cases and can’t afford to retire.

          Many local tax payers suffered user pays in NZ and are heavy in personal debt like student loans and then now have to pay for other nationals parents who seem a lot wealthier in many cases and don’t work, look after the satellite kids while the locals and their parents are still working and can’t afford to retire!

          I also agree with people with very high skill sets that are in demand worldwide to be able to get work in other countries that can not easily be found/filled. Aka workers at the top of their fields (specialist doctors/PHD’s/ High end Technology) or people in arts writers/artists/musicians who cross pollenate and create international links but may not earn much.

          Again have no issue with that type of work migration.

          In NZ we use migration for a different purpose to keep the neoliberal ponzi going with new capital and create the low wage economy and keep poor businesses afloat with cheap labour.

          I don’t see chefs, retail managers, aged care nurses (that pay less than any other types of nurses, and being bought in because 10% of migrants in NZ are aged migrants),labourers, fruit pickers, gib stoppers etc in the skilled or special category (maybe Michigan starred chefs are unique but the average subway burger chef/cafe chef is not skilled and getting residency here!)

          These workers are bought into NZ because there is a Ponzi of people trafficking NZ visas around the world and charging tens of thousands of dollars for student visas and temporary work visas from which residency is piggybacked from.

          In addition NZ is increasingly full of employers (many large multinationals) who don’t want to pay/train/put any thought into their industry/innovate etc and they like the gravy train of cheap workers and don’t want to pay for that expensive degree or 3/4 year qualification they make locals get.

          Once here people come because they get permanent residency, can get NZ social welfare benefits in 2 years like the DPB, and can be free to come and go and bring relatives over and inherit the residency to their kids.

          The mission of mass immigration is to lower wages, plunder and destroy the environment and steal/take resources from local communities, or to change the demographics of a country for political reasons.

          That is what is happening in NZ and actually all around the world. From corrupt officials burning down the Amazon/south East Asian rainforests, and killing the local communities to make multinational profits, to the UK which like NZ, welcomed money launderers and financial criminals and have now lost their ability to manufacture or do anything real.

  11. @Mark, I also have no issue with students and Chinese coming to NZ.

    The issue I have is the voting and welfare rights like DPB, super, benefits being given out on the back of student and work visas for all foreign nationals of which Chinese have been big users of (now India), and the purchasing of our businesses by multinationals who couldn’t give a stuff about NZ and then use it to manipulate the naive NZ government, do work scams, or rip us off (Cadbury) as their power grows here.

    UK & European foreign nationals seem to have somewhere to go back to if things do not work out in NZ. They have social welfare, decent health and education so they leave NZ if it does not work out here.

    Now that the NZ government is determined to get people in from countries that do not have social welfare systems in their own countries, the temp people refuse to leave and commit frauds to stay here like pretending they have a job. Even when they are committing crimes, NZ can’t seem to get rid of them as our systems rely on honesty which is sadly absent in many cases of potential new citizens!

    It did not use to be too bad with OZ buying our companies, because their wages were higher than NZ’s so they used NZ people to staff their businesses in NZ.

    Now that we have hundreds of thousands of temp visas, multinationals use the cheapest people from overseas and standards are dropping, while wiping out local businesses. Our low wage economy underpinned by NZ residence Ponzis , mean multinationals are refusing to hire Kiwis at appropriate rates of pay, and don’t have to, as they can now access the cheapest of the cheap, many of whom don’t even speak the language competently, but want visa points, and thus standards are dropping, everywhere!

    English is a very hard language to learn. Increasingly NZ passports holders and citizens can’t even speak it while becoming a citizen. Previously you had to pass a language test to get a permit to come here, the government need to urgently bring that back ASAP. Courts and social services now need translators for everything. Students graduate NZ universities without competent English but a NZ degree. It’s crazy.

  12. @Mark, also Kiwis have always travelled overseas and were considered hard and expert workers. But post 1990, before becoming in debt with student loans, they practically always came back to have kids in NZ and look after their parents.

    Now many can’t because our wages are too low to realistically support paying back student debts or buying a house or having job security to get a mortgage, in most cases.

    In a crazy turn of events, migrants get free tertiary study here and interest free loans in many cases while studying, (parents just need to get that permanent residency stamp) while Gen X highly skilled NZ born citizens are still paying back students debts at eyewatering 10%+ compounding daily interest rates when they were first introduced and instead of government writing them off, as being wrong, they give free study to other nationals kids. They do nothing to attract them back while pandering to the low skilled. It’s bizarre discrimination.

    There are also very few innovative or high paid jobs in NZ, because our government in the last decades has been obsessed with low wage, sunset industries and helping industries that mostly pay minimum wages. It has now become the norm for Kiwis to be passed over in better paid jobs. NZ also tend to attract a toxic management culture and parachute in overseas management without knowing much about NZ, which don’t seem to work out productivity and economic wise, aka Mainzeal, Fonterra under Spieling. Or foreign banks ripping us off with the governments blessing.

    The other issue is, that NZ has very easy redundancy so it is highly unlikely anybody innovative can get through to top management because sadly every year there is a ‘restructure’ to remove people that the current management don’t like or are paid too much through their expertise or are on better employment conditions and thus must be removed.

    So doing what you are told, sitting on your arse, and saving money off your wages bill by making other people redundant instead of growing your business and hiring more people , has become one way of surviving the constant redundancy culture of NZ.

    The other is to buy a house.

    John Key, made his name in being so expert at enjoying making people redundant he was named ‘the ‘smiling assassin’. That’s our arsehole management philosophy right there!

    Kiwis are a threat to nobody, we just seem to have become a country that other people nationals are repopulating while being aggressive towards us, (From Tarrent murdering 51 people in cold blood to numerous headlines from fraud, drugs crimes, murder, money laundering) and our government just says, keep coming! We don’t care who you are, live here and shit on this country!

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